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Nutritional Behavior On Adolescence

Adolescent is the transition period between childhood and the adulthood – age range from 10-19 years where child undergoes emotional, physical and social changes, nearabout 16% of the world population is made up of adolescents. (UN, 2018). Healthy dietary behavior and the lifestyle acquired during...
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Proper Nutrition in Childhood

It is vital during adolescence to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The benefits include: more energy, improve mood and creating foundation for healthy lifestyle later in life. During adolescence the human body going through many changes and is growing at a very quick pace (Hopkins Medicine,...
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Should Childhood Vaccinations Be Compulsory?

Currently childhood vaccinations are not compulsory in the UK. Yet, compared to countries like the united states of America the UK’s immunisation rates remain relatively high. However, in recent years concern over the safety of vaccinations has risen and as a result a decrease in...
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The Moral Justification for Mandatory Immunization

The issue of individual rights versus social responsibilities as a citizen has long been a hotly contested issue in American philosophical and political life. The average American citizen is brought up in an environment imbued with Libertarian and Kantian notions of natural born individual rights....
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Exploring the World of Biomedical Engineering

The guest speaker, Engineer Maureen Moral, is a graduate of Adamson University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering. She took her Master’s degree in Engineering Management at the Collegio de San Juan de Letran and is a professional electronics...
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The Peculiarities of Childhood Vaccinations

Exploring the debate on child vaccinations has been a controversy that has emerged in recent years. While most people that follow traditions support universal vaccinations because they believe that they can help fight off a variety of infectious diseases. However, others hold a different opinion...
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