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Positive and Negative Effects of World War 2

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There are not many positives in war. People die. It’s easy to get caught up in the belief that we are right and everyone else is wrong. Leaders can be convincing and this appears to have been a problem for the German people. They wanted to be told that they were superior, so they followed that lead. They lost a lot and I’m sure many of them were good people.

After WW1, in Germany, many small, anti- Semitism extremist political groups appeared and Adolph Hitler’s ideals became increasingly popular with the belief that he could bring positive changes to Germany. He was elected into power in October 1933. With this the NSDAP, or Nazi Party, rose to power in Germany. A Nazi Propaganda slide (circa 1933-1939) entitled ‘The Jewish spirit undermines the healthy powers of the German people,’ was one way German civilians were influenced into thinking “this could bring positive changes to the lives of their people”.

The party was intent upon “cleansing” Europe of not only the Jews, but disabled people, Soviet Prisoners of War and civilians, Polish civilians, homosexuals, socialists, communists and trades unionists, Freemasons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Violence spread across the nation in almost every city and town as the Hitler youth and SA paramilitary forces took to smashing shop windows and destroying the homes of Jews. The broken glass is referred to as Kristallnacht or “Crystal Night.’ The German government passed laws to exclude Jews from civil society, most prominently the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. This action bought devastation and “no positive changes for the Jewish community or the German community.”

November, 1933 a network of concentration camps were established, along with ghettos to segregate the Jews. Over 25,000 Jewish men were arrested by the Nazi’s and sent to the concentration camps, such as Buchenwald and Dachau. Women and children were also arrested. Conditions in the camps were horrific and both men and women endured extreme violence. Between 1941 and 1945 with the Holocaust, over six million Jews were murdered by the Nazi regime, and their collaborators. There were ‘no positive outcomes as these turn of events were negatively impacting the world’. Nazi Germany made advances into other countries believing themselves to be stronger and more superior.

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These event s were widely reported across the world, and met with reactions of shock and disgust from the international community. With the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939, Nazi Policy soon became genocidal. The total number murdered by the Nazis has been roughly estimated by historians to be between 200,000 to 500,000 people. Germany advanced into France, Poland, and other European countries. They bombed Britain and tried to take on Russia. They had an alliance with Japan, who in turn bombed Darwin in Australia. Almost every country of the world became involved in World War 2.

World War 2 had some positives for Australia. Having suffered greatly from the Great Depression and had witnessed its armed forces decrease in size and effectiveness. One positive the war had on society was the creation of jobs. A few industries boomed during this time. The government gave priority to manufacturing industries and Britain had them manufacture war materials like munitions and food supplies in the agriculture industry. This bought positive changes to the lives.

The role of Australian women changed dramatically in 1942 when the war shifted to Australia’s doorstep. Women entered the workforce in great numbers to support the war efforts. Women were actively recruited into jobs that had always been considered for men, Women began working in factories making bomb casing and parachutes. When the war ended women were expected to give up their jobs for the returning soldiers. However, many women had enjoyed participating in the workforce. By the 1950s there was a dramatic change in the way women's roles were defined. Women were accepted into the army and doing work previously considered “men’s work.” The type of work women did slowly became less of an issue. Australian society had changed for the better. Women were not stigmatised purely as servants to their families. This brought positive changes to the lives of women, especially those that had lost their husbands, fathers, and sons at war.

Another positive is that soon into the war, Australia realized that they needed the support of the United States of America as well as Britain if they were to stay strong. World War II has had many impacts that can still be felt today, mostly negative. But, it has changed the way humans think about things. Hopefully we have learned from our mistakes and this has made positive changes to our lives and the future.

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