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Essay about Korean Culture

Cultural identity can be defined by different aspects of a culture, including but not limited to, language, food, and clothing styles. I will be focusing primarily on traditional Korean cuisine, why it is interesting and how this helps other people better understand Korean culture. I chose this topic, traditional Korean food because I think that it is one of the biggest contributing factors to making up the Korean culture as a whole. I also chose this topic because I love...
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Causes of the Korean War Essay

To what extent was Stalin Responsible for the Korean War? In assessing the causes of the Korean War, it is of paramount importance to understand what Stalin and key players had to lose in Korea. The extent to which Stalin was responsible for the Korean War requires an understanding of the unique post-World War II (WWII) situation, which led to the expansion of Communism and Democracy. Since 1910 Korea was not unified under its own accord; the country had been...
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Korean-style Fashion In The Philippines

Abstract The Filipino youth were aggressively affected in the advent of the Korean craze in the Philippines. Korean Culture’s rising popularity worldwide is called Korean Wave. Outside Korea, the Korean popular culture that spread mainly by the use of mass media is now enjoying high popularity and this is how the Korean Wave occurs (Yu, 2008). The rising Korean sensation is also known as Hallyu, a Korean pronunciation of the Korean Wave defined by the Korean Tourism Organization (2004) as...
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Korean Cultural Agrarianism: Food Production Politics

‘Money is an idol. Agriculture is the place that preserves eternal sacred value since it maintains human life….” —Unknown: “A 1923 editorial quotation in the Korean magazine Kaebyok under the title of ‘The Fate of New Korea and the Status of the Peasant’ To give one of many definitions of Agrarianism, a short one is defined by Canadian Norman Wirzba as “a way of living and thinking as to protect serve and celebrate life” (Wirzba, 8). Since the Industrial...
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The Peculiarities Of Korean Air Company

Introduction The airline I have chosen is Korean Air. I have chosen Korean Air for several reasons, but the most important one is the quality of the airline. During my tenure in the military, I used Korean Air on more than one occasions, specifically during my tour in Korea. In my opinion and in customer retrospective, Korean Air presents some awesome customer service when it comes to international flights. Korean Air (KE) is the country’s largest airline. Based in Seoul,...
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Korean Pop Culture

Korean K-pop is very famous. As seventh chapter discuss about the music pop culture. The vital pop culture reviewer made a candid declaration in describing Korean K-pop that Koreans are not virtuous in imagination or creativity. According to Hung if Lee is right then the promise about rolling Korea into ‘creative economy’ by President Park Geun-hye’s can result in trouble, because Koreans creativity is not good. But apart of creativity Koreans are good in business such as in advertising, promotions,...
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A Discourse Analysis Of Pre-IPO Ownership Based On Korean Markets

Abstract I used the qualitative method of discourse analysis to identify the behavior of “insider ownership” in the Korean market. Insiders’ ownership information immediately before IPOs is collected from IPO registration statement filed. This discourse analysis discusses that Korean IPO firms are required to report about insider ownership which is linked to direct ownership in the Korean Market. Introduction Insider ownership is classified into either ‘Direct ownership,’ where controlling shareholders and their family members have only direct ownership of a...
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Symbolism Of Korean Food

Side Dishes – Kimchi and Danmuji This Korean food lately had a lot of attention from the world, which makes Korea now one of the top country that is very well known in this aspect of their food tradition. One of the food tradition is a side dish, named ‘kimchi’. The meaning of ‘kimchi’ is a spicy pickled cabbage, which mostly they eat with the main dish. Spicy pickled cabbage is the most well known as a side dishes by...
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The Relationship Between Pilot Fatigue And Social Hierarchy In The Korean Context

Introduction The debate over pilot fatigue has been continuously ongoing ever since the start of air traveling (Houston, S. 2019:1). Up until today, the problem is ceaseless as the majority of the aviation companies and international aviation organizations such as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are trying to search for a standardized solution to decrease the major risks involved with fatigue. Fatigue in aviation is a pivotal aspect as a major risk for safety and it is associated with...
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How Does Korean Pop Music Support Laura Mulvey’s Theory Of The Male Gaze?

Laura Mulvey’s ‘Male Gaze’ theory suggests the media present women through the viewpoint and interests of a heterosexual man and as a result, denies women an identity as strong as their male counterpart. The theory expresses in the media, women’s aesthetic value is only important. The Male gaze theory is present within forms of popular Korean culture, as the media portrays the traditional gender inequality upheld in East Asia. I will analyse Korean popular culture concerning the ‘Male Gaze’ theory...
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The Zenith of Asia’s Environmental Ignorance and Politics

Responsible for its own success, the most famous beach in Thailand has accumulated a growing concern of its deteriorating reefs and is set to be free of tourism for two additional years. In accordance to Songtam Suksawang, director of Thailand’s National Parks Department (NPD), Maya Bay, the stunning cove made famous by the 2000 film, The Beach, has already been shuttered for a year, and will remain closed to allow for its natural resources to regenerate. With the closing of...
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Fishing Industry Of South Korea

The fishing industry of South Korea had been fueled by their rapid economic growth of Gross Domestic Product(GDP) at a rate of 7% between the 1970s and the 2000s, while taking into account the nation’s 1997-1998 Economic Crisis[1]. In the 1960-1970’s, South Korea’s export of Fishery products peaked at approximately 17.5% of their total export value, being a key player in the nation’s total GDP. In 2001 South Korea’s fishing industry turned for the worse as their trade balance became...
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The Meaning Or Religion In Korea

Fans of Korean dramas are familiar with the many tropes that characterize that particular genre of storytelling. One of the most common involves the mother of a young woman who goes to see a shaman for help with her (typically) career-oriented daughter who just does not seem to want to find a husband. The daughter is perceived to have an abrasive and disagreeable personality and is quickly ageing out of what her mother deems “marriageable age.” The mother visits a...
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The Impact Of Suicide In South Korea Globally

As we know, suicide is a huge public health issue that affects not only the person doing it but the community and country. Suicide as we know is the act of taking your own life, and some countries experience more of their people doing it more often than other countries sadly, but why? South Korea is a good example of rising suicide rates as and the social problems that come with it within the country itself and globally. Although, South...
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How Serious Is The Suicide Problem In South Korea?

In this essay, I am going to talk about the suicide problem, which is very common and serious problem in South Korea. According to the First WHO report on suicide prevention, suicide in South Korea is the country with the third-highest estimated suicide rate for 2012 globally. The rates of suicide in South Korea increase steadily, especially with the highest rates among the elderly. Moreover, suicide also the No.1 cause of death of young people in South Korea. Besides, celebrities...
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