Liberalism vs Conservatism Essay

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“Modern English Conservatism was mostly birthed out of coalition between classical Liberals and Social Conservatives in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century”. It contains the constellation of governmental ideologies including Fiscal ideology, free exchange or economical Liberalism, party Conservatism, ideology, Bio-Conservatism, and Religious Conservatism, also as help for a strong military, small government, and state rights.

Liberalism is frequently contrasted with Conservatism, but these two are non-diametrically opposed. Liberal emphasis on individual liberty contrasts with conventional Conservatives which support the powerful, if not autocratic, a government that imposes one or more religions, as well as conventional norms regarding the family, sexual morality, the subordinate role of women, And traditional beliefs of people.

However, the distinction between Liberalism and conservatism breaks down within contemporary Conservatism, Which is partially determined by the economic terms of 19th- and 20th-century classical liberalism. These terms primarily consider the administration’s laissez-faire attitude toward profitable markets and its enforcement of solid personal property and contract rights. These methods mostly determine the official position (if not usually the knowledge) of the modern Republican Party in the United States since Ronald Reagan’s administration in the decades, And likewise of this Conservative Party in the UK within the Margaret Thatcher period, and Donald Trump. And much of this conservative attitude is concentrated in the country’s region (rural regions with reduced population density), as contrasted with the more progressive cities and college towns.

Liberals think education should be given to all citizens, regardless of their background or income level. Furthermore, education is a necessary component of the American economy.

Conservatives Argue that education should not be free or compulsory. Conservatives also believe that the federal government should not interfere with private education. This view is supported by the fact that there are no laws in place that prohibit private schools from enrolling students. Also, conservatives believe that public schools should not interfere with private education.

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Pell Grants are a major issue in America. They provide funding for many educational programs. These funds are provided by the federal government through state and local governments. This money is used to pay for the school’s tuition.

Conservatives argue that the federal government should not fund these programs because it would make them more expensive. However, the federal government does not have enough money to cover all of these expenses.

Liberals believe that the government should be able to help people who need it most. This is why they support the idea of free college. Liberals also believe that the government should not be able to take money away from schools.

Furthermore, Standardized testing is also a hot-button issue that has been debated in the past few years. Students are being asked to take tests that are not based on their ability or intelligence.

Conservatives argue the test should be used as an indicator of how well a student can perform in school. This is because if a student does not pass the test, then he or she will have to pay for tuition.

Liberals, however, are against standardized testing. They believe that students should be allowed to learn at their own pace and with their abilities. Therefore, they want to ensure that every student receives the same education. Liberals also believe that the test should be used to determine whether a student has the potential to succeed in life.


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