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This story is about the adventure of a heroic young lady in the Ancient China period, who efficaciously defended her country against the opposition of the Hun Invasion, her name is Mulan. Mulan lived in a village with her family in Northern China. Her household determined to get Mulan a partner but eventually, it didn't work. Due to Hun's taking over the Chinese government recognized a situation of hardship and declares that every man of the family should join the...
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Media portrayals and representations are the methods by which the media depicts specific groups, networks, encounters, thoughts, or subjects from a specific ideological perspective. The portrayal is the means by which media texts manage and present sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, national and regional characters, social issues, and occasions to a crowd of people. Media texts have the ability to shape a crowd of people's learning, understanding, and opinions of these critical points. An ideology is mainly an arrangement of beliefs...
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Mulan is a 1998 American animated musical adventure film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation for Walt Disney Pictures. It is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan and was Disney's 36th animated feature and the ninth animated film produced and released during the Disney Renaissance. It was directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook. Mulan is the only child of an aging war veteran. She disregards both tradition and the law by disguising herself as a man in...
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This movie is about a Chinese maidens country that is in danger and her frail father is chosen to serve in the army to fight, to save their country. So after she failed the test with the matchmaker and disappointed her family, she asks herself “Why is my reflection someone I don't know”. Knowing that her father won’t survive, she’s determined to disguise herself as her father's son and take his place to show her family that she can do...
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In this investigation, I plan to study gender and identity through the language used in children’s books. These are Disney books such as ‘Cinderella’, Beauty and the Beast, ‘Snow White and the seven dwarves’, ‘Mulan’ and ‘Brave’ written by Walt Disney Records, and “What I Like About Me” by Allia Zobel-Nola. I will explore the gender representations portrayed in these books through the language choices as I will further investigate the different actions and words characters illustrate through the author’s...
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In your daily life, you come across a new person every day. Each person, for instance, has a different background, a different race, and a lot of various stories waiting to be told by each person across the nation. We live in a world of a diverse group of people and some would think that living in a diverse world would form a ground that is united in order to be 'equal,' but that is far from being true. I'm...
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Movies are one of the many forms of popular culture. Even though popular culture comes with various definitions, it is a culture that is favored by the mass media. Moreover, psychology can be a component of popular culture. A psychological concept that can be in movies is intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. The textbook, Human Development for Nursing, by Reilly (2020), defined intrinsic and extrinsic motivations as follows: “Intrinsic motivation is based on internal factors such as organismic needs (competence, relatedness,...
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Mulan is a amazing and very entertaining Disney movie. This amazing Fantasy Disney movie came out in 1998 the movie was made Walt Disney feature animation which was for Walt Disney pictures. Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook were the directors and with having a storyline written by Robert D. and San Souci and which was played by Rita Hsiao, Phillip LaZebink and many more. The movies story line is based on a old Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, Hua Mulan...
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Gender is constituted in time - an identity instituted through a stylized repetition of acts. Further, gender is instituted through the stylization of the body and, hence, must be understood as the mundane way in which bodily gestures, movements, and enactments of various kinds constitute the illusion of an abiding gendered self.” (Butler 1988: 519). In other words, gender is not something ingrained in us, but rather a social construct with which we actively choose to comply. Mulan performs as...
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