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Analytical Essay on Diagnosing Anxiety Disorder

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According to American Association, anxiety disorder can be explained as a reaction towards tension which could occur and sometimes do bring benefit in certain situations. It helps us to realise its danger and push us to be in a ready mode and focus on the coming danger. This disorder is not the same as the actual feeling which will lead to nervousness or anxiousness and thus will increase the feelings of being scared or fearful. Anxiety disorders are the greatest mental disorders which could reoccur with grown-ups at some point of their life. It is acknowledging anxiety disorder correspond to muscular tension and preventive behaviour. Anxiety disorder need to be looked into in depth for it does prevents a person to live a normal life. There are certain questionable facts of the strength and weakness diagnosis referring DSM5 for the aspect of anxiety disorder.

After browsing through, there are a few strengths found in DSM 5 which is used in diagnosing anxiety disorder gearing greatly towards usage of neuroscience and therapeutics which further emphasized on grouping of different kind of anxiety disorders. Now it provides greater emphasis on modern scientific method in helping to overcome these disorders. It has been improvised by using electronic information that will help us to understand better the characteristics of each and every one who are going through the stages of anxiety disorders. In directly it helps to see significant changes referring to the problem mentioned for a length of time. It shows detailed behaviour symptoms, cognitive symptoms and physical symptoms of each disorders related to anxiety. Next, usage of developmental direction for the group of this disorders are done according to all different ages for a six months’ period. Each disorder related to anxiety is dealt with comprehensively which touches on the features and symptoms which is needed for evaluation to give further information about the number of people going through this problem at the same time knowing what are the dangers connected with this disorder. This disorder also includes phobia for example specific phobia, panic attacks and social anxiety. The division of anxiety disorder has been changed allowing it to represent and so as to look out of any other anxiety symptoms starting during the younger stage to adulthood stage. DSM5 gives a bit more explanation about the danger, prognostic reasons and biological facts linked to anxiety disorder.

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Moreover, new information in DSM5 contains greater focus on ways to reduce the anxiety depending which level the anxiety has cause the person having more suicide risk due to the longer period of sickness. This accurate treatment by monitoring the responds towards the therapy given to the person helps in overcoming anxiety disorder. DSM5 has provided useful knowledge in comprehending the actual cause for the different types of anxiety disorder.

Besides the strength of DSM5, there are also some traces of weakness found in it. The criteria of someone undergoing anxiety disorder stated by DSM5 should show high level of distress and it does not show that the person is undergoing mental disorder unless it is causing them problems in carrying out their routine work every day. It is argued not everyone who experiences anxiety disorder would produce the same symptoms of anxiety such as having panic attack. It should also take into account the symptoms for young children and adult maybe different. DSM5 does not emphasis much on different culture as every culture describes anxiety attack differently and diagnostic process must be included especially for young children and their care givers. Comparing DSM4 and DSM5, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) symptoms and observation has been reduced significantly. In DSM4 a person needs to show at least three out of six symptoms such as not feeling at ease, fearful and always fidgeting for minimum of three months compared to the changes in DSM5 where a person needs to show only just one out of four symptoms for the duration of only one month. The number of symptoms and the length of observation has been reduced in DSM5 which sometimes does not give an actual picture whether the person is really going through GAD. This may lead to assuming someone who is always worried is having GAD and will be given unnecessary treatment.

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