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An Essay on Why Everyone Should Visit the West Coast of Australia

In this essay, I am going to answer the question why everyone should visit the west coast of Australia and what makes this region one of the best tourist destinations. An incredible continent – Australia – a holiday for beach and nature lovers. Because here you can cuddle and have close encounters with super friendly Australian native animals and large monster-sized aquatic animals. Another uniqueness of this continent is that the three largest oceans in the world together form the...
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Sydney and Los Angeles as Global Multicultural Hubs

“Society is unity in diversity”, – George Herbert Meade. To complement Meade, I would suggest that the best societies are united by diversity. Multiculturalism within global cities is a powerful and complex aspect that impacts societies around the world. More so than ever, globalization of cultures, information, and life has been escalating. If you were to sit on the street in Sydney and count the different nationalities of people passing-by, then you may very well be overwhelmed. The same is...
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Australia for Asylum Seekers and Refugees: An Essay

For a significantly long time Australian culture has been separated by the discussion over asylum seekers and refugees, who touch our shores by boat. In the expressions of our National Anthem, they have ‘come across the seas’, yet the two sides of governmental issues have misrepresented the test they present to this nation. Australia’s reaction has been to devise ever-harsher strategies that intend to prevent those escaping war and brutality and to detain individuals who are in reality unfortunate casualties....
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Comparative Analysis of Livability in Australia and Peru

Livability is a specific quality or factor for somebody to be able to live. Countries and cities around the entire world have factors that are suitable for people to live in more than others. Australia is one of the countries that have the most livable cities in the world such as Melbourne. Australia is most known for its natural wonders and landmarks such as the Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Another livable country is Peru which is mostly known...
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Essay on Homelessness in Australia

In a world full of fast communications, rapid technological change, and global reach, many social issues arise leading to social change. Homelessness is one of the main ones that have arisen to become an Australian and worldwide concern. The latest estimates reveal that the number of homeless people in Australia increased by 4.6 percent over the last five years, according to poll data from the 2016 Census of Population and Housing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said 116,000 people...
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Poverty in Australia Is More Disastrous Than You Realize: An Essay

On the surface, Australia is a wealthy country; rich, prosperous, full of educational and career opportunities, excelling in sport and the arts, and with a phenomenal standard of health. However, many of us fail to understand how deeply our country has been affected by the poverty epidemic. Studies in 2016 found that 739,000 children are living below the poverty line (Australian Council of Social Service, n.d.). These children make up 17.3% of our population – 17.3% of young Australians who...
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Similarities Between Australia and the US Regarding Immigration Laws and Policies

This essay aims to explore migration in The United States of America (USA) and Australia, as in some instances they have very similar migration patterns. It will be an investigation into the similarities between the two countries regarding immigration laws and policies. Immigration Laws and Policies in Australia Australia is a country that has a very rich and positive migration history. However, this has not always been the case and Australia’s laws and policies are constantly changing. A major pull...
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The Long Road to Legalizing Gay Marriage in Australia: An Essay

Today’s society is ever-changing, with new demands being asked from the government regularly, due to this it is important that our government is able to meet and deal with these demands. One of these demands was same-sex marriage. Gay marriage was a law introduced into Australia in 2017, which allowed two people of the same gender to be legally bound through marriage. Previous to this law same-sex marriage was not recognized as legally binding because it did not fit within...
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Conscription in Australia during World War I: An Essay

At the start of the World War I, Australia was getting so many soldiers volunteering to go over to fight because it was the first war that we were ever involved in. Number of volunteers would skyrocket up until the numbers of death recorded came back putting off so many from enlisting in the war. The Australian Prime Minister at the time did not like this and decided to use the power that he had to start the law that...
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Openness to Global Changes of the Generations of Vietnam and Australia

How can people be free? These were the words of the originator of the conflict theory, Karl Marx who based an entire theory on this question, where he describes the theory where he believed that people, by nature, are free, creative beings who have the potential to transform the world. But he observed that the modern, technologically developed world is apparently beyond our control. Technological change is a major driver of social change and the dominant source of economic growth....
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Racism in Australia: An Essay

