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German And Indonesian Cultures: Comparing Working Styles

Introduction Culture is a characteristic or identity of people who live in a certain area. It is arises from daily actions taken by the community to create habits and finally became the culture of the community. So, we can say culture affects people’s lives in socialization, consumption and modernization. Therefore, culture create characteristics of people. In business, people also bring their culture into the business. Business is people’s activity who is connected with products and services to achieve a goal,...
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Resemblance of Polish and German Cultures Based on 'Masculinity' Dimension of Hofstedes

For centuries, Polish and German culture have been considered “at odds” by both outside nations, and the nations themselves, perhaps due to the long history these two countries have. I have chosen these countries because it is commonly misconstrued that Polish and German culture are on opposite ends of the behavioral spectrum, however, I am here to argue otherwise. Both cultures seem to focus strongly on work and education and have a very methodical approach to work and learning, furthermore,...
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Was German Unification Inevitable? Essay

Introduction German Unification was one of the seminal events in modern history. It has impacted and been instrumental in both world wars, the later half of the twentieth century, acting as a microcosm of the Cold War (ironically through its partition) and into the modern day, as the leading country in the EU. This momentous event was far from certain, however, prior to the French Revolution it was unthinkable that the German Speaking peoples would be unified into a cohesive...
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The Significance of German Imperial Ambition in the Origins of the First World War

The First World War lasted from July 1914 to November 1918, a war that some historians argue was the fault of Germany’s Imperial ambitions. Others disagree presenting it as the inevitable fault of strained international relations, some arguing that the countries “slipped” into the war. This essay will attempt to evaluate the extent and significance of Germany’s aggressive policies and practice to extend their ‘rule’ over other territories. Indeed, to asses the significance of German Imperial ambitions in the origins...
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Significance of Joseph Goebbels in the Control of the German People from 1933-1945: Analytical Essay

Joseph Goebbels was very significant in terms of controlling people in Germany from 1933 to 1945. He used various techniques to do that. Controlling media sources was the main focus to spread propaganda. Radio, newspapers, films and all other kinds of media was a way of convincing German people that the Aryan Race was the greatest. Goebbels needed to make sure that people of Germany were only learning Nazi ideology. However, he wasn’t significant in control of German people to...
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Analytical Essay on German Empire: The German Confederation, The Wars of German Unification

The Congress of Vienna and the German Confederation 1815-1864 The year is 1815. Napoleon has finally been defeated by the combined forces of Prussia and Britain. The Emperor of France was sent to the Pacific Island of Saint Helena, never to return. After the fall of Napoleon, the Congress of Vienna was called, a meeting between the old powers of Europe, to return the continent to its pre-Napoleonic state. During the reign of Napoleon, most of what is known as...
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Analysis of German Civilization: Reflective Essay

Expressionism played a very important role in the artistic scene of Germany, primarily occurring at the onset of the 20th century. It talks about humanity’s role on earth and with each other, and how broader society alienates individuals, while also trying to give off empathy and compassion artists had for each other. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a silent horror film directed by Robert Wiene can be used as a prime example of the permanence of the expressionist movement in...
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Life in Europe during the Time Leading up to World War 2: Case Study of German People

Life in Europe during the time leading up to World War 2 was a time of great turmoil. While the countries in the League of Nations wanted to avoid conflicts and wars altogether because of the severity of World War One, there were several factors that led to the beginning of World War Two. The rise of Nazism and Adolf Hitler rising to power as German Chancellor and employing the use of aggressive foreign policy, were among some of the...
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Reflection on Johann Goethe’s Essay “On German Architecture”

Christianity began to gain momentum in Europe as the main religion. This called for the European lifestyles to match the momentum created. Buildings had to be bigger, larger, and taller than ever before. This required new architectural techniques in order to fulfill the new demand of exceptional buildings. This new form of architecture of large vertical buildings with intricate detail inside and out was called Gothic architecture. The term “Gothic” architecture can be derived from the Romanesque timeline and there...
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Analytical Essay on German Youth Organizations

Art from the expressionist movement would often propose to depict context with compelling portrayals of scenes and people at the forefront of the work. The turn of the Century in Europe saw new technologies and immense urbanisation efforts, which then played homage to the individual artist’s world view. (ref 4) The modernisation of Germany resulted in less opportunities for freedom, and the 19th Century schools were being run with a military-style of discipline – more so than anywhere else within...
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Analytical Essay on Views on Art in German Society

One well known French Fauvist painter was Henri Matisse. (1869-1954) He was often regarded as the most important French painter of the 20th century, leading the fauvist movement from around 1900. (ref 15) Blue nude (1907) was an influential painting which was thought to anger many people due to the harsh, crude nature of how the nude was painted. (ref14) People were generally proposed to appreciate academic art that was smooth, soft, and delicate, quite the opposite to ‘blue nude’...
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Critical Analysis of German Expressionism

German expressionism is not distinguished by a particular style or method of creation, it is better described as a portrayal of the artists’ inner feelings and emotions. This essay explores how Expressionism as a movement emerged across various cities in Germany from approximately 1905 to 1920 and how the prominent artists of that time created a movement that would challenge societies perceptions of art in way that created a more personal experience for the artist and the viewer. (ref1) Prior...
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Causes for the German People to Follow Hitler: Analytical Essay

