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Australia and Its Exotic Species Introductions

Australia is one of the most diverse and species-rich places on the planet. They have just about every type of habitat you can think of across the continent. It consists of, “About 85 per cent of flowering plants, 84 per cent of mammals, more than 45 per cent of birds, and 89 per cent of inshore, freshwater fish are unique to Australia” ( On the other hand, since 1770 more than 3,000 non-native species are known to have been introduced...
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Invasive Species in Alaska – An Essay

Susan Bradford is a Hoonah student passionate about protecting her home in the Tongass through education and action on invasive species. As a 2021 Hoonah Alaskan Youth Stewards (AYS) crew member, Susan was taught how to safely remove invasive Oxeye Daisies from infected areas around town. Later in the season Susan and her fellow crew were invited to Tidelines Institute to teach college students some of the skills AYS learned to keep their community and the Tongass healthy in safe....
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Invasive Species – Causes and Effects

From Giant Hogweed to feral cats Invasive species need to be stopped. Defining the Impact/Activity: Invasive species are species that have been introduced to an ecosystem that affect the habitats and bioregions they invade economically, ecologically, socially, and culturally in a negative manner. This paper will describe the intentional and non-intentional causes, ecological, social, cultural, and economic impacts, the solutions, and the ways to prevent invasive species. Causes- Unintentional: Many invasive species were introduced into other ecosystems when the industrial...
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Managing Invasive Species Through Human Evolution and Dominion

Modern man has built an empire. As a species, humans have made it to every continent, every ocean, and even space. The species did not begin this way; in fact, all modern humans can be traced to Homo erectus, a species that originated in Africa roughly 1.7 million years ago (Ayala 1995). Slowly making their way out of Africa, H. erectus introduced themselves to new environments, where they dominated the native species. 1.3 million years after migrating out of the...
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Amazon Rainforest: Keystone, Invasive, Endangered Species

A biome selected to describe is a tropical rainforest biome and an ecosystem chosen is the Amazon rainforest. This rainforest is among the largest in the world, having a wide variety of species. In this essay, the example of a keystone species, the Brazil nut tree, found in the biome and ecosystem will be provided. The author will also describe an invasive species, the golden mussel, in the ecosystem and its negative impacts. Finally, jaguar as an endangered species in...
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The Problem of Invasive Species in America

In America, we have a growing issue of feral hogs, and they are becoming very destructive. Hogs are not native to America and are considered an invasive species also known as an alien species. Invasive species are a major problem that must be understood and controlled. Invasive species, as defined by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), are organisms that cause ecological or economic harm in a new environment where it is not native. Alien species affect native species...
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The Difference of Species Richness Between Trailside and Cattail-Dominant Habitats

In this experiment, it is determined that the correlation between species richness and soil moisture abiotic variable is present. The results support the prediction and hypotheses that there is a difference in species richness between the two habitats due to soil moisture and it is assumed that there would be a greater number of species richness in Trailside than Cattail-Dominant habitat. In Trailside habitat, the species richness were small plants and weeds but in Cattail-Dominated the species richness was taller...
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How Invasive Species Affect The Ecosystem

There are many things that impact the environment and the ecosystems within them. Some of the impacts are beneficial, while others tear the ecosystem apart such as climate change, overpopulation and invasive species. While some of these events are natural many of these events are caused by the human population. In chapter five of Environmental Geology: Science, Land and Earth Systems by William A. Marsh and John Garcia Jr. there is a section that talks about ecosystem patterns and disturbances....
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Invasive Species: The Impact on the Environment Essay

Exotic organisms cause a great harm to the existing a balanced ecosystem in forests and grasslands. Their devastating effects on ecology have led to long periods of research. However, there has been insufficient research on the impact of invasive plants on ecological associations in native communities (Klopfer, 2009). Their effects on a new environment is that they may perform better in the new conditions and may interfere chemically with the performance of existing native plants (Stinson et al, 2006). When...
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Curbing Invasive Species: Why Crown-of-thorns Starfish Should Be Moved to a Secluded Habitat

The basic definition of an invasive breed is when one species native to a different habitat is transported into a foreign ecosystem. Without any natural predators, it completely messes up the food chain for the native genus. Some of the ways an invasive species takes over its host habitat is that it has no natural predator, reproduces quickly, and outcompetes the native species in getting food. In other word, foreign inhabitants can potentially harm an already stable ecological unit. It...
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Invasive Species as the Most Destructive Problem Facing National Parks

In our current age there are many troubling problems facing our national parks. From poaching and pollution to smog and climate change, our national parks are in an everlasting battle to stay up to the standards they have upheld for decades. The most damaging problem that is facing national parks today may actually be invasive species. Invasive species are unwelcome animals that damage the ecosystem of the park they inhabit. There are hundreds of different invasive species and they all...
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Gambian Rats – An Invasive Species to Florida

Originally belonging to African territories, the Gambian rat quickly became an invasive species to Florida. In general, the natural habitat of this mammal is not densely populated residential areas, but for several decades the Gambian rat has been causing damage to Florida’s urban ecosystem, namely Grassy Key. Specifically, eight rodents were accidentally released by a local breeder (Perry et al., 2006). Over time, with an abundance of basement living space and garbage for subsistence, the rats quickly multiplied, and their...
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