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Introduction Athens and Sparta were one of the most important city-states of Ancient Greece. Although, they were close on the map, they had different values and different lifestyle (York, Smart and Richards, n.d.). However, they also had few similarities and one can be seen in their form of government. In fact, both Athens and Sparta had an assembly which was elected by the people (York, Smart and Richards, n.d.). Another similarity is that both these city-states had slaves, and even...
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The arguably greatest advancement of Athens was democracy. As you know democracy is what is used today in many western nations such as the US, UK, Spain, etc. Athens however did not invent the democracy, they use, they invented direct democracy. Direct democracy is when all decisions in government are voted upon by the people, unlike what is used today. Today nations use representative democracy which Rome invented. It’s what is used today when people are elected to make decisions...
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In the 3000 BC, the first people settled in Cecropia, which is now known as the capital of Greece, Athens. People settled in Athens due to many reasons one of them being the location. Athens was also located in a high spot which benefited them in all their wars. The location benefited them as during the time (3000 BC) they were still going through the neolithic age which meant more wars and having the high ground made it easier to...
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The Assembly and the law courts were democratic institutions. These institutions were political and contributed to the empowerment and betterment of the Athenian state. This essay will discuss how the law courts were the most important democratic institution in Athens through its executive role. By exploring how the Assembly and the law courts operated as independent institutions and how the Assembly by the 4th century BC was incredibly governed by the law courts. In addition, the weaknesses of the Assembly...
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In global politics, mentioning of the Athenian democracy and American democracy is common. Interestingly, the world’s first democracy developed in Athens at a time when it was growing imperial. However, major differences and similarities occur between the Athenian democracy and American democracy. For instance, a ‘lot chose a leader in Athens’ while a leader in the US is elected (Athenian democracy 1). The major similarity between the two is that the legislative branch passes the law. However, the following discussion...
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Ancient Athens created democracy to a larger amount than some other state before modern-day times. We can call the ancient Athens as the main cultural innovator of its age. Ancient Athens is appropriately honored for its political and cultural accomplishments. Ancient Athens is well known for its direct majority rule government (democracy) and for its cultural transformation that served to establish framework for the literatures and arts of the ancient and current worlds. By the 450s the population had developed...
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In the United States and other parts of the world, we have the right to vote for people we believe in and it's our responsibility. Being apart of a process where your options count is the definition to a political system known as democracy. Back in ancient times, the world was mainly ruled by tyrants and kings. It's clear how different the idea of democracy actually is. But where did democracy originated? In this essay, I will talk about the...
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