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This essay aims to describe the main features of conservatism with reference to the historical and philosophical origins, the core value, and the perspectives on the welfare state and social policy. Conservatives are hard to define but they tend to want less control over an individual, and like the status quo to be managed. They also prefer good social order and security even if it is at the cost of freedom and equality. The origins of conservatism come from the...
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The conservative ideology takes off in the eighteenth century during the French Revolution of 1789. The revolutionaries replace the Old Regime, an old society based on order and hierarchy, with a new society based on freedom, fraternity, and equality. At the moment when the National Assembly is constituted, two streams cross it: supporters of the king's power, attached to the model of France before 1789, they wish to preserve certain elements of ancient society and are placed on the right....
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The proposals for secondary education following world war two in Britain intended to eliminate the inequalities that were evident in the education system. Although there had been an increase in the number of free places at grammar schools in England and Wales between 1913 and 1937, the majority of parents would have to decline these offers due to other expenses involved in excepting a place. Throughout this essay, I will discuss conservatism in Britain’s education system and what led to...
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‘Conservatism’, as a distinct ideology, arose in the early nineteenth century as a body of thought that was opposed to the values and ideals of the French Revolution. Conservatism is suspicious and resistant to political, social, and economic change, supports traditional ways of doing things, has a generally negative view of human nature – seen as fundamentally imperfect – and wants to maintain an organic society. As while other ideologies preached reform and revolution, conservatism stood in defense of an...
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During the 19th century, conservatism and the balance of power were essential to politics. Conservative leaders tried to preserve the legitimacy of monarchies amidst the growing influence of political parties aligning with socialist or Marxist ideologies, as well as an increasing desire for labor insurance and social legislation. As countries grew increasingly nationalistic, leading to events such as German unification, leaders such as Otto von Bismarck had to preserve their power with new methods. Otto von Bismarck’s government demonstrated these...
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“Modern English Conservatism was mostly birthed out of coalition between classical Liberals and Social Conservatives in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century”. It contains the constellation of governmental ideologies including Fiscal ideology, free exchange or economical Liberalism, party Conservatism, ideology, Bio-Conservatism, and Religious Conservatism, also as help for a strong military, small government, and state rights. Liberalism is frequently contrasted with Conservatism, but these two are non-diametrically opposed. Liberal emphasis on individual liberty contrasts with conventional Conservatives which support...
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Despite the common narrative of a conservative ascendancy in the 1970s, the decade also saw continued radical activism and resistance to bring about great reform in American society. Although the 1970s saw a conservative ascendency in electoral politics, ultimately leading to the consequential election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, the decade also saw expanded, intensified, and often successful protest efforts bred by broader action and the continued endeavor for civil rights and liberal objectives. Ultimately, the 1970s was encompassed by...
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The stark variation in correction system around the world has fascinated me ever since I found out about how President Duterte of the Philippines was taking the issue of drugs in his country, into his own hands. Comparing these unlawful acts to what happens to criminals in Norway, the country of my father, Norway, I became intrigued as to why there would be this disparity across the globe. Under further investigation, there seemed to be a correlation between the style...
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Many years ago, I was taught about the Bill of Rights in school. Among the ten amendments was the right to bear arms just in case the people of America needed to fight back. Growing up in a no-gun household, I never understood the need to have guns, let alone AKs and shotguns. However, the following research will aim to open a new perspective to the idea of lessening gun control in the states. Although pro-gun enthusiasts are generally painted...
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