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Informative Essay on Political Ideology

“A political ideology is a set of ideas, beliefs, values, and opinions, exhibiting a recurring pattern, that competes deliberately as well as unintentionally over providing plans of action for public policy making, in an attempt to justify, explain, contest, or change the social and political arrangements and processes of a political community” (M. Freeden, 2001). The definition of Political Ideology has been hotly contested over the years- primarily, whether the average individual has enough knowledge of political science and theory...
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Imagining Federal Interventions For Vaccination Obligations

Political ideology may be of special importance in the case of attitude toward vaccinations. In the United States, Public Health is set up in the way that the power to execute and enforce laws to protect the health of the public is up to the state and local governments as part of their police powers given in the Constitution. Some might propose that because vaccinations have not yet been embraced by a specific or major political party, as opposed to...
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Change in Political Ideology Regarding the Rule of Russia

Change and continuity must be assessed in terms of political ideology. The first political ideology established is during the period of Alexander II`s autocracy. In essence, tsarist autocracy centered around the concept of a divine leader whose role was to safeguard his people. Due to the Tsar`s totalitarian role and the support of the church and nobility aristocracy, there was little political liberalism. In terms of political liberalism, after the emancipation of the serfs, there was an increase caused by...
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Essay on Political Ideology

Upon carefully analyzing and critiquing the six main parties’ policies and promises for Canada’s upcoming 2019 election, I have come to the decision to vote for the New Democratic Party (NDP). Of course, just like the rest of the platforms, the NDP platform is not perfect. However, it is the one that best reflects my own personal political ideology and hopes for the future of Canadians. The NDP takes (or “takes”?) pride in its slogan “A New Deal for People”,...
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Essay on Political Theory: Analysis of The Prince by Machiavelli

The meaning of necessity in a broader sense is something that we can’t live without. For example, when saying that a decision was necessary to be made, it means we don’t have a choice under those circumstances, the decision had to be made to accomplish some end. In the book, Machiavelli used necessity mainly referring to political necessity, so if a leader like the prince wants to accomplish his goals, he must use a certain method no matter whether it’s...
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Life of Fidel Castro and Analysis of His Ideological Beliefs

In recent world history, the western hemisphere has evolved to give birth to some of the most successful, and troubled, countries of the modern world. The history of triangle trade and the Columbian exchange of disease, food, and diseases. The Spanish imperialized much of the New World, disturbing native politics and society to establish their own. This included an economic focus on sugar production, leading to the mass enslavement of native people and the introduction of African people as another...
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Essay on Political Ideology: Impact of Terror Threats on Political Polarization

Introduction Terrorism has been a concerning threat across the world for many years, the United States has especially focused on it since the attacks on 9/11. Threats about terrorism, or rather perceived threats, have deeply affected culture and impacted domestic and international politics for years to come. Furthermore, the United States has seen a widening gap between the Left and the Right since 9/11. Although there might not be a direct correlation, the impact of the perceived threat of terrorism...
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What is Politics Essay

Politics is a powerful force that shapes how individuals, groups and institutions interact to shape our societies. From local to global, politics permeates every aspect of life, from decisions on how resources are distributed to the exercise of power. It is an art of governance, through which different individuals and organizations can come together in order to regulate economic and social issues. By understanding the complexities and dynamics of politics, one can begin to understand how individuals and collectives work...
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Political Ideology of Liberalism and Ideals of Democracy: Essay

Governments need to be held accountable to ensure that they don’t overstep their mandate and encroach on civil and individual liberties. A political ideology that best achieves this (holding governments accountable) is liberalism. A political ideology is a combination of ideals, principles, and doctrines that guide a social movement and political activity in a community. The concept of ‘best’ as it is indicated in this paper’s thesis, indicates a political ideology that offers the most optimal benefits to the community...
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Influence of Political Ideology, Public Opinion and Economic Factors on Developments in Health and Social Care Policy

This essay aims to provide a critical discussion on how the influence of political ideology, public opinion, and economic factors had on major stages that the UK health and social care policy passed since the Beveridge Report published in 1942. The writer surveys the literature that documents significant events of the health and social care policies. Furthermore, the four significant changes that took place during the following periods itemized in the Beveridge Report will be discussed. The Conservative-led governments of...
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Essay on Application of Political Ideology to Climate Change

Introduction Using the political ideology behind climate change as a cultural element, this essay will explore how globalization, cultural diffusion, adaptation, and adoption have consequences for the future cultural geography of places and their species. I will explore the definition and history of cultural geography and show how climate change has moved from a science-based concept to a cultural phenomenon. The impact of culture on climate change is more prevalent than ever before and the need to change political ideology...
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Analysis of Roe vs. Wade: To What Extent Is It the Role of the Judiciary to Intervene in Politics

The role of the judiciary in the political process is a complex one, and, as with much else in politics is essentially a question of who wields power. In recent times, it is also an issue that has achieved significant public salience, with high-profile Supreme Court rulings on both sides of the Atlantic occurring at the same time as growing public indignation at the apparent unaccountability of international courts which seek to alter domestic law. This dissertation will analyse the...
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