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Problem of Food Waste and Its Solutions

Did you know that over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste, The annual value of food wasted globally is $1 trillion, it weighs about 1.3 billion tons. And all the world’s nearly one billion hungry people could be fed on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe. Can we do anything about it? Can food waste be reduced to help future generations? This issue is being researched because...
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We Should Reduce Food Waste in the US and Around the World

Imagine this – you and your friends are just hanging out. Suddenly when a breeze hits you, the pervasive smell of rotting fish, rotten flesh, and decomposing food fills the air. Your eyes start watering and it becomes harder for you to breathe. You start gagging trying to search for fresh air, but there is none. Your image of a perfect day with your friends has been ruined by the stench of rotten food from the landfill nearby. The world...
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Food Waste: The Dumbest Environmental Problem

Food waste has become a contributor to climate change, energy consumption, and the growing impoverished and food-deprived population. People’s lack of consideration is the base of this issue, and if we continue, these problems will progress and eventually reach to an extent of which is unreturnable. This is considered the dumbest environmental problem, as the solution to this problem is easy – people need to realize what they are doing to their environment and change how they manage their food....
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Food Waste and Its Reduction

Identifying the need for a more cohesive communication channel within the food chain numerous applications like Flashfood, OLIO, Goodr etc. have emerged, providing a platform for connecting producers to consumers, retailers to charities and facilitating food sharing amongst consumers to help reduce food waste. Companies not a part of the traditional food chain have been coming up with innovative approaches to solve the food waste problem, like Winnow’s use of Artificial Intelligence to study and help optimise restaurant service to...
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Food Waste as a Problem: Causes and Prevention

The negative externalities that arise from food waste justify government intervention to correct this market failure. Negative externalities occur when external costs of an economic transaction are not reflected in the price (Stiglitz & Rosengard, 2015). An oversupply of food leads to the inefficient use of scarce natural resources, the release of carbon dioxide as food decomposes in landfill, forgone savings and ethical concerns when food could have been diverted (Reynolds et al., 2014). The Australian Government (2017) estimated that...
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Schools Are the Key to Combatting the Food Waste Epidemic

A common saying within the English lexicon is that ‘Ignorance is bliss’, meaning that what one does not know cannot hurt them. Americans specifically are ignorant to a great amount of issues, even ones occurring within their own households, and more specifically, food waste. Many Americans grew up regarding food in the same way – that it is infinite and there is no harm done if, say, a bruised tomato or banana is thrown out. Americans frequent stuffed grocery stores...
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Food Waste as Urgent Problem in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city with a population of about 7.1 million people and a popular dining culture. With various kinds of restaurants, from different local and traditional cuisines to international special tasting, people do not only enjoy the different flavors of food but as well waste a lot of it, 1/3 of solid waste is food in Hong Kong. It is a common traditional practice among Chinese people such as having gatherings at the round table with families and...
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Food Waste as a Widespread Problem of Our Time

Food wastage is becoming a problem due to people adversely disposing food and the demographic who are partaking in the process of food waste are people such as categories of including supermarkets cafes restaurants, and other food associated industries. The reason for the increasing issue in food wastage is a result of people disposing of food which they find boring/not satisfying, perhaps not consuming food before the expiry date and mishandling of ingredients when preparing dishes (Foodbank, 2020). The consequences...
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Why Should we Stop Food Waste? Essay

What did you eat for breakfast? Scrambled eggs? Cereal? Oatmeal? All that sounds appetizing. But did you know that many people all around the world people are faced with hunger every day? Right now, as you are reading this, a person dies of starvation every six seconds. It’s not only the adults who face starvation, most of these deaths are young kids. With that in mind, approximately nine million die of hunger worldwide. That is more than the death toll...
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Food Waste and Combating It

Food plays a pivotal role in shaping society with its abundance or dearth impacting all facets of life. The first industrial revolution transformed the way economies functioned and with food being an immensely valuable commodity, for much of the mid-1800s to the early 20th century, food wastage was dissuaded. The periods of rationing during the world wars also had governments pushing for minimal wastage. The rapid globalization and green revolution allowed for mass production of cheap foods from the 1930s....
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Australia's Food Waste Problem

Did you know that Australia could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool 9,000 times from just food waste? The Australian economy spends an estimated $20 billion on food waste. When you go to the supermarket one of those five bags end up in the bin off to landfill, that is equal to $3,800 worth of groceries per household each year. Australia doesn’t dispose food waste responsibly all the time. Why doesn’t Australia dispose their food waste responsibly and how can...
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Food Waste as Massive Issue in Australia

Food waste is a massive issue that happens in Australia, and is continuing to grow. Over 5 million tons of food is wasted just alone in Australia. On average $3’800 per year is thrown out per household, food waste is killing wildlife believe it or not. Due to the fact food waste produces methane, methane is a very powerful gas. Food waste cost Australian economy $20 billion a year. In the whole world 1 in 3 of all food is...
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Food Wastage in Australia: Persuasive Speech

Think of that peanut butter sandwich you threw away at lunch because you ‘didn’t feel like it’. Or maybe that half-eaten banana you tossed in the bin because of you ‘didn’t like the texture’. Seriously? I mean, come on. It all adds up. Did you know that Australia wastes 5 million tons of food per year? That’s enough to fill 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools! I will be discussing an issue that affects each and every one of us. Food...
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We Must Stop Wasting Food

If we show people how much food is wasted each year does this motivate them to stop wasting food? This can probably help us a little bit from wasting food due to the fact that a lot of people would have an incentive to finally do it. People love money so giving money would be one way to motivate them. Some perspectives I will be writing about is health, financial, society and environment. Food waste has impacted many people around...
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Food Wastage and How Restaurants Could Influence a Circular Future

According to Reset Editorial, an estimated 1.3 out of 4 billion plenty of food is wasted globally every year. Therefore, an estimated one-third of all the food produced within the world goes to waste. While the food goes to the landfills and starts to rot, it produces methane. This greenhouse emission could be a greater threat than carbonic acid gas. In step with World Wild Life, about 11% of all the gas emissions are produced thanks to food wastage alone....
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Food Wastage Problem in the United States

A recent study by Magnet found America as the second leading country in food wastage. The revelation that Americans generate an average of two hundred and seventy-eight kilograms per capita is a clear indication that the US is leading to food production. On the other hand, the figures demonstrate that the country lacks effective mechanisms to prevent wastage and ensure that no American starves as others offload leftovers in landfills. The fact that dumpsites are filled with tons of spoilt...
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