Rationale for Why John Proctor Is a Tragic Hero

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John Proctor is the tragic hero in the play ‘The Crucible’. He gives all he has and gives his life for the people that he loves. He confesses his sins in front of the court to get his wife out jail and prove that there are so many people lying about everything that is going on. He's one of the biggest inspirations in the story and no one could ever live up to his part or character in any movie or show.

Abigail another character in ‘The Crucible’, that Proctor had to deal with. She was a little girl that was in love with Proctor. She used to work for them until Elizabeth his wife found out they had an affair and fired her. Abigail was so mad and was so in love with Proctor that she made up some lies to try to get her away and take her place in Proctor's life. When Elizabeth tells Proctor that she was not happy with it he took himself down to Abigail to tell her that they were no more and even threatened to kill her if his wife died because of her. “Abby, you’ll put it out of mind. I'll not be coming for you”. Proctor refuses to leave his wife for a little girl. Not mentioning that he confronted her even when she threatened four other girls that she will kill them if they say anything to the courts. She was and determined girl for love but at the end of everything was it really worth going through all you did just to have the person you want to die because your selfish and doesn’t anyone else to have him when he already has another person.

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Second reason why John Proctor was the tragic hero, because he took himself into the court and admitted to them that him and Abby had an affair. Knowing that he could've went to jail or even Abby trying to press him for something that he didn't do. He still kept his mind straight of getting his wife out jail and saving her to be with their kids and keeping his family together. John puts himself in jeopardy of bad things to save people and tries to make deals with the judges. He is very brave and not very scared, when it comes to getting people save, plus he sticks to what he believes and what religion he grew up with. Not mentioning that not many people like him because he doesn't go to church like he is supposed to and he doesn't want to lose his name in the mix of this because he worked for a long time for people to actually know him and know what he is about. “Well, who accused me? Why Abigail Williams!”. Abby had vengeance out for Elizabeth for firing her but her reason is still not enough to actually start accusing her for something that was taken very serious back then and have the person that you were going to die.

Proctor never let anyone think of him as anything other way then the way that he wanted people to see him as. Also noticing that he didn't really didn't care about what people thought of him except for his name he didn't want to have bad name around the town. He was a strong guy that wouldn't take no for an answer. He lived far out so no one could bother him and if wife with two kids. He was also a farmer for the people, but even being a farmer, many people respected him and his wife and never gave them any problems. “I was planting way out to the edge!”.

Even as people found out that him and Abby had an affair he was still and well-known person for what he has for other people and the stuff that he has done for the town. Proctor died knowing that he was saying his wife for their kids and that he was dying for the sins he committed. Proctor was also the person in that town that told himself that he had sinned and that he didn’t let it go because he knew what he did was a sin. Proctor never showed weakness for anything or anyone he took what he was given and that's just how he ruled. He wasn't a judgy person or didn't look at people like they were anything different from him. He did believe in another religion though i think that's one of the reasons that he never went to church and listened to Parris. John Proctor was my tragic hero, I picked for the three reasons, and I still believe, that if John would have stayed alive, he would have changed so much in that town. He also probably would have been killed for killing Abby for putting his wife in jail and also getting her hanged. Anyways John Proctor was a tragic hero because of these reasons.

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