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Essay on Russia

Abstract What should other countries take into consideration before having any negotiations with Russian partners? I suggest looking precisely at Russian cultural dimensions and according to the data the following analyzation about Russian way of negotiation or communication will be analyzed according to a research done and personal experience. Moreover, there will also be proposed short-term and long-term plan that includes a face-to-face meeting and a daily communication. Keywords: negotiations, business communication, culture, trusted environment, Russian negotiation business approach, business...
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Russia’s Involvement in the War in Syria

The Syrian conflict has been going on for almost a decade now and it has not become less complex. There are many actors involved, both national and international ones. All those actors have their own interests and hidden agendas that clash. These interests and hidden agenda can help to explain certain behavior of actors. This can be an important part of both academic and foreign policy debates. One of the major actors in Syria is the Russian Federation. Following a...
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Compare and Contrast Russia and the United States in Terms of Global Wheat Exports

Wheat is one of the most important commodities that Russia and the United States export in the global trade market considering the fact that the world-wide production of wheat in growing. This is due to the fact that the world population is growing and the living standards in many developing countries are improving over time. Over the past two decades, Russia has been defined as one of the larger exporters of wheat because of the large areas used for planting,...
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The United States and Russia: A Complicated Relationship

The relationship between the United States and Russia has always been curious, they were never really allies, as the USA and Great Britain or France, but they were never enemies before the Cold War; what transpired throughout the history? First, we must understand what was happening during the Second World War, with their communist ideology, the Soviet Union had their concerns with the increasing power of the West or the capitalism. They felt threatened. And the opposing giant of America...
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Trade in the Donbas Region

Trade in the Donbas region is a complicated matter. The reasons are multiple, but the first that comes into mind is the liability of its situation as a separatist, occupied region. Finding unbiased and truthful data and reports can be challenging. It is also a region in the middle of the war, a reality that comes with all its difficulties. A brief recap of what happened at the beginning of 2017 is necessary to understand the trade relations that develop...
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US-Russia Relations and the Role of Ukraine in Them

Why Tramp indicates Russia as a main direct in National Defense Strategy 2018 after obvious flirting with Putin during the first years of administration? And what role does Ukraine play in American foreign policy toward Russia? Why does US spend on defense of peripheral country? In interview for ‘Lateline’ Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Vali Nasr, called US a country that is diminishing its influence. This conclusion was based on Barack Obama’s speech about main...
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Factors of Russia's Successful Involvement in Ukraine and Syria

President Vladimir Putin would have spent twenty-five years at the height of Russia’s power by the end of his term as president. His actions have defined post-Soviet Russia perhaps more than any since the end of communism in 1991. Russia with the assistance of Putin has defined its new role in the world, although not in a way that the West has welcomed. He has achieved this with a backdrop of sanctions, economic decline and ruptured relations between Russia and...
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Are the Current Tensions Between Russia, the EU and NATO a New 'Cold War'? An Essay

The Cold War was a period of extreme tension between the US and the USSR. The presence of a bipolar system, competing ideologies, and the threat of nuclear war, coupled with the global impact it had, were definitive features of the Cold War. However, today tensions between Russia, the EU and NATO are very different; Russia is no longer a superpower, there is no serious ideological competition, and they have not come close to the threat of nuclear war seen...
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Foreign Policy of Vladimir Putin and New Russia: Analytical Essay

Abstract The year 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of a formal declaration of friendship and partnership between Russia and Kazakhstan. In this context, this paper analyses the relations between the two largest states in the former USSR, Russia and Kazakhstan during the years from 1991 to present with an emphasis on Russian Foreign policy and interests. The focus is on relations as seen in the huge intensity of bilateral meetings and agreements in the Putin era. The paper also provides...
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Nationalist Identity Politics of Vladimir Putin in Russia: Analytical Essay

Nationalist Identity politics in Russia Introduction: In this report, Russian nationalist identity politics will be examined through the use of findings and discussion. Below a list of results from extensive research will be listed, then followed by a brief discussion on how Putin uses Russian Nationalism to assert dominance and control over the west. Firstly though, a brief overview. Relations between the west and Russia are at their worst since the Cold war, yet Nationalism is on the rise with...
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Russia-Ukraine War as Teaser of World War III: Essay

With the start of the war, Russia-Ukraine military struggle has taken a genuine turn after Kyiv guaranteed that it has destroyed Moscow’s biggest warship conveyed in the dark ocean with two Neptune missile assaults. The nation has additionally delivered the photos of the assault and from that point forward the Russian state media is tending to the Russia-Ukraine struggle as the start of the ‘World War III’. Historical Events: Trigger of the Russia-Ukraine War 71% of the Ukraine population believe...
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