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Ethnicity And Race In Ancient Rome

Some biases about ‘blacks’ in largely ‘white’ communities. Others have biased modern apparitions of the way Aethiopes were depicted in the Roman community, ensuing in a lot of misconceptions of the pertinent texts. Apparently, both Romans and Greeks owned specific words to term ethnicity or race. Such words, for example, ethnos, genos, and natio. Mentioned words are not very different from nowadays terms for what we would call culture or society (Joshel, 2009). In Roman insights groups black Africans, white,...
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Critical Race Theory Essay

Critical race theory scrutinizes a paradox; how does racial subordination prevail despite international denunciation through state rules and norms of a moral society? (Harris, 2012, 1). This paper will argue that the main tenets of critical race theory maintain that one’s race, religion, culture, gender/sex and economic standing all intersect together to further oppress individuals (Harris, 2012, 1). Critical race theory is pivotal to the study of law and society as it establishes a framework for understanding, identifying, and advocating...
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The Stereotypes About Race And Gender In Sports

Despite the idea that neither race nor gender can make a person being inferior or dominated by others, many people still fosters traditional stereotypes relating to racism and sexism in order to create cleavages and discrimination in our world today. One of the most common areas where gender and racial stereotypes have been established is sports. Being a professional athlete is a coveted dream for many, but one with numerous barriers to entry that have hindered people based on their...
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Essay on Race as a Social Construct

“Social Constructs are real. That’s what makes them so powerful” (Trombley 2013). Society accepts and determines these social constructs. Social constructs can be non-identical based on the community and the events neighboring the time period in which they live. In my essay, I will be defining what is a social construct. I will discuss my chosen example of a social construct and what it entails. I will also define and discuss what is classification. Toward the end, I will discuss...
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Race And Gender As Social Constructs That Determine The Ordering Of Society

Throughout the centuries, human beings have been divided by their skin color, background or race in terms of their intelligence, abilities and treatment in society. Despite beliefs that genes are scientifically confirmed as the cause of human differences, there is no doubt that race and gender are social constructs that determine the “ordering” of society.(Wise, T., 2011, pp. 1). The aim of this paper is to explain how race is socially constructed and interconnected to the idea of privilege that...
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Essay on Ethnicity and Ethnic Diversity

Ethnicity was a means of categorizing human beings, that had widespread credibility and positive affirmation. From ‘ethnic’ food to ‘ethnic’ fashion the idea of ethnicity has been employed as a positive phenomenon in contemporary life but more importantly, as post-colonial nation-states have defined their distinctive identities, ethnicity has been frequently invoked as a primordial basis for nation-building (Downing, & Husband, 2005). Within established political formations, ethnic diversity has been increasingly politicized as human rights movements have, over the last four...
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Vietnamese Culture Vs Western Culture: Analytical Essay

Vietnam: Does the Domino Fall? For centuries, the world has been dominated by enduring Western influence. A particular country that has been part of the tumultuous upheaval of Western culture is Vietnam. Once an ancient civilization, stemming back to the ways of the Chinese Feudal System, Vietnam first met Western incursion in the form of French colonialism in 1887. From this point forward, the nation of Vietnam has continuously fought for the sovereignty of boundaries and rule. However, despite their...
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Studying the Themes of Fefu and Her Friends and Their Relation to a Vietnamese Wedding

Introduction Fefu and Her Friends by Maria Irene Fornes is a feminist play written and produced in 1977 and has a wide cultural impact due to the many important and well-represented themes. It is unlike Fornes to write a play without any deeper meaning and after reading A Vietnamese Wedding that point was further ingrained in my mind. A Vietnamese Wedding is not necessarily a play as much as it is a performance. It includes the audience in the performance...
3 Pages 1304 Words

Similarities between Mexican Independence and American Independence in 'Viva Zapata!' Directed by Elia Kazan

Summary The year is 1909, and the people of Mexico begin to rise up against the tyrannical regime of President Diaz. This revolution is led by Emilio Zapata. a simple peasant farmer who wants to bring justice and freedom to his people. But as time goes by he is drawn deeper into a civil war where allies and enemies are often difficult to tell apart. Section 1:Differences between Film and History Viva Zapata! follows the traditional plot where the hero...
6 Pages 2558 Words

Similarities between Mexican and American Culture

Mexican culture has its similarities and differences with American culture. Not only are there similarities and differences within the basic aspect of culture but also within the socialization aspect. My subtopic was immigration and how that affects Mexican-American people not only in their daily life but also in their long-term lives. We will dive deeper into how the basic cultures are different, current events that might be affecting Mexican Americans today, and differences that affect identity. Each culture is going...
2 Pages 847 Words

