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The Great Barrier Reef is Dying

Good Morning members of the Raise Your Voice youth forum. Just like you, I fear for the future. A future in which if we do not solve our climate crisis and stop being so arrogant to pretend that climate change isn’t a problem, much of our beloved earth will be changed forever. I, just like many of you, have had the privilege to visit our wonderful reef, a privilege that will not be granted to the newer generations if nothing...
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The Great Barrier Reef: Its Form, Biodiversity and Connection with Humanity

The Great Barrier Reef is an extraordinarily diverse and complex network of organisms that each serve a purpose to form a massive ecosystem with features that are vastly different than all others. The Reef sits parallel to the cost of Queensland, Australia where it has existed in different forms for over 500,000 years. This paper will talk about how the reef formed, as well as what made the Reef what it is today, and what its biodiversity consists of, while...
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My Experience of Visiting Great Reef Barrier

The blaring foghorn erupted behind me as the ship started to inch out of the dock. The morning light shimmered on the tropical waters, like stars shining in the night sky. We left the port of Cairns, Australia at midmorning when it was bustling with traffic, bound on course to the Great Barrier Reef. Boats of different sizes and shapes were docked in the harbor. Seaplanes were taking off and landing. As the catamaran floated slowly out of the dock,...
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A Problem of Exhaustion of The Green Sea Turtle in The Andros Barrier Reef

The following research was conducted in order to assess the effect(s) caused by the depletion of a specific predator, the Green Sea Turtle, in the Andros Barrier Reef on the coral reef growth of coral reefs and survival. More specifically a cascading top down effect on the coral reef ecosystem is inferred, since Green Sea Turtles both directly and indirectly control the amount of sea-grass and algae in this ecosystem. Excess nutrition could be regarded as a liability for the...
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The Dangerous Effects of Eutrophication on The Great Barrier Reef

Eutrophication is the situations where nutrient enrichment, increased algal growth and/or increased organic production rates have resulted in change in benthic community structure. This definition is derived from Bell et al. (2007) and international eutrophication assessments (Foden et. Al 2010). This has been a problem since the first European settlers arrived in 1850s and started expanding their agricultural practices, increasing the discharge in water of contaminants. Nowadays, an increase in the fertility of the sediments and water column of the...
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Great Barrier Reef Overview

The Great Barrier Reef is located off the east coast of the Queensland mainland, Australia with a latitude of -18.193182° N and longitude of 147.45079° E. The reef covers 344,400 square kilometres earning the title of world’s largest reef, containing 900 islands stretching for over 2,300 kilometres and over 2,900 individual reefs. (figure 1) The reef is under great threat due to environmental and human induced issues. One of these issues being the crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks which lead to the...
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