How did World War 1 Change the World Essay

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The main idea in the Treaty of Versailles was that since Germany was considered responsible for World War I, it had to accept full responsibility for causing the war. They had to pay the Allies over about thirty-three million dollars for the cost of the war, German territory was considerably reduced, and the German army needed to have it's power taken, so they were only allowed to have 100,000 men, Â and they were not allowed to have any tanks, submarines, or an air force, and their navy consisted of only 6 battleships. This was because the Allies hoped that if Germany had a weakened army, Germany would not be able to start any more wars.

The Treaty of Versailles was extremely significant during the time of the war, but is also important in modern times. It was significant in earlier times, especially in the times of World War I and World War II, because it ended World War I and caused Germany to have extremely limited resources during World War II. Germany lost a lot of money paying for the war damage to the first world war, and they lost their military power and strength, so they were not in their best fighting condition for World War II. Although the treaty was violated occasionally, it helped keep Germany somewhat under control.

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It is still important in modern times because any major historical event shapes the world as it is today. If the Treaty of Versailles never existed or wasn't effective, there are countless other possible outcomes for the war. The Allies could have lost the war, and the world would be in a much different situation than it is. If Germany did not pay for war damage, then several of the other countries may still be struggling financially. The Treaty of Versailles was considered by many to be a good, peaceful treaty. But to many, especially the Germans, who suffered many losses due to the treaty, feel otherwise. Was Germany truly entirely responsible for the war? Was it really fair for them to lose so much of what they had? What about the German people?

They were not at fault for the war, yet they suffered the consequences: Their country lost a lot of money, some of them may have been living on the parts of land that was lost, one day Germans, the next, living on land that was taken as compensation for the war. Not to mention the insecurity of weakened defenses that the weakening of their army must have caused. However, viewing the situation from the point of view of the other countries, the ones that were against Germany in World War I, the terms of the treaty were fair. If you get into a car accident with someone, and it is the other person's fault, regardless of how it effects that person or their family, they should pay for the damage that they caused. In some cases, when people are convicted of certain crimes, they are deemed untrustworthy, and they have their weapons taken from them.

There are many cases, and sometimes the person who is at fault becomes detremented. This is not entirely fair, but it is what is best for the majority of people. Germany suffered many losses due to the Treaty of Versailles, but the Allies benefitted from it and the war was ended. Sometimes what is best or right is not always fair. The Treaty of Versailles was not entirely fair, but it was the best and most efficient way to end the war.

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