Push and Pull Factors of Mexican Immigration: Analytical Essay

Abstract For the research project, I am going to write about stereotypes towards immigrants. This topic interests me because my father is an immigrant, and experiences stereotypes as well as all descendants of immigrants. I will be talking about the effects stereotypes have on a person. Another topic I will be covering is the different types of stereotypes, and how they relate to a group of people. Meaning of stereotypes is any wide assumption used towards an individual. The assumptions...
6 Pages 2528 Words

Proud to Be Mexican: Opinion Essay

I, Rafael Leal, am Mexican American. I was born in the United States, but the blood and cultural values of my Mexican ancestors run through my veins. I feel like I am special because I don’t only just belong to just 1 culture, but two cultures. Both of my parents are 100 percent Mexican along with my extended family. I do not feel ashamed of being part of Mexican ancestry, I actually feel proud because I feel like it gives...
1 Page 626 Words

Measures Taken by Vietnamese Government towards Global Warming: Analytical Essay

Global warming is an inevitable topic since the 21st century, which is related to the well-being of hundreds of millions of people on the earth and the survival of humanity in the future. Especially in Southeast Asia, the region is largely affected by climate change. This is because Southeast Asia is located in a tropical marine area, and the national income is mainly dependent on the agricultural economy and marine economy. Climate change also leads to the problem of environmental...
5 Pages 2292 Words

Essay on the Vietnamese and Laotian Communities in the United States

Thesis: Vietnamese and Laotian refugees were able to acculturate, but socio-economic factors in the United States caused difficulties with the process of acculturation From the 1960s to the present-day United States, various Southeast Asian communities such as Vietnamese and Laotians have greatly increased in population size. With the withdrawal of American troops in the cessation of the Vietnam War, countless individuals were left with only their broken communities. In a humanitarian effort, the United States allowed Southeast Asian refugees to...
3 Pages 1577 Words

Essay on the Significance of Vietnamese Culture

Vietnam is a country that has changed rapidly in just a short amount of time. History has a lot to tell about the long, narrow country that shares its borders with China, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. After the Vietnam War, the country was restored and filled with hope. From the French colonization to the Vietnam War and even the current postwar era, these drastic changes in the social environment have led to many changes in the culture as well. These...
3 Pages 1400 Words

Essay on the Role of Women in Vietnamese Culture

Every country, each nation has its own culture, characteristics, and traditional costumes. For example, Japanese women are proud of their beautiful kimonos with silky textiles, or Indian women always impress us with their colorful silky Sari. Then, Vietnamese women, from the past to the present, always walk along in the gracefully traditional long dress called “Ao Dai”. There are many different styles of Ao Dai from the past, but to the present, Ao dai is a long flowing dress worn...
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Essay on Mexican Culture

We can find Mexican influence throughout the city of Houston due to the massive amounts of immigration from our neighboring country of Mexico. Their ideas and products have spread to the United States due to relocation diffusion. Texas has been historically influenced by Mexican culture as the region was part of Mexico until it got its independence in 1836, marking the end of the Texas Revolution. Mexican culture can be found in Roman Catholic churches, Mexican grocery stores, traditional restaurants,...
3 Pages 1353 Words

Essay on Areas of the Chinese Influence on the Vietnamese

Pre-modern Vietnam was a turbulent time marked by constant struggles of subjugation, war, and actualization. With Vietnam being such a rich area full of diverse cultures, largely due to the imperial rule by the Chinese, we see many facets of this small south-east Asian country through careful examination of the facts. The path they went along, which was similar to other developing countries, yet distinct resulted in such an interesting nation bearing striking resemblance to China in many areas. Ultimately,...
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Essay on American Dream

During the 1920s, America welcomed an economic boom that established huge economic growth within American industries as well as aided the birth of a new consumer culture. With this, America saw the growth of ideals that aided the lives of the individual and bolstered a new optimism that strengthened the idea of the American Dream as a beacon of hope within society. However, the definition of the American Dream was often refabricated in order to become compatible with the individual’s...
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Essay on African American Women Writers in 20th Century

African American women authors have become dominant forces in creating and contributing to the larger tradition after many decades of being virtually silenced by outright neglect from publishers who considered them irrelevant. As with so much literature by and about women, that silence has been broken, giving voice to the infinite complexities of African American women’s lives, including women’s role as leaders, creators of culture, mothers, and lovers, among many others. -Dickson- Carr The twentieth century has proved to be...
7 Pages 2959 Words

