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Argumentative Essay: Should Organ Donation Be Compulsory

Recently, the English organ donation law has changed to an opt-out system on 20th May 2020. This means that all adults are automatically presumed to consent to be a registered organ donor unless they choose to state otherwise, and they do not wish to donate. However, there are excluded groups, where the opt out system does not apply to them. These groups include those under the age of 18 and people who do not have the intellectual capacity to understand...
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Organ Donation and Its Harmful Effects in the Society: Discursive Essay

The process in which the person gives own body organs to another individual voluntarily is called organ addition, consent was taken from the donor and recipient legally and the procedure was done under medical supervision. Revolution occurs in medical science and has considerable significance in the field. (Essay) Transplantation of the organs is a useful intervention for the failure of the organs. Literature showed that well-educated individuals have enough awareness and optimism about organ donation. The result showed that...
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Organ Donation Opt Out System: For And Against

Organ donation is a process when one organ is surgically removed from one person into another. Organ transplants can be needed for many reasons such as the recipient’s organ has failed or been damaged due to an illness or an injury. In the news today we hear about a system known as the “opt out”. This means every living person will become a donor unless it is explicitly recorded that they have opted out for some valid reason. Studies have...
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Organ Donation: Types, Misconceptions And Benefits

The death of a person waiting for a transplant could be avoided if only, more people were aware of organ donation. There are several types of organ and tissue donation, these are divided into a living donation and deceased donation. Organ donation offers many benefits to society. However, even though organ donation is encouraged many people still have misconceptions and doubts about the procedure. Reading this report will allow you to identify all the benefits, types, misconceptions of organ donations...
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Organ Donation and Racial Disparity: Analytical Essay

To live day by day is a blessing in itself. To go by worry free about your health is a luxury many take for granted, including myself. I never think about whether my lungs are okay, can my bones take another backpacking trip; will my heart give out on me if I try to run another mile. For me these are things I push to the back of my mind, and am extremely grateful for, but for others, those thoughts...
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human Organ Donation

Abstract This research essay provides insight into an argumentative factor of if a mandatory opt-in and opt-out system would be beneficial when it comes to human organ donation. Through in-depth research and academic source’s, it is clear that there are multiple aspects to consider when it comes to the organ donation system. These aspects will be discussed throughout this research paper which, include the increase in demand for organs, the next of kin and families role in the process of...
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Mandatory Organ Donation: Argumentative Essay

Michael Sandel introduces to readers in the beginning of his book: “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?” that there are three approaches in thinking about justice in order to gear America towards a politics of the common good. The first of which is maximizing welfare. He compares the idea of maximizing welfare to a utilitarian way of thought by indicating that utilitarians answer questions challenging justice by making sure happiness is maximized overall. To explain his perspective on maximizing...
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The Shortage of Organ Donors in Hong Kong: Analytical Essay

1. Background Hong Kong organ transplants are the same as in other countries and regions, with thousands of people waiting every day for organ transplants. Living death and donation of the body are the main ways of organ donation. Unlike other countries and regions, there is a lack of voluntary living donations in Hong Kong, so body donation is currently the main method of organ transplantation in Hong Kong. As the social care level improves, organ transplantation can extend the...
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Overview of Organ Donation System: Opinion Essay

Today, I am going to talk about why I think that every country should adopt the opt out organ donation system. I am going to talk 4 different parts to this topic. Firstly, I am going to describe the difference an opt in and opt out system. An opt out system is when organ donation will happen automatically at death unless a specific request is made for this not to occur. Some countries which follow the opt out systems include...
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The Importance of Promoting Organ Donation

Caden is an 11-years old child that should be just learning and enjoying life, but because he was born with a severe form of heart disease he needed a heart transplant. By the time he was getting sicker so an artificial heart was a bridge to get him a heart transplant but after two weeks Caden died. To avoid this dramatic situation, it was only necessary to know how to encourage organ donation. Organ transplant, determined as the transference of...
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Ethical Issues of Human Organ Transplant on the Example of Mr.Ahmad's Accident

