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Benefits and Drawbacks of Ecotourism for National Parks

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Ecotourism improves human activities. It makes money, works as entertainment, educates people for natural preservation. However, poorly built ecotourism and human behaviors jeopardize wild animals, collapse biodiversity, leads to environmental destruction. In this essay, I will discuss ecotourism aids national parks or damage.

Ecotourism has many benefits and those benefits have drawbacks as well. By Sencer (2016), ‘Is Ecotourism Helping or Hurting Our National Parks?’, ecotourism expenditure is as much as $30 billion and creates over 200,000 employment opportunities. Although these revenues would be used to promote ecotourism, it might not be enough to support all of the cost such as staff employment, tourism promotions and park protection. Exploiting natural resources or estate development for the invitation of enterprise would be profitable and make more jobs than ecotourism. However, those concepts of giving priority to national benefit spur on natural destruction problems such as climate change and biodiversity destructions, which would be at risk of human being eventually such as outbreaks of a newborn virus breaking by disruption of the ecosystem. Ecotourism may not be economically beneficial, but it saves human activities and maintains a human-friendly environment in the long run.

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Another benefit of ecotourism is that it increases the number of people who has knowledge of nature preservation. The more people visit national parks from around the world, the more human activities linked to environmental protection increases. However, as the drawback, this means it might equally increase the possibilities that wild animals would be endangered by the visitors’ misbehaviors at national parks. In 2015, a baby of bison in the snow was intervened by a family because they did not know about what bison has inborn traits of survival skills in the winter. The bison has failed to join its swarm because of the family’ careless behavior (Sencre, 2016). These types of sadness are caused by visitors who lack knowledge about wild animals. Therefore, to prevent these cases, we have to find the solutions. For example, increasing the number of tour guide and obligate to accompany visitors. In this way, visitors can enjoy without worrying about wrong judgement and learn proper behaviors. They might even be inspired to become a tour guide in the future. Ecotourism has the power to make public about environmental protection, however, it increases the risk of wild animals in national parks. To decrease the risk, park staffs are encouraged to design a well-organized ecotourism system.

In conclusion, while human visitation itself is a risk to make wild animal not wild at national parks, it alleviates mental health, stimulates local community and increases the conservation awareness. In the long run, it increases the number of people who is thoughtful to natural preservation, which would be able to reduce the impact into nature such as global warming. At the same time, we are encouraged to provide well-organized ecotourism not to be at risk of wildlife such as education to visitors and building rulesets.

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