Essays on Medicine (57)

Importance Of Blood Donation

A lot of people ask the question ‘Why should I give blood?’ and the most appropriate response to that question is … why not? In under one hour, one person can give just a single unit of blood, which can help to save the lives...
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Blood Donation Saves Lives

A lot of people ask the question why should I give blood? The most appropriate response to that question is … why not? In under one hour, a single person can give one unit of blood that can help save multiple lives. Donating saves lives....
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Why Organ Donation Should Be Mandatory?

Organ donation is an act of pure kindness. However, it is often debated about whether it should be mandatory or not. Donating your organ is a social cause which is all together a decision of the person who is willing to donate his or her...
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Observation Of Medical Equipment Inventory Importance

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A vital part of the health-care technology management system is equipment inventory which needs to be frequently updated to provide an accurate look at the status of durable medical equipment in the hospital or clinic. The topics of importance should include original data...
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human Organ Donation

Abstract This research essay provides insight into an argumentative factor of if a mandatory opt-in and opt-out system would be beneficial when it comes to human organ donation. Through in-depth research and academic source’s, it is clear that there are multiple aspects to consider when...
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The Aspects Of The Current Rcuk Guidance In The United Kingdom

In the UK in 2018, 30,829 patients were treated during an out of hospital cardiac arrest (OOHCA), with 29.4% admitted to hospital with a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) and 9.3% surviving to discharge (Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes Registry Epidemiology Report, 2018 p.18). The current...
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The Nutrition Impact On Adults Well-being

Nutrition is “The study of nutrients and other biologically active compounds in foods and in the body,” ( Sizer et al., 2018 p.7) therefore to implement a healthy and nutritious diet one should be aware that high levels of saturated fat, refined carbohydrates and processed...
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Corrective Medicine As A Type Of Plastic Surgery

Corrective medical procedure is a typical subject among individuals as an approach to hoist one ‘s condition of magnificence and to identify with the excellence standard that is set for both genders. In America, individuals experience restorative methods to fulfill their longing to have certain...
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