Essay about Mexican Revolution

The people fought through the revolution from 1910-1920, to earn their rights. The Revolution was increasingly corrupt, inflexible, and had a violent dictatorship. President Diaz oversaw the broadcast and most rapid period of economic expansion which led to mass loss of land. Porfirio Diaz (Background) Although the Mexican Revolution officially started in 1910, you have to go back a few decades to understand why the Revolution happened. During that time, former military general Porfirio Diaz was viewed by some as...
3 Pages 1245 Words

Essay about Mexican Food

There are Mexicans who believe there’s ‘real Mexican food’ and ‘fake Mexican food.’ But the idea of authenticity has driven the popularity of Mexican food among Americans for 100 years. This brought up the idea of installing American-formed ‘Mexican’ stores all around the U.S. But that does not give off a negative input necessarily. It can also provide easier access for native Mexicans in the U.S. to gather their products closer than having them imported. Now there seems to be...
4 Pages 1700 Words

Essay about Mexican Family Structure and Roles

The term “family’ can hold a varying amount of significance and meaning to each of us. Personally, the term symbolizes the strong bond that I hold within my immediate and extended family and will continue to hold for as long as possible. My father migrated to this country to present his future family with opportunities that citizens are guaranteed, and for that, I am forever grateful. What my family has taught and given me is immense and irreplaceable. The love...
3 Pages 1354 Words

Essay about Mexican Catholic Traditions

When two different viewpoints are constantly going head to head, sometimes it seems like violence is the only answer. This was certainly true about the history of Mexico, as until a compromise was finally made, the newly independent nation saw many violent battles over power, especially from the political parties of the Centralists and the Federalists, and the later independent Republic of Texas with and without the support of the United States Army. The main issues that Mexico struggled to...
2 Pages 804 Words

Analysis of How Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans

The Great Depression started on the day of October 29, 1929, when everything came crashing down. The panicking investors sold more than 16 million shares in one day and often just a penny a share. The prices of stock were driven up by Americans who doesn’t want the good time to end, and thus were pointing towards the fortune made on the stock market. Citizens with little money to spare wanted in on the action as well, so the stockbrokers...
5 Pages 2090 Words

Dark Side of the American Dream in the Stories ‘Winter Dreams’ and ‘The Swimmer’

The American Dream is depicted as an ideal, almost perfect lifestyle mostly centered around money and materialistic possessions. However, it can also be seen as a very flawed and selfish idea. This flawed image is wonderfully portrayed in the stories ‘Winter Dreams’ and ‘The Swimmer’. Both stories use different plot elements and hidden meanings to convey this flawed image of the American Dream. The American Dream is an idea that opportunity is equal for everyone in America, making it possible...
4 Pages 1593 Words

Representation of Black Women on Reality Television

Reality television beginning in the 50’s was an amusement to the American TV culture, that used hidden cameras to capture normal people’s reactions and everyday behaviors. Today’s television has dating views, ways into the music industry and even shows testing one’s survival skills. Reality television has become one of the biggest nominators in the entertainment industry, reasonings being its appealing presentation of real people and they are lifestyles. It has taken the turn of the century showing measures of falsity...
4 Pages 1738 Words

Representation of African Americans in American Films

In the earliest days of American film, African Americans were not in positions to produce a movie about black Americans’, Africa, or any subject pertaining to African American lives and culture, or any subject at all. Conversely, white Americans could produce, make, and distribute any kind of film they wanted and not constrained by their race. Producing a movie about African Americans and using little to no knowledge and often based on perceived behaviors and often with unflattering, grotesque versions...
3 Pages 1538 Words

Native American Captivity Narratives in American Literature

This paper examines the genre of Native American captivity narratives and how the narratives influence the way the Natives are perceived. Some of the early captivity narratives depict Indigenous Americans as inhuman savages, while the more recent narratives, those in which the captives choose to spend the rest of their lives with their Indian captors instead of going back to their white community, are more likely to contain a positive perception of the American Natives. Although both men and women...
3 Pages 1524 Words

Color in Two Vibrant Cultures: Contemporary Mexican and Cambodian Art

Historically, cultural traditions in Asia and South America have played a large role in artistic style and content in those respective regions. From ancient pictographs to passionate paintings depicting a region’s triumphs and losses, art records memories of millennia past. Symbols of the past can still be found in modern art. In Mexico, pieces may combine the culture of the Aztecs with Catholic symbols. Cambodian artworks might depict traditional colors and a remembrance of the pain caused by the Khmer...
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