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Arthur Miller's Vision of John Proctor' Personality in his Novel 'The Crucible'

In the beginning of the play, Miller introduces the character John Proctor as an individual that remains unalterable with Proctor’s stance on honesty and integrity, unlike the narrow-minded Salem community. In Act I, Miller presents John Proctor as a bold man, standing up to hypocrites. Further on, Proctor argues with the Putnams and Reverend Parris due to bizarre accusations about witchcraft. Miller exhibits John Proctor’s indications that Putnam cannot chide the devil for his children’s deaths arguing. “I see none...
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Misleading Martyrdom of John Proctor: Analytical Essay

“It is the cause, not the death that makes the martyr.” (Napoleon Bonaparte). The underlying truth of this axiom has been the ruler in which all protagonists’ deaths have been measured. One such instance is the execution of John Proctor in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. In her article, Fair and Foul: The Goodness of John Proctor, the critic Susan Abbotson proposes the argument that in the 1996 film rendition of The Crucible, Proctor’s character development goes from “JP to JC”;...
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Critical Analysis of a “Tragic Hero” Named John Proctor in Salem Witch Trials

Every tragedy in history has a tragic hero. Now a tragic hero always has the potential for greatness but is destined to fail. They also meet a tragic death and face it with honor. The Salem Witch Trials began in the spring of 1692, in Salem Massachusetts. During this period of time there were 200 people were accused of being a witch, and 20 people were hanged. During the Salem Witch Trials, there is a “tragic hero” named John Proctor....
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Critical Analysis of Miller Arthur’s Play “The Crucible”: John Proctor As the Protagonist

Miller Arthur’s play “The Crucible” takes place in Salem, the vent during this play is regarding the witch trial. Theis trials will have a totally different reaction from the audience and result in this influencing individuals in numerous ways in which. The witch trial breaks the village into totally different sides of their own means of seeing the trial, individuals get the defendant of being witches or finding out witchery and their trial will keep company with totally different consequences....
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John Proctor's Personality Transformation

Chaos breaks out in the town and rumors of witchery spread. Teenage girls let out savage screams and shake uncontrollably. Everyone is panicking and blaming one another. In ‘The Crucible’, a historical fiction play written by Arthur Miller, set in 1693 Salem, Massachusetts, John Proctor, a respected farmer, tries to get the truth out and end the witchcraft madness. Arthur Miller wrote the play about the Salem Witch Trials, which started when a group of young girls were accused of...
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Storytelling as an Excellent Form to Express People's Public and Personal Personas

Do you remember Bill Clinton? The 42nd president of the United States, a supposed role model to the nation. Well, his scandal of 1995 reveled that he had an affair with a fellow government worker Monica Lewinski. In this case, Clinton’s choices put in perspective how a person’s public and personal actions and choices can be the complete opposite. Through the action of storytelling, we are able to reveal and experience others conflicting public and personal personas, which make us...
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John Proctor and His True Integrity

Once everyone has tried to hide up lies in order to not reveal the truth, knowing it would ruin him/her at some point but soon the truth comes out bringing big conflicts. In ‘The Crucible’ John Proctor’s lie, unfortunately, came out affecting him for life. One theme in ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller is an honesty to oneself, lies and making tough choices. In the play ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller there are a series of events that truly test...
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Essay on the Play The Crucible: Changes in John Proctor

Christopher Pike once said, “Nothing is as it seems.’ John Proctor, from the play The Crucible, relates to this quote. John Proctor is a farm owner in Salem, Massachusetts. He was a well–respected man who went through some road bumps that made his characteristics change drastically. John Proctor changed throughout the play because of events that made him have to change his judgment, beliefs and emotions. The beginning of the play, John Proctor is not presented as a good man,...
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Honorable Death of John Proctor

Proctor’s last act is a noble and honorable way to die. He chooses to die not only for himself and his wife, but also for those who stand wrongly accused. Proctor decides to die with the honest people of Salem instead of selling those people out and dishonoring their memory and deaths by falsely admitting to the crime of witchcraft. By refusing to confess, John gives up his life with his wife, children, and unborn child, standing by the ideal...
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Analytical Essay on The Crucible by Arthur Miller: Analysis of John Proctor's Journey

The play The Crucible by the playwright, Arthur Miller, is set during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. As a group of young girls claiming to be possessed by satanic influences, accuse other civilians of witchcraft, John Proctor the tragic hero finds himself at the center. Many lives are at stake as the girls cry out against people they despise or who have wronged them, Proctor and his wife are accused. In the process, his past affair with Abigail comes...
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Rationale for Why John Proctor Is a Tragic Hero

John Proctor is the tragic hero in the play ‘The Crucible’. He gives all he has and gives his life for the people that he loves. He confesses his sins in front of the court to get his wife out jail and prove that there are so many people lying about everything that is going on. He’s one of the biggest inspirations in the story and no one could ever live up to his part or character in any movie...
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John Proctor and Macbeth: Comparative Analysis

John Proctor, from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, and Macbeth, from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, are two main characters that show obvious similarities with each other. Both characters show the negative impact of witchcraft in their lives, the reputation they have within the community, and their tragic flaws. While the similarities may be true, they contrast and show evident differences. To begin with, John Proctor and Macbeth are both highly impacted by witchcraft. John’s home town is rumored to be bewitched and...
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John Proctor as a Tragic Hero

When someone’s journey comes to an end, it is a tragedy. Many people want to carry a story with them after they have passed. Most people want to leave something memorable behind, people want to be seen as a good person, perhaps a hero. According to Aristotle, “A man doesn’t become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall”. In ‘The Crucible’, written by Arthur Miller, John Proctor is seen as a tragic hero. While the...
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John Proctor Character Analysis Essay: The Crucible

The Crucible is a 1953 play by American writer Arthur Miller. It is a dramatised and in part fictionalised story of the Salem witch trials that occurred in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692–93. John Proctor is a hardworking moderately aged farmer, husband, and father. He values genuineness and has extraordinary scorn for hypocrisy. Incidentally, John is concealing a scandalous little secret of his own. His wife Elizabeth Proctor adores and regards him even though she realises he isn’t without...
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John Proctor's Decision to Prefer Honor to Life

In the dark thunderous nights of the winter of 1692, the people of Salem’s biggest fear had risen upon them. Arthur Miller deliberately uses verbiage to make the Trials seem a little more histrionic. Abigail Williams and a group of young ladies performed dances around a fire, fully stripped out of their clothes, which sprung a rumor lasting a few months that costed people’s lives. The people of Salem credenced the rumor, that the dancing was a talisman to calling...
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Critical Analysis of John Proctor As One of the Most Significant and Vital Characters of The Crucible

John Proctor is one of the most significant and vital characters of The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller in 1952 and released in 1953. John Proctor is a farmer in his middle thirties, the sort of important man with a bad temper. Miller does not use the name of the character by chance: his name is a telling-name because he is a very cleanhearted, good and reliable leader. Furthermore, related to his psychology, he is a completely proud and selfish...
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