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Plastic Surgery Essays

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Face Recognition after Plastic Surgery Using LBP and PCA 0

Chapter 1. Introduction Though we may take for granted our brain’s ability to recognize the faces of friends, family, and acquaintances, it is actually an extraordinary gift. Designing an algorithm that can effectively scan through a series of digitized photographs or still video images of faces and detect all occurrences of a previously encountered face is a monumental task. This challenge and many others are the focus of a broad area of computer science research known as facial recognition. The...
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Causes and Effects of Plastic Surgery: Analytical Essay

Abstracts Aesthetic surgery is more and more universal all over the world in both men and women. This research paper, based on secondary research, deliberates the causes and effects of plastic surgery. Specifically, it includes internal and external factors. This paper will help us to understand the profound sources as well as the influences of cosmetic surgery on people. It also indicates some solutions for negative effects. After all, personalities and communities have to raise their awareness about aesthetic surgery....
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Cosmetic Surgery as a Way to Improve a Person's Appearance: Pros and Cons

Nowadays, physical appearance is marked as an essential part in our daily life. Men are attracted by beautiful women, women as well, are attracted by handsome, good-looking men. Therefore, many men and women are considering to make themselves look better by undergoing cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is known as a unique procedure for enhancing a person’s appearance through surgical and medical techniques. For instance, women undergo breasts enlargement while men often undergo nose jobs or face lifting. As a result,...
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To What Extent Surfing Communities Engage In Ecological Action That Respond To 21st Century Environmental Problems?

Introduction Coastal ecosystems are areas where the land and water meet creating a distinct structural and diverse environment. Unfortunately, coastal ecosystems are highly sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment, causing concern that some areas will now struggle to maintain biodiversity due to human activity, and other factors (Council 2015). One major ecosystem present along Australia’s coastline is the Great Australian Bight. The Great Australian Bight is very well-known globally due to its abundance of unique marine life and great...
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Arguments against Plastic Surgery: Argumentative Essay

When we were young we played with dolls and nowadays we play ourselves to be like dolls. We live in a society obsessed with beauty and perfection. We are taught by the culture around us that beauty means happiness, prosperity, and wellness. As children, we learn that the beautiful princess or prince lives happily ever after, while the hideous witch or ogre is doomed to meet a grisly end. These days plastic surgery is the solution to be a princess...
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Controversies in Application of Plastic Surgery

Across the world, the practice of plastic surgery has surpassed its primary function: to alleviate any prominent physical impairments, whether the result of an accident or birth deformity. Instead, plastic surgery has largely become a means to modify the appearance of an individual to their personal preference. These predilections originate from society’s dynamic definition of beauty, which is contingent on the influence of social media. However, the pervasiveness of social media greatly affects those who obsessively focus on their self-perceived...
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Corrective Medicine As A Type Of Plastic Surgery

Corrective medical procedure is a typical subject among individuals as an approach to hoist one ‘s condition of magnificence and to identify with the excellence standard that is set for both genders. In America, individuals experience restorative methods to fulfill their longing to have certain highlights that they accept to be delightful, for example, greater bosoms, littler midriffs, enlarged lips, more tightly skin, and so on. Be that as it may, this rage is nothing contrasted with South Korea. As...
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Recognition Techniques For Plastic Surgery Faces

Abstract Face recognition is one of the challenging problems which suffer from practical issues like pose, expression, and illumination changes, and/or aging. Plastic surgery is one among the issues that poses great difficulty in recognizing the faces. The literature has been reported with traditional features and classifiers for recognizing the faces after plastic surgery. In order to reduce the computational complexity of high-dimensional feature descriptor and improve the accuracy of recognition algorithm, the paper proposes Volume based SIFT (V-SIFT) for...
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The Polymer Usage In Plastic Surgery And Drug Delivery System

Introduction In recent years, polymers have been widely used for human body, especially in medical application. Not only the nature polymers but also synthetic ones play important role in medical area, and it has been found that mam-made polymers like polyesters and polyamides developed rapidly from time to time. Biomedical polymers have functions not only for making bulky materials used in tissue engineering, but also for the coating and carriers in the nano-particle size for drug release and delivery. This...
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Impact of Social Context in South Korea on Individuals' Decisions to Undertake Plastic Surgery

Introduction After the rapid development of the Korean economy in the 1950s, people who were sharply ignorant of their looks and clothing began to have enough money and time to dress themselves up. At the same time, under the influence of foreign cultures, Koreans began to pick up their own wide face, short nose and small eyes, and the appearance of almost paranoid requirements. An increasing amount of people choose cosmetic surgery to make themselves look more beautiful. As we...
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To What Extent Has Plastic Surgery For Women Become The Norm In Society

Plastic surgery has become increasingly common in society as more people are undergoing procedures to make themselves look “pleasing” to society. The statistics to prove this is that in “In the US within the last decade, permanent changes of the body for aesthetic reasons has become increasingly popular. By 1988, 2 million Americans, 87% of them female, had undergone cosmetic surgery, which is a figure that had tripled in two years (Wolf 1991:218)”. This signifies that society is pressuring women...
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Impact of Medical Photography on Plastic Surgery in Brazil

A 19th-century invention, photography today is often looked at as a way for people to take perfect pictures (blemish free) and serve as a memory of your life. However, photography has had a bigger impact than taking selfies (self-portraits) on a smartphone. What is often overlooked within photography is that it opened so many doors for the medical field, specifically with plastic surgery. The invention of photography allows surgeons the ability to see the success of the performance of their...
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Discursive Essay on Selfie Generation: On Path to Mental Disorders and Plastic Surgery

I am fat. I am really fat. Why does this girl’s face look better than mine? How many likes did she get on her last selfie? Wow. 17,649. Does she eat at all? Her cheeks look so thin. Maybe she is on a low-carb diet? Maybe she does facial exercises to slim her face? Agh, her lips are so big. She is lucky. Or maybe she used fillers? No, she definitely did not. I am just ugly. Hmm, ugly. I....
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