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Annotated Bibliography Bishop, Felicity L, et al. “When and Why Placebo-Prescribing Is Acceptable and Unacceptable: a Focus Group Study of Patients' Views.” PloS One, Public Library of Science, 9 July 2014, This source is reliable because it is the National center for biotechnology information. This is a government databank that published medical studies along with other scholarly information. This study found that the more someone believes in a placebo, the better an outcome could be and vice versa. Bishop...
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The question I asked myself before doing my research: Would having an Athlete in a specific mindset affect his/her overall performance. What I’m trying to test: I’m trying to see if having an athlete in a specific mindset will affect their performance either positively or negatively. I plan to do this by making my 12 athletes run 200 meters, I will then split them in half randomly, and give one group the positive feedback and the other group the negative...
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Research: Many ailments have specific treatments. Headaches have aspirin, nausea has Zofran, and anxiety has Xanax. These drugs work effectively to cure their various illnesses, which is not surprising, seeing as they have medical properties that help heal patients. What is surprising is the fact that a sugar pill can often produce the same results as these treatments. That’s right. A drug with no medical properties can sometimes heal a patient just as well as actual medicine. The reason for...
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Simply, a placebo can be described as an inert substance which has no medically proven healing ability or positive physiological effect yet can improve the receivers symptoms of a condition. However, the definition of a placebo has become murky in recent times as we are becoming more aware of other aspects of healthcare which seem to contribute to the overall placebo effect. Traditionally, the placebo effect was regarded as the positive effects experienced by a patient after receiving a placebo,...
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Task 1 The Health Belief Model (HBM) -The health behaviour model is classified as a psychological model which has been developed in order to provide a prediction and an explanation of the various behaviours which are health-related. In the year 1966, both Stanislav Kasl and Sidney Cobb specified that there are three main types when it comes to health-related behaviours. Firstly, that health behaviour meant a behaviour which seeks to prevent diseases - for example, maintaining a healthy diet in...
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The backbone of modern medicine’s success has long been attributed to an evidence-based paradigm; a direct point of difference when compared to the practices of homeopathy. In medicine all diagnoses and subsequent treatments are informed by a plethora of scientifically proven and reproducible studies (1). Under this paradigm, any form of treatment may be used for a given health related issue, as long as it’s mechanism of action can be explained and recapitulated scientifically. While some alternative medicines fit under...
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Humans have bias; researchers ultimately are interested in the success of their research study and patients would mostly prefer a trial drug to a placebo. Therefore, randomized controlled trials are preferable as they do better to limit to effects of this bias. The Oxford definition of causal is “connected with the relationship between two things, where one causes the other to happen” (, 2020). The concept of cause and effect can be seen in Medicine from the ancient Humourism which...
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