In Australia’s society it’s essential to have respect for others rights, needs and viewpoints due to the idea of all people are created equal and that government or society should not unjustifiably restrict what individuals can think, say or worship, whom they associate with and how they enjoy the rewards of their work. Racism is defined by the Australian Human Rights Commission as ‘racism takes many forms and can happen in many places; it includes prejudice, discrimination or hatred directed...
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How have Australian Animals Adapted to their Environment Essay

Introduction Australia is a unique continent that is home to some of the most diverse and interesting creatures in the world. Many of these animals have evolved to survive in the harsh conditions of their environment. This essay will discuss how Australian animals have adapted to their environment to ensure their survival. Camels Australian animals have developed a wide range of adaptations to survive in the harsh, dry environments found throughout the continent. From freshwater crocodiles that can survive in...
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Analysing Cancer Control as a National Health Priority Area (NHPA) in Australia

Cancer control is one of the key National Health Priority areas in Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2018). Cancer is a group of diseases in which cells of the body divide and develop uncontrollably, with the ability to infiltrate and infect nearby cells (World Health Organization, 2018a; Yabroff, 2019). Cancer is the result of various alterations in the processes that guide and control cell proliferation, spread and invasion (WHO, 2018a). This leads to downstream changes that alter the sequencing and...
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Australia's Food Waste Problem

Did you know that Australia could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool 9,000 times from just food waste? The Australian economy spends an estimated $20 billion on food waste. When you go to the supermarket one of those five bags end up in the bin off to landfill, that is equal to $3,800 worth of groceries per household each year. Australia doesn’t dispose food waste responsibly all the time. Why doesn’t Australia dispose their food waste responsibly and how can...
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Essay on Cancer in Australia

Cancer is a perplexing opponent. Over a hundred distinctive anatomical and histological diseases are known as cancer. There are molecular variants within subtypes of malignancies of a single organ, with differing prognosis, metastatic potential and response to treatment. Its arcane nature is reflected in its complex genetic and biochemical pathways, cell survival mechanisms and processes of proliferation and dissemination. It is never a static challenge. Its inherent genetic instability, evolution and resistance undermine our immune system and the artillery of...
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Essay on How the Gold Rush Made Melbourne a 'Marvelous' City

Dating back to 1880, the nickname ‘Marvelous Melbourne’ was given to our city, this was introduced when Melbourne was progressing into a major world city. This was a result of the Gold Rush. The Gold Rush caused Melbourne to become one of the richest cities in the world. During this time of the Gold Rush, Melbourne expanded rapidly, causing the population to rise by. This essay will investigate the creation of Melbourne and how it came to be a ‘Marvelous...
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Food Wastage in Australia: Persuasive Speech

Think of that peanut butter sandwich you threw away at lunch because you ‘didn’t feel like it’. Or maybe that half-eaten banana you tossed in the bin because of you ‘didn’t like the texture’. Seriously? I mean, come on. It all adds up. Did you know that Australia wastes 5 million tons of food per year? That’s enough to fill 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools! I will be discussing an issue that affects each and every one of us. Food...
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Food Waste as Massive Issue in Australia

Food waste is a massive issue that happens in Australia, and is continuing to grow. Over 5 million tons of food is wasted just alone in Australia. On average $3’800 per year is thrown out per household, food waste is killing wildlife believe it or not. Due to the fact food waste produces methane, methane is a very powerful gas. Food waste cost Australian economy $20 billion a year. In the whole world 1 in 3 of all food is...
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Growing Rice in Australia

In the year 1906 the first person to ever plant rice in the south-eastern Australia was Jo Takasuka who was a merchant. Still in 1906, Jo Takasuka planted 35 acres of rice on the land that he had rented from a farmer on the Murray River. The farming of rice was an economic decision because there was no law against growing it. Meaning that anyone could grow rice whenever and where ever they wanted. Most plantations of rice are found...
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Is Growing Rice the Right Decision for Australia? Essay

The first known time that rice was planted in Australia was in 1906. It was planted in the south-eastern part of Australia and was planted by Jo Takasuka. Jo Takasuka was an import/export merchant who was previously in the Japanese the same year of the plantation of rice he sowed a total 35 acres of rice on flood-prone land that he rented from a farmer named Nyah. This flood-prone land was on the Murray River. Rice first came to...
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Rice Cultivation in Australia Should Be Discontinued

