Case Study on Advantages of Organ Donation

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Mostly people do not like to even think about the donation of their organs. Maybe It makes them feel extremely uncomfortable. We can take away this discomfort by getting people to concentrate on the advantages of organ donation. Would prefer to provide them with real stories of people whose lives were saved because of organ donation. By demonstrating number of people’s lives can be saved, is sometimes the most effective way to convince someone.

Giving them a large list of examples of how organ donations have saved someone's life or enhanced the quality of someone's life is the best way to doing this. They may change their mind after they witness the positive outcomes and the significant difference it can make. Find instances of children who have benefitted from organ donations if you want to be convincing or persuasive, and I am just saying this from the perspective of your objective of being more persuasive. It has a powerful influence.

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Moreover, not sure if persuading someone to give their organs is the right thing to do. Because organ donation is such a private matter. People have a variety of reasons for deciding whether to donate their organs, so this might be a sticky issue for them. Religious views might sometimes prevent someone from donating an organ. However, it is admirable that organ donation is so essential to you. Every year, organ donation saves hundreds of lives.

Another method we can try to persuade someone to donate, I would like to tell them about what you know about organ donation. Individuals are not required to give their complete bodies. They have complete control over what they donate. By sharing your understanding of organ donation, you are assisting in their education, and they will be able to make their own decision.

Persuading someone to give their organs is a complicated process. What happens to a person's body after they die is entirely up to them, because some people may be motivated by religious beliefs, you must be extremely careful in your approach. Furthermore, by education of organ donation the number of lives that a single individual may save.

According to the website, one person's organ donation can save the lives of eight individuals. Children, single parents, or even relatives might be among the eight persons. It is incredible how much of an influence one person can have on eight lives. meeting with someone who has been saved by an organ donor would be quite motivating. Would be persuaded by seeing people's thankfulness and joy in life.

For example, days before his death, legendary Walter Payton filmed a series of public service advertisements encouraging people to become organ donors. It was especially heartbreaking because he was suffering from a rare liver condition. Organ donation in Illinois increased significantly after these PSAs were taped.

By donating tissues and eyes, the donor can improve up to fifty lives. So, I would like to say people should take a pledge to donate their organs. People should not believe in religious myths about organ donation. As we know after death our body organs will decompose into the soil and it will get waste. Instead of wasting our organs into earth, we should donate and save lives. People respects the donors.

Barriers: Researchers at the University of Geneva studied shows many social and psychological reasons why people choose not to donate organs, either by not registering as an organ donor during their lives or by refusing to donate the organs of their relatives, in a recent literature study. Mistrust in the medical community and a lack of understanding regarding brain death are consider as important hurdles to donation. For instance, demonstrates the scenario concerning brain death and patient hearts is still beating, most of the people denied donating their organs if their loved one’s heart is still beating. But the heart may be able to save someone’s life.

Many individuals believe that if a doctor is aware that you are a registered donor, they will not try everything possible to preserve your life,” says Brian Quick, an associate professor of communication at the University of Illinois. This actually really true many people have this assumption that doctors will not take proper care for themselves or their loved ones which is absolutely not the truth.

Besides this religious is another one of the most common factors which prevent most of the people from organ donating. The majority of people are unaware of their religious group's organ and tissue donation philosophy or viewpoint. As a result, the decision maker frequently seeks advice from a religious leader. In most of the religion’s organ donation is considered as really good thing to for mankind. Every religion wants the betterment of the society and by donating organs to other and saving lives is always considered as good work.

But people with falls beliefs are the one who take religion as an excuse for not participating in organ donation. Some people really don’t have complete knowledge about their own religion, and they always try to follow their own religious leader may sometime lead them to wrong path. While most of the religions consider organ donation act of kindness and love, research has revealed that Catholics are less likely to give than other religious groups. This appears to be attributable to a belief in the afterlife and desire to keep one's body in good shape.

Moreover, there are so many people those feel uncomfortable or unwilling to talk about death or even about the fact that the eventually everyone has to die. They avoid the making plan about their death which apparently led to less chances of organ donation as they don’t want to think about it eventually they never sign up for donation.

There could be so many reasons to avoid the organ donation but the fact that the organ donation is the biggest charity for the mankind, and nothing can be considered as more selfless act than this. It actually gives someone second chance of living, your organ donation can change lives of many and can bring happiness in lives of so many families.

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