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Eco which is more and more popular in this decade, it is trendy because we only have one earth, all of us have a responsibility to protect the earth, so there are more and more stuff, style, way and if they put eco behind, it becomes more and more popular. Also, travel does too, so here ‘ecotourism’ pops up. Ecotourism, as we know is responsible for travel. Easy to say is include nature-based activities, increase the visitor get more knowledge...
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The Amazon rainforest is located in 9 different countries and is a home to 350 ethnic groups, and 10 million species such as animals, plants and insects. In 2019, the Amazon rainforest fires have raised global awareness on how we can take action to protect our precious yet fragile planet. As a result, ecotourism is growing to be a new tourism trend due to the increase of sensitivity and awareness of ecological issues. An upsurge can be seen in the...
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Ecotourism is nature-based, it is all about being ecologically sustainable, protecting environmental aspects and providing benefit to the local community. Sustainable development is economic development along with environmental protection and social equity. Sustainable development is guided to meet the needs and aspirations of the present generation without compromising those of future generations. Ecotourism supports in sustainable community development by providing an alternative source of livelihood to the local community. Van der Merwe & Van der Marwe (1999) add that “Sustainable...
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With one in 10 jobs on the planet reliant on tourism, and an equivalent worth of 10 percent of global GDP is contributed by tourism industry. Tourism is a very important industry for people life and country economics. There are some advantages and disadvantages for two types of tourism: conventional tourism and ecotourism. Conventional Tourism There are some advantages of conventional tourism, which gives an opportunity to develop local economics and give an employment for local people. “The income generated...
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The term ‘tourism’ was coined by Thomas Cook in 1841, who lead the development of commercialized mass tourism. He had taken a number of 571 persons on a trip, supplying meals and music (Gyr, 2010). The term encompasses all activities undertaken by visitors while they travel and stay in places, beyond their normal environment, once their visit does not exceed a one-year time period (Stainton, 2020). Some of these activities undertaken may be touring, sports, research/studies, food related, nature related...
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Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. A vast number of travelers are drawn to visiting national parks, with their beautiful and picturesque scenery. The effects of tourism are sometimes detrimental; causing changes to the landscape and effecting people who habitat it. Some destinations are being restricted and even completely closed off to the public entirely. In some cases, too much of a good thing, can turn into too much of a bad thing. In this assignment...
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Ecotourism is a dynamic and far-reaching sector in the economy of the countries, especially in Canada. Ecotourism in Canada is categorized into two segments, natural ecotourism and ecotourism emphasis on the arts and culture of the local people. It has a positive impact on social and economic aspects of Canada which is evident through its GDP and growth of other related areas. They adopted some principles to make the department run smoothly. However, it also has some disadvantages to the...
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What is sustainable development? Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Moreover, sustainable development is a program for changing the process of economic development so that it ensures a basic quality of life for all people and at the same time protects the ecosystems and community systems that make life possible and worthwhile. Sustainability and sustainable tourism are becoming more and more common. But...
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Ecotourism improves human activities. It makes money, works as entertainment, educates people for natural preservation. However, poorly built ecotourism and human behaviors jeopardize wild animals, collapse biodiversity, leads to environmental destruction. In this essay, I will discuss ecotourism aids national parks or damage. Ecotourism has many benefits and those benefits have drawbacks as well. By Sencer (2016), ‘Is Ecotourism Helping or Hurting Our National Parks?’, ecotourism expenditure is as much as $30 billion and creates over 200,000 employment opportunities. Although...
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In the Tourism Review 2018, tour and activity operators were asked to consider implementing sustainable initiatives in their own tour company. A sustain majority 91.3% of participants inserted yes. In the tourism industry eco-friendly tourism is becoming one of the largest, a key element in the understanding the tourism industry is to recognize and deal with the change in the global trends of behavioral, environmental and technological factors. The trends fall under neath these factors which include: social, political, environment,...
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The basic definition of a hotel is a business organization that provides a safe and comfortable space for users to have a short rest and sleep. Some define hospitality as “the business of helping people to feel welcome and relaxed and to enjoy themselves” (Discover Hospitality, 2015). Whereas, tourism, on the other hand, can be implied as the international tourism industry. Tourism is an industry that provides tour services to tourists based on tourism resources and tourist facilities. The word...
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