Analytical Overview of Anxiety Disorders: Descriptive Essay

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Experiencing anxiety is a part of every human's life, people have anxiety about their everyday fears and there's nothing wrong with that. However, there are many cases that occur every day where anxiety disorders are more intense. Individuals with anxiety disorder often tend to fear and shy from everyday interactions. Patients with an anxiety disorder are characterized by the feelings of panic and anxiety that causes them to lose control over their own mind. A lot can play into the reason why people have an anxiety disorder. Specific phobias, stress buildup, and trauma are all ways people can develop anxiety disorders. “A new systematic review of 65 studies from around the world involves a total of 97,333 health care workers and finds that 1 in 5 have experienced depression, anxiety, and/or PTSD during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic” Yufei Li, 2010. The ongoing pandemic that has swept America by storm and has posed a challenge for nurses who continue to provide help for these COVID patients, with many that fear for their own life.

There are different types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and PTSD. All are cases that are categorized in the same group of mental illnesses. One of the most common anxiety disorders is PTSD, which for short stands for, “ Post-traumatic stress disorder”. This disorder occurs mostly with war veterans and is one primary cause of suicides in America. The risk of suicide is elevated for those suffering from these different types of anxiety disorders. The reason for this is because individuals with anxiety disorders experience depression more than the average person, this interferes with everyday activities leading to an impaired life. “Many studies have demonstrated the efficacy of exposure therapy in the treatment of chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Despite the convincing outcome literature, a concern that this treatment may exacerbate symptoms. (Hembree, 2003)” Symptoms of an anxiety disorder include sleep loss, depression, and nausea. Risk factors of this disorder could include drug abuse, mental illnesses, and even suicide. Researchers find that anxiety disorder can be both inherited and or caused by an environmental situation. An example of an environmental situation where an individual has developed anxiety disorder would be like a person who had a traumatizing childhood and shows traits of extreme anxiety. In many cases, exposure to negative experiences in early childhood is the cause of this disorder.

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Therapies and treatments that are used to help treat people with an anxiety disorder are mainly put through psychotherapy and different types of medication prescribed by a doctor. Psychotherapy is used to help talk to people about their anxieties, other treatments include prescribed medications like antidepressants which are used to treat depression symptoms found in people with anxiety disorders. Another way people with anxiety disorders could benefit is by joining a support group. Talking with a group of individuals about your problems and hearing about theirs is an efficient way to open up and could help with people that suffer from this type of disorder. Another way to treat anxiety disorder could be as simple as exercising at the gym, this is a good stress management technique and is suggested by researchers.

Anxiety is a common human trait and is normal. While anxiety is common, there are millions of people who suffer from extreme anxiety. When this happens an individual's ability to function properly on an everyday basis is affected. Researchers and doctors continue to work on finding ways to treat this disorder so that they can bring hope and relief to the ones who are affected by this disorder.

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