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Why Was Finland Able to Achieve Its Independence in 1917, and Ukraine - Not?

In 1917 the Russian Empire officially incorporated over one hundred nationalities and ethnic groups, which by 1926, under a more accurate census definition, had risen to one hundred and ninety-four. There were crucial factors in 1917 that worked in favor of the creation of national consciousness such as the war; the new freedom of propaganda and agitation; the forced involvement of villages in national politics; the collapse of old values and authority; and the search for new authoritarian guides. In...
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Trade in the Donbas Region

Trade in the Donbas region is a complicated matter. The reasons are multiple, but the first that comes into mind is the liability of its situation as a separatist, occupied region. Finding unbiased and truthful data and reports can be challenging. It is also a region in the middle of the war, a reality that comes with all its difficulties. A brief recap of what happened at the beginning of 2017 is necessary to understand the trade relations that develop...
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US-Russia Relations and the Role of Ukraine in Them

Why Tramp indicates Russia as a main direct in National Defense Strategy 2018 after obvious flirting with Putin during the first years of administration? And what role does Ukraine play in American foreign policy toward Russia? Why does US spend on defense of peripheral country? In interview for ‘Lateline’ Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Vali Nasr, called US a country that is diminishing its influence. This conclusion was based on Barack Obama’s speech about main...
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Explanation of the Balanced Path of Economic Growth on the Example of Ukraine

In order to explain the balanced growth path using a general Solow economy, I have chosen Ukraine as a developing economy as it is a great example of a country in Europe that struggles economically and fits the Solow’s model of economic growth. Solow’s model shows that the rate of savings in the economy determines the size of the capital stock, and accordingly the volume of production. The higher the rate of savings, the higher the capital adequacy and higher...
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Possible Options for Economic Growth in Ukraine

According to economic theory, economic growth in a given country is possible in only three cases. The first is when investment flows: when capital accumulation outstrips the growth of the labor force, so the share of workers is more capital. This growth is named after the American economist Robert Solow – ‘Solovian’ growth. The second – economic growth can occur in connection with the expansion of the exchange of goods and services, it is commonly called Smithian growth, because of...
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Russia-Ukraine War as Teaser of World War III: Essay

With the start of the war, Russia-Ukraine military struggle has taken a genuine turn after Kyiv guaranteed that it has destroyed Moscow’s biggest warship conveyed in the dark ocean with two Neptune missile assaults. The nation has additionally delivered the photos of the assault and from that point forward the Russian state media is tending to the Russia-Ukraine struggle as the start of the ‘World War III’. Historical Events: Trigger of the Russia-Ukraine War 71% of the Ukraine population believe...
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