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Morality is rarely clear-cut without objections or questions. The morality of animal to human organ transplant is no exception. With innumerable factors created by beneficial techniques and harmful tactics, the dispute is far from irrelevant, especially with its crucial influence on life and death. Animal organs being transplanted into humans is lifesaving; however, it is also life taking and therefore can be argued to be either moral or not. Xenotransplantation is the “process of grafting or transplanting organs or tissues...
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Mr. Ahmad had a fall at work consequently suffered from an intracerebral hemorrhage. Mr. Ahmad was declared brain-dead on his 3rd postoperative day after undergoing craniotomy surgery. Leaving his wife and 2 teenage children. His wife was informed by his doctor and transplant coordinator of the plan to remove his kidneys, heart, liver, and corneas for transplant. When Mr. Ahmad was alive, he did not discuss with his family about organ donation and they did not opt-out of the human...
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Organ transplantation is a significant technique that can prolong a person’s life, enhance the quality of life, and considerably minimize the overall healthcare costs in patients who have end-stage liver, renal, and heart disease. Distribution of limited resources has ethical, moral, and social implications. Given that some causes of end-stage diseases are preventable; the questions arise as to whether the finite resources should be awarded to individuals who could have prevented their disease. While appealing to personal responsibility to prioritize...
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1. Abstract 1.1 Situation of organ transplant According to World Health Organization, there are as high as 100,800 solid organ transplants performed around the world annually, in which the highest percentage was found as kidney transplantations. However, it was observed in the past three decades that patients who have had a kidney transplant suffer dramatically from nephrotoxicity created by the immunosuppressive drugs that are essential for their treatment. Traditional immunosuppressive drugs have been studied under the microscope and scientists are...
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Artificial Organs The scientific technology that I have chosen to research is artificial organs, the reason that I find this particular technology interesting is that I find it fascinating that scientific research and development has come so far that we are now able to replace our organs which are needed for the human body to survive, with artificial matter and it can still work perfectly. Five important aspects of artificial organs are: They can be produced 2 ways - either...
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Organ donation is a new issue for Islamic jurisprudence. There are no clear provisions regarding this topic in the Quran or hadiths. However, the religion of Islam, which is universal and offers solutions to all problems that exist until the doomsday, will certainly have a solution in this regard. Therefore, Islamic scholars have made great efforts to clarify the issue, especially by using the analogy method[footnoteRef:1]. Although there are differences of opinion among scholars, this essay will focus more on...
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Caden is an 11-years old child that should be just learning and enjoying life, but because he was born with a severe form of heart disease he needed a heart transplant. By the time he was getting sicker so an artificial heart was a bridge to get him a heart transplant but after two weeks Caden died. To avoid this dramatic situation, it was only necessary to know how to encourage organ donation. Organ transplant, determined as the transference of...
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The global human organ shortage, mainly kidney, has led to illegal and unregulated organ markets. According to World Organization health, about 5 to 10 percent of all kidneys transplanted per year are obtained in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. Therefore, the world faces double tragedy; first, very many patients who die waiting for an organ transplant due to their shortage. Secondly, violation of human rights in which corrupt mediators and brokers deceive indigent organ donors about the nature...
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Infertility is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in modern society. 15% of the population at the reproductive age are infertile and 3-5% of them are infertile due to uterine dysfunction. Whether the dysfunction is caused by past hysterectomies due to illnesses like uterine cancer, being born without a uterus, or uterine hyperplasia, the uterus is either non-existent or not viable for pregnancy. Although there are other ways to have children such as surrogacy or adoption, these options do not work for...
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Introduction Attention grabber: Imagine being able to save lives, contribute to the advancement of technology, medicine, and science, and help reduce your carbon footprint with just one decision. One decision that can make a lasting and worthwhile impact on the world after you are gone. One decision that is free. Your decision to become an organ donor can make a difference in as many as 50 lives. There are approximately 116,000 people on the transplant waiting list. Every day 18...
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Since organ donation is a topic that generates lots of emotional responses, the writer has made the right use of pathos by appealing to the emotions of his readers. He claims that there are 20,000 most effective kidneys available for patients on waiting lists which are as long as 80,000 patients. (343) The creator points out the truth that because organ sale is unlawful, a large number of organs are made unusable. He brings out the reality that numerous thousand...
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