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Comparative Mythology Research Project: Analysis of the Concept of a Hero's Journey

In my opinion Classical, African, and American mythologies are unique, interesting, and some myths were very cruel. In Classical mythology, Daphne was transformed into a laurel tree, in African mythology Isis resurrected her brother and husband Osiris by burying his body, and in American mythology the Xibala twins came back to life after being dead for 6 days. All mythologies have something in common because they all revolve around the same objective: A Hero’s Journey, most stories are alike, and...
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Parallels between the Heroes’ Journey and the Journey of Humanity: Opinion Essay

If I were to ask you what the goal of a hero is, what would you say? Is it to save humanity, or is it to slay monsters? Is it to discover bountiful treasure, or assist those in need? Chances are, you would describe physical actions that require profound bravery, great feats of strength or unparalleled skill. I mean, who wouldn’t? But what if I told you that the actions of a hero are, in fact, entirely irrelevant? Yes, you...
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Essay on The Hero's Journey: Matthew McConaughey Rock-hard Abs and Saving the Universe

In 1949, American Professor of Literature, Joseph Campbell, came up with The Hero’s Journey, a supposed sequence of characteristics, in some form or another, present in all heroic stories. So, does this theory hold up? Or is it just another idea that your English teacher told you was important, but you’re never really going to use it? You might be surprised to know that it holds some water. The general theory behind The Hero’s Journey goes like this. A call...
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Analytical Essay on The Crucible by Arthur Miller: Analysis of John Proctor's Journey

The play The Crucible by the playwright, Arthur Miller, is set during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. As a group of young girls claiming to be possessed by satanic influences, accuse other civilians of witchcraft, John Proctor the tragic hero finds himself at the center. Many lives are at stake as the girls cry out against people they despise or who have wronged them, Proctor and his wife are accused. In the process, his past affair with Abigail comes...
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Critical Analysis of Everyman: Representation of the Journey to Death

Everyone has a place on this earth, what you do with it is your decision. We all make bad choices and have our share of annoying habits. Do we allow these habits to become who we are? In some ways we do but that’s just human error. We can’t physically control everything we do. Some of the decisions we make are based on social influences. When being chosen to go to heaven or afterlife, do you think the little things...
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Analytical Essay on Phases of the Hero's Journey and Connection between the Hero's Journey and Our Lives

The Hero’s Journey Essay Over the course of thousands of years, human beings have been at the center of creative activity. From the time our ancient ancestors first communicated using rudimentary language in the prehistoric period, they have created their own basic stories. As such, storytelling is an innate part of humanity as well as an instinct. Since we were born, we have been exposed to countless stories from such as movies, novels, TV shows, myths, fairy tales, and even...
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Hero's Journey in The Odyssey, Sundiata, and The Epic of Gilgamesh: Critical Analysis

All literary stories have a theme. The theme is the main idea or message that the author wants the audience to take away from the story. My favorite stories read in this class were The Odyssey, Sundiata, and The Epic of Gilgamesh. I enjoyed these three epics, because I could relate to the main character’s experiences. All three of these epics contain a theme that is shown throughout the story. This theme is called The Journey. While reading these epics,...
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Forrest Gump’s Hero Journey: Analytical Essay

With 46 academy awards and 68 nominations, the 1994 movie Forrest Gump is an icon in modern cinema. With a timeline that spans from the 1950s to the 1980s, there are many journeys and events that the main character, Forrest, faces throughout the film. The focus will be on Forrest enlisting with the U.S. Army and his deployment in Vietnam. Many stages of Campbell’s Hero Journey can be seen in this part of the movie such as, “Meeting the mentor”,...
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Essay on Marvel’s Black Panther and DC’s Aquaman: Analysis of Hero's Journey

The heroes of 2018: Marvel’s Black Panther and DC’s Aquaman The past year saw two great releases from the comic book universe, and as always comparisons and battles were due. Through the years, Marvel Comics and DC Comics have always been in a ‘battle’ of who does ‘the superhero’ better, from paper to film format, and this is not a matter of who is winning, but it gets the discussion going. It could be said that everybody wins and benefits...
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Critical Analysis of Several Stages of Hero's Journey

According to mythological tradition, what are all hero have in common with the heroes of ancient myths? In my opinions, they are all variants of the same hero. If we consider hero’s journey as a circle, the journey begins and ends in a hero’s ordinary world, but thickest passes through an unfamiliar, special world. Along the way, there are some key events. For example, there are my favourite movie, “Harry Potter” and “Hunger Game”. And also we can look at...
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Percy Jackson's Hero's Journey Based on a Concept by Joseph Campbell

