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Effect of Industrialization on World War I: Analytical Essay

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During World War I, diverse influences were perceived in American practices that ranged from economic changes, and political impacts, as well as social influences. Some influences sought to modify and perfect American practices thus making them stronger and more reliable during and after World War I. Such influences were positive. However, few influences weakened Americans during and even after the war hence the practices can be perceived as negative. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of both positive and negative influences of World War I on American practices makes the aim of this paper.

Positive social influences were perceived during the war as noted by Paul, et al (2018) in chapters 22 - 5.5 on war and progressivism. At first, Americans were proscribed from consuming alcohol which was perceived as weakening soldiers and workers during the war. Again, there was a strong perception that using grains in making alcohol was wasteful and therefore a need to conserve food was insisted (Paul et al, 2018). Such drives strengthened American soldiers and workers by making them socially upright without intoxication. Again, campaigns to create socially contained individuals were actualized by terminating prostitution among Americans. This was termed the ‘Progressive Era’ as noted by Paul et al (2018). The move prevented disease contamination and kept American soldier and their respective workers strong.

On other social influences, faith grew among Americans as churches and other religions flocked to the nation following continued migrations during the war. Notably, job seekers also flocked to industries in efforts to maximize production and measure up war needs as noted in chapters 22 - 5.5 on war and progressivism (Paul et al, 2018). This led to enhanced interactions and hence improved faith and beliefs. However, not all went right during these migrations since issues of racism began to be evident. Blacks were discriminated against by whites leading to the deaths of many blacks hence making that a negative social influence. Conversely, this wartime created bases for movements against discrimination.

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Economic influences were also evident during World War I as industrial output grew significantly similar to agricultural production. As noted by Paul, et al (2018) in chapters 22 - 5.1 on booming ‘industry and agriculture,’ there was an increased need to satisfy war demands and therefore industrial production had to increase as well as automobile output. Notably, production prices increased as well as wages hence an increase in the economic status of Americans. Similarly, agricultural output following similar increased prices on farmers’ products (Paul et al, 2018). However, there was a negative economic impact perceived by large-scale farmers who had formulated consistency in production after the war. Demand reduced and prices dropped after the war and therefore such farmers were left under large debts.

Again, economic influences like labor reforms were formed during this war period as workers flocked to industries and farms. Women, on the other hand, acquired working positions as they sought to replace men who became soldiers. However, these women lost their jobs after the war thus negatively affecting their economic dependence as noted by Paul et al (2018) in chapters 22 – 5.3 on women in wartime. Another economic impact was visible when the flu vaccine was developed similar to the flu antibiotic. This effectively combated the influenza outbreaks experienced during wartime as noted by Paul et al (2018) in chapters 22 – 5.4 on public health. Moreover, flu vaccines and antibiotics were useful after the war.

Political influences perceived sought to strengthen the American military which happened to be weak before the war. Training camps effectively facilitated training for recruits who acquired military disciplines as pointed out in Chapter 22 - 3.1 on raising, training, and testing the military(Paul et al, 2018). Notably, training did not end in camps but there were follow-ups after the duty to ensure full instillation of discipline. Again, there were efforts to test the intellectual standards of the military. This enabled monitoring of essential areas for improvement. For instance, uneducated soldiers were noted and the need for military education was implemented. However, there were negative political drives that led to the abuse of blacks in military camps, and at some point, executions and killing of blacks were evident (Paul et al, 2018). This led to race riots as black soldiers and workers sought to reject such discrimination aspects.

From the overall analysis of the influences of World War I on American affairs, a conclusion can be made that both positive and negative impacts were perceived. Social influences like alcohol constraints, food conservation, terminated prostitution, the presence of churches, and diverse religions were all observed as having positive impacts on Americans. However, aspects of racism were evident, and therefore a negative social aspect was noted. Economic impacts like increased production in agriculture and industries were evident. Flu vaccines and antibiotics were also developed. Political stability was also established through a trained and educated military. Conversely, abuse of blacks led to riots hence making a negative influence. A conclusion can be made that positive influences surpassed the negative impacts of the war.

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