Mr. Ahmad had a fall at work consequently suffered from an intracerebral hemorrhage. Mr. Ahmad was declared brain-dead on his 3rd postoperative day after undergoing craniotomy surgery. Leaving his wife and 2 teenage children. His wife was informed by his doctor and transplant coordinator of the plan to remove his kidneys, heart, liver, and corneas for transplant. When Mr. Ahmad was alive, he did not discuss with his family about organ donation and they did not opt-out of the human...
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Keys Ethical Issues in Organ Transplantation

The global human organ shortage, mainly kidney, has led to illegal and unregulated organ markets. According to World Organization health, about 5 to 10 percent of all kidneys transplanted per year are obtained in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. Therefore, the world faces double tragedy; first, very many patients who die waiting for an organ transplant due to their shortage. Secondly, violation of human rights in which corrupt mediators and brokers deceive indigent organ donors about the nature...
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Why Organ Donation Should Be Mandatory?

Organ donation is an act of pure kindness. However, it is often debated about whether it should be mandatory or not. Donating your organ is a social cause which is all together a decision of the person who is willing to donate his or her organ. Saving lives is the noblest thing a person can do, and an organ donor can save the lives of approximately eight people so it is a cause without harm and help for others. It...
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Debates over Organ Donations: Analytical Essay

Organ Donations Should Be Mandatory Or Not? The debate over the factor that should organ donation be mandatory or not is never ending. Anyone who wishes to donate his or her organ has a social cause and a heart toward kindness. It should always be done with integrity and in a hope to save someone’s life and more so, many families. A person who decides to donate their organ after death is saving approximately eight lives which is a privilege...
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The Attitude Of Higher Education Students To Compulsory Organ Donation

Introduction The notion behind organ transplantation is rather simple, remove a healthy organ from a donor, place that organ into a recipient via surgery, connect important tissues, valves and allow the recipient another chance at life (Brezina, 2010). However, it is not that simple in reality, thousands of people wait years at a chance of a new life, while the number of people willing to donate remains stagnant (Brezina, 2010). The task of organ donation is difficult, but with the...
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Harmful Effects of Organ Donation: Opinion Essay

Donation of organs and their harmful effects on the society The process in which the person gives their own body organs to another individual voluntarily is called organ addition, consent was taken from the donor and recipient legally and the procedure done under medical supervision. Revolution occurs in medical science and has considerable significance in the field. (Essay) Transplantation of the organs is a useful intervention for the failure of the organs. Literature showed that well-educated individuals have enough...
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Case Study on Advantages of Organ Donation

Mostly people do not like to even think about the donation of their organs. Maybe It makes them feel extremely uncomfortable. We can take away this discomfort by getting people to concentrate on the advantages of organ donation. Would prefer to provide them with real stories of people whose lives were saved because of organ donation. By demonstrating number of people’s lives can be saved, is sometimes the most effective way to convince someone. Giving them a large list of...
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Ethical Principles Of Organ Donation

In 1954, the first successful transplant in a human was performed (Prabhu, 2019). It was a kidney that was given from one twin to another (Prabhu, 2019). Since then, technology has branched to include lots of different procedures. With the advancement of technology comes the question of what is ethical and what is unethical. One of those debates is centered around whether organ donation should be an opt in system or an opt out system. In an opt out system,...
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The Online Organ Donation Management System: Analytical Essay

The Online Organ Donation Management System (OODMS) is developed mainly for general hospitals (GH), clinics and other health centers to manage the donor registration and user maintenance. The public can retrieve information about organ donation in this web site. People who interested can register themselves through this system. The application will be processed by the administrator and each donor will receive feedback about their application status. Furthermore, the authorized user’s account will be maintained by the administrator. The donor record...
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