Throughout the history of mankind, there have been atrocities that have rocked the world and changed the way we view the world around us. In the 1930s, the world watched on as the defeated people of Germany turned to Hitler and followed him into his final solution to the ‘Jewish problem’. This solution was the extermination of all individuals of Jewish descent. However, this ‘solution’ has come to be known as the holocaust and is the worst Genocide in recorded...
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Analytical Essay on The German People: Role of Fascism and Authoritarianism

How successfully did Europe emerge from fascism and authoritarianism since 1945? Fascism has been defined as a radical form of authoritarian nationalism (Turner, 1975, p. 162). Fascism first emerged in Italy during the 1920s, followed by Germany in the 1930s and quickly spread to other neighbouring countries not long after. Fascism promoted a strong government, it is categorized as extreme nationalism, racist and militarism, it is where the government takes control over every decision and people. Fascism grew in the...
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Economic Implications of World War II

One of the deadliest and transformative events was The Second World War with 39 million of dead war on Europe alone. Large amount of facilities and infrastructure were destructed for about six years of ground battles and bombing. Many were even forced to evacuate without the assurance of where to go and how they can live. Periods of hunger became common even on the prosperous country such as Western Europe. Families were separated for a long period of years, and...
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Positive and Negative Effects of World War 2

There are not many positives in war. People die. It’s easy to get caught up in the belief that we are right and everyone else is wrong. Leaders can be convincing and this appears to have been a problem for the German people. They wanted to be told that they were superior, so they followed that lead. They lost a lot and I’m sure many of them were good people. After WW1, in Germany, many small, anti- Semitism extremist political...
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Was World War 2 Inevitable? Essay

Post-world war two was marked by a new beginning, which brought about a new era. Europe and Asia had been reduced to ruined nations. Many of the borders had taken back their expulsions, homecomings, and all the burials taking place at the time (Shoshkes 20). The concerned nations had just received a massive need to revamp themselves and let their rebuilding begin. The affected nations had to do away with all the mess the war had created and raised their...
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The Significance of Impersonal Factors in Determining the Origins of the First World War

World War I resulted from an unsettlement in the international system that began in the 1870s, when the German Empire was created after France lost the Franco-Prussian War. The power that Germany achieved was sustained through a series of alliances (whose goal was to isolate France and neutralize Russia to secure German strength [49]), and through Otto von Bismarckєs Realpolitik diplomacy. Bismarck is often pointed as a key individual in determining the origins of WWI because of the influence he...
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World War I: A Catalyst for Artistic Progress

A self-portrait tells much more than just the condition of its artist. It gives us insight into the state of the society in which they live and their relationship to the conditions of the time. In the Neue Gallerie’s exhibition “The Self Portrait from Shiele to Beckman,” displays Austrian and German self-portraits made from 1900 to 1945. Many of these works expressed the artists’ pre, mid, and post-war sentiments. We can analyze their experiences and relationships with war through setting,...
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Citizenship And Identity Laws For Germanic Groups In the Roman Empire

The concept of citizenship within the Roman Empire transforms over hundreds of years, adapting to the growth in population, as well as the further development of societal, economical, and legal constructs, and the expansion of the physical empire itself. Transformations on Roman citizenship with the means of obtaining said citizenship come about as Roman governments create treaties with Germanic groups, commonly referred to as barbarians, and they become incorporated with everyday Roman life as well as other functions within the...
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Society, Culture And History Of Germans

Many people in the United States today come from diverse ancestry groups. German is one of the most popular with over 42 million people living the United States whose ancestry can be traced back to Germany. The largest immigration of Germans came to the United States in the mid 1800s. The German people brought their customs and traditions to the United States today. When reflecting on Germany, the culture can be understood and some of the customs and traditions may...
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The Holocaust: Catastrophic Violation Of Human Rights

The Holocaust was a time when Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, prostitutes, and beggars were kicked out of their homes to be sent off to work hard labor or sent to death. German SS officers showed no remorse to the prisoners by constantly torturing them. These actions by the Germans show that they had no solicitude about Human Rights. They violated various rights such as the freedom of race, liberty, life, privacy, and freedom from torture or inhuman treatment. Therefore, the Holocaust...
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The Remembrance of the Holocaust Survivors

The Holocaust did not start with gas chambers, it started with hate-filled words. When somebody reads stories about the Holocaust it completely gives a whole new perspective, the reader can feel the pain that the survivors had, sometimes their stories can just stab the reader’s heart, But most of all the holocaust survivors went through something so, appalling, horrific, and terrorizing , at the age around 14-17. It was hard for these young children to sustain an ideal state of...
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Significant Impact of Propaganda on Conformity of Germans under the Nazi Regime: Analytical Essay

Propaganda – information posed to an audience with the intent to persuade in favour of one side of an idea, often through biased or emotionally stirring content – was one of the most powerful weapons in Hitler’s artillery during 1933-1939. As part of the Nazi regime, propaganda tailored towards the public was utilised heavily by Joseph Goebbels (Minister for Enlightenment and Propaganda) in Hitler’s campaign. Propaganda had a significant impact on the conformity of the German citizens at this time....
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