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The Importance of Promoting Organ Donation

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Caden is an 11-years old child that should be just learning and enjoying life, but because he was born with a severe form of heart disease he needed a heart transplant. By the time he was getting sicker so an artificial heart was a bridge to get him a heart transplant but after two weeks Caden died. To avoid this dramatic situation, it was only necessary to know how to encourage organ donation. Organ transplant, determined as the transference of living tissue or organ to an injured or ill person to renew health or reduce disability, this concept gave a new dream to a feeble patient hence improving quality of life and reducing morbidity and mortality. Today, most organ transplants are relatively safe procedures, no longer considered as experiments, but considered as treatment options for thousands of patients with medical indications.

Organs can be transplanted from a living donor or departed donor. Examples of organs transplanted from living donors are livers and kidneys This is achievable because the liver is able of restoration and human individuals are two kidneys and have one ‘extra’ kidney to donate also been lung transplantation from a living donor, but this is still very rare. For these kinds of procedures, a patient in need of seeking a willing relative or friend as a donor. If the donor was agreed, the surgical procedure would advance without suspension. Still, a small number of living transplants are from philanthropic people giving for a valid purpose. On the other hand, a patient who needs a heart transplant, double lung transplantation, a pancreatic transplant or a cornea transplant would need to receive the organ from a deceased donor or from people who are brain dead but on mechanical/organ-perfusion life support 5-7. Even though people who are brain dead are technically dead, their body and organs would still be working, hence proper for organ donation. However, some organs degenerate immediately after the body expires, therefore causing them to be unsuitable for transplant.

Organ transplant has been honored as one of the largest accomplishments of modernized operations. However, complications and debates associated with this procedure. Among the issues that were proposed are; who gets priority? Will priority be based on the severity of a person’s illness or his age or other factors? Will money, social status governmental contacts guide this decision? Having a collection of guidelines by the National Transplant Committee solved this problem. The role of the committee was to ensure that all Transplant Specialists adhere to this set of guidelines. There are many judgments why specific societies are less expected to agree to organ donations. Among these reasons, both cultural and religious issues represent an essential part of persuading the citizens about organ transplantation.

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Many social issues need to be considered when advancing the organ transplant community. Some of these issues are misconceptions that require to be approached individually .

The initial misconception that necessitates being adjusted is the thought that the body of the donor would be mutilated and treated carelessly. Organ donation does not deform the body or alter the way it looks the next misconception that even if the person wanted to donate a particular organ, that other organs would also be taken. This concern can be corrected by notifying the patient that only the organs defined for donation will be exerted from the body. The third misconception that if the person committed an accident, the surgeon would not save his life if they knew that he was a donor. This point is completely wrong as the doctors at the accident unit are different from those in the transplant team. The organ procurement team would only be announced after all lifesaving efforts had failed and after death had been determined, and after the agreement to organ donation. A fourth misconception is that a person’s religion does not support the contribution. Commonly, all organized religions advocate organ donation as it is typically considered a noble performance. The fifth misconception stated was the person right age for donation. It was announced that age does not form a barrier for organ donation, as organs can be donated from someone as young as a newborn. However, transplant teams usually estimate the age border for tissue donation as 70 years old.

Encouraging organ donation through organizations that demonstrate about the waiting list and how to manage it through endless ways, by sharing stories about donors and recipients and how a new day was given to people that were about to fade. Second by establishing up awareness presentation at a local school or place of worship. Other ways for boosting donation by using organ cards and including the government and public hospital to acquire free payment. But the most part is the celebrity engagement is playing an important part nowadays because of the huge amount of supporters that they have since they witness them as idols and if a popular person donates many people will do so.

Organ transplant is a safe procedure that grants new hope and life to thousands of people. When dealing with this problem, it should not be ignored that this is a determination of life and death, where a choice is performed on who remains, and who fades and why. This discussion is also witnessing real people who are experiencing, and the choices that are made must be based on good values and proper mentality acquire the process less painful. Both the community and physicians should, therefore, plan organ transplant positively and justly and treat ethical, social and religious concerns as variable perspectives and not as barriers to organ transplant.

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