Rice cultivation is an interesting matter that happened many years ago and until this day, we still talk about it. Jo Takasuka was the creator of it. Sadly, he passed away in 1940 living for 75 years he was born in 1865. He was Japanese man that lived in Matsuyama and he ended his rice cultivation business in 1927. In 1906, rice cultivation had launched. Chinese miners helped by bringing the rice seeds over to Western Australia in the 1850’s....
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Rice Production in Australia Should Be Eliminated

The first person known to plant rice in the south east of Australia was a merchant named Jo Takasuka who had previously been a parliamentarian in Japan. In 1906 he sowed 35 acres worth of rice on land rented from a man in Nyah, on the Murray River. In the beginning he struggled to produce commercial crop, however in 1914 the government of Victoria gave him 200 acres of land to produce more crop and continue his enterprise. In a...
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Should Australia Continue to Grow Rice? Essay

My essay is about whether or not rice plantations should continue in Australia. Many people see the rice plantations as an economic benefit but rice plantations also take up a lot of water which may be needed in other agriculture. Other farming businesses have had to close down because of the limited availability of water with the majority of the water taken up by rice plantations. In Australia, rice was first harvested and sold in 1914 near Swan Hill, Victoria....
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Stigma and Discrimination against People with Mental Illness in Australia

The mental health of a person decides the behavioral patterns, feelings and their relationships with others. A broad spectrum of disorders is included in mental illness (‘Mental Health’). About one-quarter of Australian people are experiencing mental health problems in their lives especially between aged 16-85. The affective disorders like depression, anxiety and substance use disorders such as alcohol use are common. Additionally, women are more likely to have anxiety and depression than men (‘Mental Health’). Some people negatively see others...
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Role of Gold Rush in the Formation of Australia's Colonial Identity

Australia. The place where multiculturalism and diversity thrive. The place where over 20 religions are practiced and over 200 languages are spoken. The place containing rich history and stories that have passed down by many before us. The place that most of us call home. We as a country have formed a long-lasting colonial identity presenting ourselves as a multicultural society that welcomes all ethnicities and backgrounds. Over time we have formed this identity through a number of significant events,...
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Sufferings and Challenges of Australia's First World War Veterans

Allied victory brought an end to World War I, but did not bring an end to the suffering and challenges of Australia’s people. The experiences of Australian soldiers and their families in 1919 support this viewpoint, due to the economic, social and national issues within this time-period and the physical, psychological and emotional struggles of World War I veterans. The suffering and challenges of war may have dissipated, but were only replaced with a new set of challenges, such as...
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Descriptive Essay on Australian Cultural Identity

Australian cultural identity is the notion that all people within Australia share the same beliefs and values surrounding a single culture. It includes the history of our nation as well as the beliefs and virtues which shape the nation’s character, as perceived from a global point of view. However cultural identity is inherently flawed as it suggests that we all share the same perspective on the way in which our society as a whole should act. John Kinsella’s anthology, The...
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Essay on Legal Studies: Australian Law on Assisted Suicide

Introduction Australia is revealed to be ranked 41 in terms of suicide—1,320,000 people in total having committed suicide and with approximately 3,287 dying annually—out of 183 countries (Suicide Rate by Country 2020, August 2019). One method that has recently been observed and could potentially end one’s suffering and the rate of suicide is assisted dying, or well known as assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is medically defined as “the act of providing the means to commit suicide knowing that the recipient...
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Multiculturalism in Australia: Analytical Essay

Abstract Multiculturalism is a big reality in Australian society. People live it daily either in cities, suburbs, schools, workplaces, buses or even trains. While in each of these places, Australians tend to mix up with others from different backgrounds. This acknowledgment of multiculturalism has attracted a debate though. The self-declared multiculturalism friends sometimes have become the real source of concern. In essence, this should not be the case. It is very significant that civil debates are conducted to discuss the...
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Sydney New Year’s Eve: Descriptive Essay

Organizational Method: Chronological Order Topic: Sydney New Year’s Eve General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the evolution of the Sydney New Year’s Eve from 2015 to 2018. Central Ideas: Sydney New Year’s Eve is an annual multitier event that is held every year in Sydney, Australia and it gets a lot of attention from all around the world. Introduction Why the Sydney New Year’s Eve is so popular? It’s because it is one of the...
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