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World's largest rain forest, Amazon has been burning for over 16 days now and holds the risk of burning out completely. Contributing almost 20 percent of the earth’s oxygen, the rainforest is in a major loss of trees and biodiversity. It will get completely burned out if it is not put out soon. The impact of the fire can already be seen in different regions in South America including the Atlantic coast and Sao Paulo. Located about thousands of kilometers...
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This report will be about the tropical rainforests that can be found throughout the world. Including The location, animals, climate, Plants and the people who live there. Climate Location There are many locations of rainforests that are spread around the globe some of which being in Central and South America, Central Africa and South East Asia to name a few and are generally found near the equator. The climate in these areas can be described as humid due to the...
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Biomes are distinct biological communities that have formed in response to a shared physical climate. The biome concept embraces the idea of community, of interaction among vegetation, animal populations, and soil. A biome may be defined as a major region of distinctive plant and animal groups well adapted to the physical environment of its distribution area. Biomes are large-scale environments that are distinguished by characteristic temperature ranges and amounts of precipitation. These two variables affect the types of vegetation and...
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Today I am going to address a serious topic related with global warming issue. Deforestation. When the word ‘deforestation’ appear the first thing that comes to our mind is man-made. Deforestation is a method of constantly removed of trees and forest which people clearing trees for their own benefit. Deforestation can be occur in many method such as logging, burning, intensive agriculture and more. Deforestation occurs all around the world, particularly targeted towards the tropical country. Modern day deforestation is...
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The amazon rainforest is located in brazil and its area is 5.5 million km². The amazon rainforest is a tropical rainforest. The amazon is incredibly important for it contains wildlife and freshwater. destroying the amazon may not have much effect on the amount of oxygen produced because once the oxygen the amazon produce is released it consumes it but cutting it down causes animals to lose their habitats causes many animals to go extinct. The amazon is amazing and should...
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Over 47,500 forest fires have occurred within the past year. Of those 47,500 forest fires, 6,315 occurred within the Amazon. According to the article The Disappearing Rainforests, with this many fires occurring, “more than 20 percent of the Amazon rainforest is already gone, and much more is severely threatened as the destruction continues”. Not only does this information bring awareness to a sensitive situation, but it also encourages individuals to take action. Not only are animals and habitats harmed throughout...
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Biodiversity (biological diversity) is the range of species within an ecosystem. It encompasses three different levels which include ecosystem, species and genetic diversity. Ecosystem diversity is used to refer to a variation of ecosystems. It describes all living organisms in their physical surroundings. They have both a biotic (living organisms) and an abiotic (non-living) component. On the Sunshine Coast there is 84 different types of native ecosystems (Hinterland Bushlinks, 2019). Species diversity is the number and variety of organisms found...
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The Amazon rainforest is located in 9 different countries and is a home to 350 ethnic groups, and 10 million species such as animals, plants and insects. In 2019, the Amazon rainforest fires have raised global awareness on how we can take action to protect our precious yet fragile planet. As a result, ecotourism is growing to be a new tourism trend due to the increase of sensitivity and awareness of ecological issues. An upsurge can be seen in the...
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Before the devastating effects of deforestation, Muhammed Beni Saputra would have adventurous weekends with his father into the beautiful rainforests of Bukit Tiga Puluh to collect dragon’s fruit among many other things. But he says those unforgettable memories are now just history thanks to the heavy deforestation (Muhamed). These huge forests are natural wonders of the world and they need to be preserved and cherished. All of the people in these areas are losing the pleasures of these beautiful forests...
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Did, you know that the biggest and most important rainforest worldwide is being cut down? The Amazon Rainforest is being cut down and could put the world in jeopardy. We need to stop this problem before it’s too late. As the Amazon is getting cut down more and more, unique plants and animals are becoming endangered. Also, humans depend on the rainforest for ⅓ of the world’s oxygen. Important unique plants that are only found in the Amazon Rainforest are...
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What Do Deserts And Rainforests Have In Common? Although rainforests and deserts are very different they do have something in common. They both have mountains and steep canyons. Food webs usually have 5 levels of animals and plants. First the producers are the bottom of the web for example the sun produces light for the grass. How are deserts and tropical rainforests similar? Explanation: Both in tropical rainforests and deserts the animals are adapted to survive in the conditions of...
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