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How Did Hitler Become Chancellor of Germany and Gain His Power? Essay

Adolf Hitler, the soldier who was once an adorned war veteran of the World War I, the leader who was once praised by millions of Germans, the villain who was responsible for the annihilation of millions of Jews, is now the most hated dictator of the 20th century and debatably throughout human history. All of those around the world knows what Hitler had done to the Jewish people, which made it one of the darkest periods in history. Few have...
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Women in Nazi Germany: An Essay

Women in Nazi Germany were undoubtedly recognized as the ‘home-makers’ and mother figures of the household. However, although politically non-existent, during the period leading up to the Second World War, women were intensely involved within the Nazi Regime, regardless of whether they supported the regime or not. Thus, demonstrating a transformative perception of women and their roles within the Nazi regime. Although Nazi ideology promoted the female as the care takers, their incorporation in key roles throughout the regime directly...
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Why Did Germany Lose World War II? Essay

Since the devastation of World War II, the events in which the Jewish population were exterminated and the wars where German forces attempted to invade other nations are still being studied and mourned to this day. The question arises as to why Germany lost the Second World War and whether Hitler himself really cost Germany the war. Hitler’s strong and enticing speeches brought comfort to the German population at a time of extreme hardship, especially economically and essentially alluring the...
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Did Germany Follow the Sonderweg or 'Special Path' of Development?

Historians such as Jurgen Kocka have argued that Germany followed a special path of development due to the absence of social and political modernization during economic development. This caused pre-industrial mentalities and structures to remain prominent within all aspects of society. Hence, he argues that this led to an inevitable crisis during the 1930s and therefore, resulted in a logical dictatorship. Jurgen Kocka’s supporting views towards the Sonderweg thesis are demonstrated in his article ‘Causes of National Socialism’. In an...
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Population Report: Germany and Malawi

Introduction: This report is portraying a detailed comparison of the change in population in two contrasting countries; Germany and Malawi. Germany which is a high-income and developed country is bound to differ from Malawi which is a low-income and less-developed country in terms of various population characteristics and trends. Malawi has been ranked among the least developed countries in the world. With the country being at the second stage of demographic transition, many things have changed for the better but...
4 Pages 1867 Words

Importance of Cross-Cultural Competencies in Transnational Companies: Case of Tesla Factory in Germany

Introduction Multi-national companies are increasingly prevalent in today’s global market, however cross-cultural competence including communication is a core aspect. Cross-cultural competence is integral to communications and having global companies work with teams in different countries; it is about understanding one’s own culture and that of the counterparts with varied values, belief systems, attitudes and language and adjusting communication to befit each cultural interaction. In the Resetarits and Ankel article for Business Insider, the crux of the issue is cultural competence...
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Confronting Germany’s Nazi Past as the Main Motive of the Student Rebellion of 1968

The wave of rebellion that swept across West Germany in 1968 is commonly documented to be an attempt to confront the Nazi past. This was exhibited through the mass of student protests by the so-called ‘68ers’, dragging the issues they were passionate about into the public sphere so they could no longer be ignored. As a result, the reasons conjuring this tempestuous movement should be explored. Firstly, the statement in question suggests that confronting Germany’s Nazi past was the main...
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Essay on Jazz in Nazi Germany

The German Nazi Party has lived on in infamy as one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century. Few things compare to the horror of the Jewish Holocaust brought about by the racist ideology and practices of this tyrannical political movement. Any reasonable person in the 21st century looks back and wonders, ‘How could this have happened?’. ‘How could an entire country in the modern world be complicit in the execution of over 11 million people, many of which...
5 Pages 2454 Words

Essay on Jazz in Nazi Germany and Role of Django Reinhardt

The Nazi takeover of Germany in 1933 brought many changes, often prohibitions and restrictions to parts of society that the Nazis deemed inferior to, or at odds with their ideology. One of the most prominent of these changes was the control and prohibition of music in Nazi Germany. Considering how vital and valued music is in society, many would question how anyone could successfully take away or control a society’s music. Thus, this paper attempts to answer the question of...
4 Pages 1977 Words

Influence of German Film Industry in 1919-1945

Since 1919, due to the inception of the expressionist movement, and its increasingly artistic take on the medium, the German film industry had started to have major impacts on not only German culture but also how film had been viewed worldwide, from a form of entertainment for lower class citizens to an art form to convey complex plots and messages. Expressionist film, like ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’, had used film to express the directors’ emotions, especially his thoughts on...
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