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Essays on Medicine

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Why Should we Stop Food Waste? Essay

What did you eat for breakfast? Scrambled eggs? Cereal? Oatmeal? All that sounds appetizing. But did you know that many people all around the world people are faced with hunger every day? Right now, as you are reading this, a person dies of starvation every...
2 Pages 744 Words

Should Schools Serve Fast Food for Lunch

Fast food refers to food that is being cooked easily and quickly then packed and sold in the markets or restaurants. Nowadays, the most common type of food that is increased among human being is fast food .However it tastes good and will be eaten...
2 Pages 920 Words

Influences on Nutrient Intake and Food Choices

Our eating patterns are influenced by numerous contributing factors like our cultural backgrounds and our daily lifestyles. Identifying and understanding the determinants that affect our food choices can impact our diets and our food patterns drastically. There is a variety of components that affect our...
1 Page 595 Words

Impacts of Healthy Eating on Humans' Life

We live in a world where food is very easy to access. Stores and restaurants are in all towns and cities. Super markets and fast food restaurants provide unhealthy, processed foods that are quick and require little clean up. After a long work day or...
6 Pages 2523 Words

Fast Food is Killing Everyone

In, The trouble with Fries, an article written by Malcolm Gladwell, talks about how fast food is killing us. Reading through this article, Malcolm tries to show the audience through facts on how simple, delicious items like french fries are unhealthy and the health risks...
1 Page 532 Words

Fast Food Creates an Unhealthy Lifestyle

It’s really no hidden fact that fast food isn’t healthy for you but it has repercussions consuming it regularly. Most people, indeed, have really no idea what’s in their food, which makes it so harmful, or what the implications really are. Regardless of the fact...
3 Pages 1512 Words
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