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Are Studying at UK Universities Worth What We Pay?

University education is an important part of becoming a successful adult, it is a vital component of human development throughout the world. It offers not only the required high-level skills for each field, but also the essential education for educators, doctors, nurses, civil servants, technicians, humanists, businessmen, researchers, social scientists, and a multitude of other personnel. It is these trained people who develop the capacities and analytical skills which drive local economies, promote civil society, teach children, lead successful governments,...
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United Kingdom: Cultural Features and Rules of Negotiation

The United Kingdom has a low power distance and uncertainty avoidance score, a high individualism and masculinity score. Decision making in the United Kingdom is centralized and safety is mandatory by law. Group rewards in the United Kingdom improve teamwork and individual are important that you acknowledge who goes the extra mile. Informal relationships in the United Kingdom are what make the organization work well. There are many cultural highlights that take place in the United Kingdom. The communication style...
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Social Mobility in the United Kingdom as a Serious Issue

Social mobility is critical for a healthy society and a good state of mental well-being. Equal access to education and skilled employment is vital to boost families’ movement from any community within a society’s social strata and raise the living standard. Since 1980 economic mobility has slowed in Great Britain, and currently, the nation ranks near the bottom among OECD countries for income mobility (Owens et al., 2017). Continued reduction in job opportunities and the high unemployment rate among migrants...
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Contribution of SMEs to the UK Economy in Terms of Employment

SME stands for small or medium sized enterprises. Munro D. (2013) touches upon the distinctive requirements a company needs to be defined as one, for example, a company can only be categorized as an SME in the UK if the amount of staff working for them is below 250, and the total amount received from the Statement of Financial Position (SOFP) is less than or equal to £34 million (The FSE Group, 2018). SMEs are looked at as a key...
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Existing School Dairy Milk Scheme and Proposed Plant-Based Alternatives in the UK

As a part of the UK School Food Plan, around £7 million of taxpayer’s money is spent annually on providing children age 5 and under access to free dairy milk in school. Dairy milk has often been cited as a critical component to a child’s healthy diet, and this program directly supports the UK dairy industry. In 2019, a coalition of national health and nutrition organizations published the ‘Healthy Beverage Consumption in Early Childhood’ statement, supporting the claim that dairy...
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Discursive Essay: Is the Current Law of Hate Speech Sufficient in the UK

In the UK, is the current law of hate speech sufficient?Current Law of hate speech is sufficient because it intrudes with the freedom of speech. I will further discuss why the current hate speech laws doesn’t need amendments.Current law for hate speech in the UK is the Public Order Act 1986 in which section the section 18 Part 3 of the act states that:A person who uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or displays any written material which...
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Legal Protection of Civil Liberties in the United Kingdom

The European convention of human rights is a product of the council for European an international organization on human rights (consisting of 47 member states). The primary purpose of the council was to foster human rights around the world and the secondary purpose was to protect the rule of law. In order to insure the effective application of ECHR it also formed the European court of human rights are dealing with the breaches of rights granted under ECHR. The UK...
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Analytical Essay on Key Areas of ADHD and Review of Relevant Policies in the UK

Introduction: For my SEN module, I will be discussing and analysing ADHD aimed towards children in both primary and secondary schools in London, United Kingdom. I have chosen to produce a resource for children who are diagnosed with ADHD and this resource will be used towards reducing the hyperactivity and help children calm down and refocus. This resource will also help teachers deal with children with ADHD. I will follow up by discussing a short literature review on ADHD for...
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British Imperial Policy

The late 19th century marked a new wave of global competition. Although the British empire still enjoyed its global dominance with extensive colonial control, its colonies in the New World gradually gained self-governance from the central government and experienced rapid economic development. Meanwhile, emerging industrial countries, especially Germany and United States, created arising threats and challenged the global dominant status. The emerging international conflicts mark the eve of worldly wars. Under such context, the British empire’s voluntary grant of self-governance...
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British Monarchy Essay

To what extent is the Monarchy still relevant and influential in contemporary British society? Over time, we have seen changes in the cultural, sociolinguistic and even political fields. Regarding this latter, that the perception we now have of a liberal and democratic society is much different from the one we used to have more than 150 years ago cannot be denied (Tyrrill, 2018). However, as Tyrrill (2018) suggests, a novelist, broadcaster and commentator on royal affairs, the perception of the...
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Explanation of the Rationale behind Austerity Programs and Their Success in Greece and the UK

‘Growth in a Time of Debt’ is the name of the working paper that Carmen M. Reinhart together with Kenneth S. Rogoff published in May of 2010. Back in 2010 it is important to notice that the governments of the USA and Europe, were pursuing Keynesian programs that had been launched after the financial crisis that took place on 2008. Keynesians believe that aggregate demand does not necessarily equal the productive capacity of the economy. Instead, it is influenced by...
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