Based in ‘Hero With A Thousand Faces’, it explains the typical heroic tale in which a heroic protagonist sets out, goes on exciting adventures, and returns home. It is a valuable method for analyzing conventional literature through time and culture. The four stages that I have decided to write on are: ‘Ordinary World’, ‘Call to Adventure’, ‘Refusal to Call’, and ‘Ordeal’. The ‘Hero’s Journey’ is a traditional narrative framework portrayed by worldwide tales. Coined in 1949 by professor Joseph Campbell,...
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Our Forgotten Heroes: Why Heroes Have Lost Their Value and Significance in Society

Recently social media lost their collective minds when the news of an unidentified man who saved a family of four from a burning building. Throughout social media people are claiming he should be considered for the Australian Hero of the Year award. But why? the concept of a hero comes from a preference of certain features or attributes that are considered heroism. The perception of hero comes from their emotional love for that certain individual. English texts represent multiple version...
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Heroes Story Arc Similarities

What do Thor, Optimus Prime and Simba all have in common with the heroes of ancient legends like Gilgamesh and the Buddha? What if I told you they are all adaptations of the same hero? The ‘heroes’ that we see in this day and age may seem like they possess their own individualities and are unique characters, right? However, most, if not, all heroes share similar character traits that you may not be able to see with an untrained eye....
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Women's Essential Role in the Hero's Journey

The goal of the mythic journey of the hero is to find wholeness or special knowledge that will restore balance to the hero and the community. Often, this culmination of awareness is held by or embodied in a female character the hero encounters on his quest. However, the female can be dangerous because her knowledge has the potential to create or destroy depending upon how she is approached and how her power is used. In the ancient tale of Gilgamesh,...
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The Epic of Gilgamesh: A Hero’s Journey

‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’ significantly studied by global scholars since it’s discovery in the ruins of the Library of Ashurbanipal in 1853 (Dalley, 2008). It is the longest written literature in Akkadian cuneiform that regales about the protagonist, Gilgamesh’s adventures. This epic poem from the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, centres around the infamous king of Uruk, who is, at the beginning of the story, unfit to rule his people but through guidance from the heavenly gods, Gilgamesh becomes the wise king...
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Joseph Campbell’s Concept of the Hero’s Journey

Campbell’s concept of monomyth (one myth) refers to the theory that sees all mythic narratives as variations of a single great story. The central pattern most studied by Campbell is often referred to as the Hero’s Journey and was first described in ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ (1949) Joseph Campbell, discusses his theory of the mythological structure of the journey of the archetypal hero found in world myths. Campbell explains his belief that there is a spiritual world that...
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Examining the Popularity of the Hero’s Journey in Hollywood

In 1949 Joseph Campbell released ‘The Hero With a Thousand Faces’, in which he outlined a monomyth called the hero’s journey, which would last for generations and provide a template for thousands of stories. Given how popular the hero’s journey has been, it’s worth asking why. Why do most people seem to love it so much? An examination of films from multiple eras and genres shows why Campbell’s hero’s journey is the most influential monomyth in the history of film....
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Alice in Wonderland: Hero or Not

Joseph Campbell wrote about the hero monomyth after he discovered that most hero stories have a common pattern and storyline. Joseph Campbell’s hero monomyth is a theory he proposed that heroes follow in a narrative, especially in an adventure novel. His theory states that almost all heroes follow the steps of this patterned journey. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in its many media forms has been a very popular children’s story ever since it was published in 1865. The story written by...
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What Makes a Person a Hero: Analysis of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Hero is frequently used in everyday language but what makes a person a hero? Is heroism only saving the world from villains trying to impress little kids sitting behind a screen or can it be a small act of kindness? Can it be both? Yes, a hero is someone who is brave, courageous, and helps others in need. In the book The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton; Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally can be described as heroes because they are not afraid...
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Is Bilbo Baggins a Hero: Essay

The journey of a hero is an imperative part of any quest narrative. It shows not only the development of the character but allows the reader to feel part of the story. Within this essay, I will be analyzing Bilbo Baggin’s journey as well as describing Bilbo in relation to an archetypal hero. Lastly, I will be making a comparison between Bilbo Baggins and Harry Potter; what similarities and differences they may share. The hero’s journey consists of 12 steps...
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