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In the 21st century, people all around the world go to different places to visit, learn and experience the diverse cultures that various countries have to offer. The United Nations Scientific, Educational, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated several places of outstanding universal value around the world as World Heritage Sites. Each one of the World Heritage Sites selected by...
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Rome is Italy's most popular destination in terms of both incoming and domestic visitors, due to its wide range of historical and cultural heritage sites. After 30 centuries of history, including barbarian invasions and enemy occupations, the Italian capital is now facing the pressures of mass tourism. Due to a large number of historical monuments in the region, Rome is...
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As Rome conquered the different towns in different places she did not only gain territory and subjects, but she also gained foreign ideas. Rome sucked foreign temples and obtained new ideas of religion and art. Those who were captured in war and were educated and civilized she made slaves and often Rome used them as teachers of Roman children and...
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Technically Rome was a democratic republic however, only the Roman citizens could enjoy to the fullest this system. Through its conquests Rome added millions of people who were not considered citizens; hence Rome was comparatively governed by few people (Morey, 1901). As the class of Roman citizens increased gradually a group of few people started to hold the real political...
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As well as being the capital of Italy and Catholicism, and a famously beautiful city, with a great climate and fantastic food, Rome is also something else. It’s a place where politics has gone on ‐ and has been recorded ‐ for some three thousand years. Rome is a political case study like nowhere else on earth. Romans have lived...
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