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The Mangrove Trees and Coral Reefs Should Be Conserved

Ningaloo is Australia’s largest fringing barrier coral reef, one of longest in the world and the only fringing reef on the western side of a continent. The Ningaloo coast has been named a world heritage site for its marine and terrestrial flora, fauna, natural forms and cultural value. A master management plan is in place to protect these features for the future and specific areas included in the ‘Ningaloo Reef Marine Park and Muiron Island Marine Management Area Plan’ include...
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Genetic Diversity of the Coral Reef System in the Pacific Region

There are few misconceptions about what are corals? Are they plants? Or are they animals? Coral reef are the rain forests of the sea. It is the most biologically diverse marine ecosystem, yet they only cover a small portion of the ocean floor and many of their inhabitants remain a mystery. The number of invertebrate species that live in the coral reefs is estimated to range from 1 to 10 million, many of which are still unknown and not yet...
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Abiotic Factors in a Coral Reef

Abstract Coral reefs are increasingly subjected to both local and global stressors, however, there is limited information on how reef organisms respond to their combined effects under natural conditions. This field study examined the growth response of the damselfish Neopomacentrus bankieri to the individual and combined effects of multiple abiotic factors. Turbidity, temperature, tidal movement, and wave action were recorded every 10 minutes for four months, after which the daily otolith growth of N. bankieri was aligned with corresponding abiotic...
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The Effects of Coral Bleaching

In this modernized era, Earth is impacted by numerous biological dilemmas every day. One biological problem facing the world today would be the endangered ecosystems of the coral reefs. Corals are found all over the world, in both the shallow and deep parts of the ocean. However, coral reefs are only found in tropical and subtropical waters. (Knowlton, 2018). Coral reefs are only sustainable within the temperatures range of 22 -29 degrees Celsius, anything higher or lower will result in...
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Coral Reef in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The Australian Great Barrier Reef is an ecosystem exhibiting the greatest heritage of natural resources and diversity of organisms on planet earth. The Great Barrier Reef exists along the northeastern coast of Australia and extends above the approximated distance of 2300 kilometers (Richards, p. 2). It has a wide variety of plants and animals that exist within its boundaries. Some of the species found therein include 2000 sponge species, and not less than 300 species of mollusk (Richards, p. 2)....
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Could Species Translocations help Coral Reef Habitats Survive the Impact of Climate Change? Essay

Coral reefs cover only 0.1% of the world’s oceans, but they are one of the most biodiverse and beautiful ecosystems. [Hoegh‐Guldberg et al., 2007]. They boast the highest concentration of marine biodiversity; one in every four marine animals lives on a coral reef. The biodiversity of coral reefs has been estimated at roughly 600,000 and up to 9 million species worldwide. Not only this, but they provide many resources both essential and recreational for humans around the planet too. [Laetitia...
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Marine Habitats: Coral Reef Ecosystem

Biomes exhibit large areas with a specific climate, vegetation, and wildlife. The aquatic biome falls into the two categories of freshwater and marine biomes. Marine habitats cover almost three-quarters of the Earth’s surface and include oceans, estuaries, and coral reefs. The coral reefs’ biodiversity presents a specific interest as one of the most stressed world’s ecosystems with an intricate relationship between the keystone, invasive and endangered species. Marine ecosystems as a community of living and nonliving organisms have distinct characteristics...
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Coral Reef Depletion and Possible Solutions

Abstract Coral reef depletion is not a new phenomenon as coral reefs in most parts of the world have gone through substantial alterations in their history. As early southeast the 1870s, coral reef mortality existed in many places although the trend of depletion has Southeast increased in recent years. Natural disturbances such as hydrographic disturbances, unusual drops of sea levels, rain, and storms, as well as earthquakes have for a long time altered coral reefs. In Australia for example, recurrent...
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Temporal Neutrality on the Coral Reef Island

The coral reef fortification program is the uniquely right choice to make in the case of the Coral Reef Disintegration issue. The evidence concerning the significant diminishing of the coral reef is strong enough to support such a decision. The island faces an existential threat if the erosion caused by the strong waves is not addressed immediately. After the island erodes, any form of life will be decimated, and human beings will not be spared. As such, the possibility of...
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Environmental Studies on Coral Reefs

The current research has revealed that both the New Caledonia Barrier Reef (CCBR) and the Red Sea Coral Reef (RSCR) are among the principal coral reefs. For instance, sources indicate that CCR harbors the second greatest barrier reef. The total average size of CCBR is approximately 1,500 kilometers (Darwin, 2010). This barrier possesses a significant biogeography interest. Moreover, for a considerable period, it has acted as the south pacific’s endemism regional center. Discoveries in this barrier have established new fish...
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