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Religion in Ceremony, Death Comes for the Archbishop, and Desert Solitaire

Literature is one of the ways to express thoughts related to a particular issue or discuss people’s perspectives on it. Throughout all history of humanity, individuals have been trying to express their emotions and feelings by using the power of the word. Written texts, as the first potent tool to familiarize nations with various concepts, became a potent tool to impact society and trigger vigorous debates. That is why it is not surprising that the most relevant topics peculiar to...
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Food Desert Essay

Food deserts are defined as areas of relatively poor access to healthy and affordable food. This phenomenon is thought to be a factor in the different dietary health outcomes, like heart disease and obesity, which exist between socioeconomic classes. Even though food deserts can refer to the literal dearth of food, most studies consider “differential accessibility to healthy and affordable food between socioeconomically advantaged and disadvantaged areas” (Beaulac, Kristjansson, Cummins, 2009). In other words, food deserts can simultaneously be low...
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Honor de Balzac’s “A Passion in the Desert”

Art is an essential part of human life. Literature is a part of art. Literature entertains people, gives them some information, or offers them some ideas to think over. Literature is very important for modern people, it ennobles, especially classic literature. It is impossible to imagine present life without literature. Some people understand this world better through literature, they try to imagine themselves in the place of this or that hero and maybe to avoid some mistakes in the future....
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Sahara Desert Essay

The Sahara Desert is the worlds largest desert area. The word Sahara comes from the Arabic word sahra, meaning desert. It extends from the Africas Atlantic Ocean side to the Red Sea and consists of the countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan. It is about 5,200 miles long. Overall, the Sahara Desert covers 3,500,000 square miles. The geography of the desert is varied. In the west, the Sahara is rocky with varied elevation....
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Energy Flow in the Food Chain of Organisms in a Desert Ecosystem

The figure above shows an example of a food chain found in the desert ecosystem. The food chain is divided into nutritional levels whereby the lowest level is occupied by produces, the second level by primary consumers, the third level by secondary consumers, and the fourth level by tertiary consumers (Feller, 2012). The desert ecosystem is often considered to be one of the harshest to living organisms. This paper seeks to describe the desert ecosystem regarding the major categories of...
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Deserts of the United States: Reproductive Ecology

Deserts make up close to a fifth of the earth’s surface, and they occur in areas where the annual rainfall is below 50cm. Most of these deserts, such as the Sahara of North Africa, occur at low altitudes though others occur at relatively lower latitudes and are referred to as cold deserts. However, such deserts are more deficient in life forms and species because of the freezing temperatures limiting plant life. The United States has four significant deserts located in...
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Nature, Environment and Wilderness Conservation

In recent decades, human development by means of industrialisation and colonisation has acted as a catalyst for global environmental destruction. By recognising the undesirable effects produced by various human activities, questions surrounding conserving elements of the environment have arisen. The following essay will analyse the ways in which cultural assumptions held by differing societies are intertwined within conservation efforts and management plans. Through exploring ‘wilderness’, ‘nature’ and ‘the environment’, this essay will demonstrate that humans continue their efforts of attempting...
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Essay About Desert Animals

Desert Animals Summary will throw light on the life of desert animals. Moreover, it explains how they use different unique ways for adapting to the harsh atmosphere in the deserts. It begins by telling us how deserts are the driest places on earth. The animals living in deserts have to develop their capacity to adapt. For instance, gerbils spend the hottest part of the day in their underground burrows. Similarly, to get water in their mouth, the darkling beetles catch...
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Desert Biome Essay

When most people picture a desert, they imagine a blisteringly hot sea of sand, devoid of any living thing. While it is true that a great many deserts are hot and, at first glance, they appear to be sparsely populated, they are much more interesting than a quick look may reveal. Deserts are found all over the globe, mostly “around a belt of 30° north and south latitude” (Nelson). What makes the desert biome truly interesting to learn about is...
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Have a Glimpse of the Lordly State by Opting for Desert Safari in Rajasthan

Are you interested in experiencing Arab Nights fantasies? Do you belong to a cold place and want to feel the desert heat? Or do you intend to experience freezing cold sand while sitting around the bonfire? If any of this falls true in your case, then you are craving for a desert safari in Rajasthan. You can actually treat yourself the way you want by choosing the right weather to explore the desert. Rajasthan desert safari tour brings you to...
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Appreciate Great Desert Safari Deals with Astonishing Visit and Excursions

Dubai is perhaps the best city in the Middle Eastern area, yet additionally all through the globe. What makes it increasingly uncommon among the known urban focuses of the world be that as it may, is the sandy surroundings it has been based upon. It appears on one hand the capacity of the city organizers to have such an engineering wonder worked in the desert, and on the other it loans an opportunity for some major open air exercises around...
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Similarities Between Deserts and Rainforests

What Do Deserts And Rainforests Have In Common? Although rainforests and deserts are very different they do have something in common. They both have mountains and steep canyons. Food webs usually have 5 levels of animals and plants. First the producers are the bottom of the web for example the sun produces light for the grass. How are deserts and tropical rainforests similar? Explanation: Both in tropical rainforests and deserts the animals are adapted to survive in the conditions of...
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Have a Splendid Dubai Desert Safari Sharing Fun With Your Loved Ones

Are you really in search of some good adventures found nowhere but the ideal place of your dreams? Well, let us tell you that your pursuit for that good grand adventure has come to an end, we are going to tell you about the spot of a lifetime. If you have not been there before, we would dimply recommend Dubai Desert Safari, Sharing unlimited fun with all the people you love to be with. Unlimited Adventure It is already a...
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Loneliness and Emptiness in “Desert Places” Poem by Robert Frost

The poem “Desert Places” by Robert Frost depicts the speaker’s lonely mind in a deserted place, resonating with the current times; the inevitable return of depression and universal human loneliness. The poet uses simple vocabulary, “the loneliness includes me unawares,” which underestimates the actual extreme loneliness of human beings (line 8). Frost explores loneliness, emptiness, and some positive aspects that can result from being put in an isolated place, and he manages to balance the mood of the poem delicately...
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Life in Desert Essay

In Egypt, the Israelites were held as slaves by the Egyptians. After many years of being mistreated the Lord answered their prayers and sent Moses to lead them out of Egypt and to the Promised Land. While the Israelites were wandering in the desert they were tested five times by the Lord. These tests were the Bitter Water Test, Manna and Quail Test, Water from The Rock Test, Mount Sinai Test and the Remember Test. In Exodus 15:22-27 the Israelites...
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Food Choices in Food Deserts: Sociological Analysis

The selected research is focused on the investigation of factors impacting healthy dietary habits and the availability of healthy food for individuals, with the authors conducting the study revealing that limited financial resources remain the central problem associated with so-called food deserts. Considering the outstanding importance of fresh products and their affordability to people, it proves the existence of a certain problem in the sphere that should be solved to improve the health of the nation. Defining food deserts as...
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