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I. Introduction

Air is important for all humans, animals or even fish and alternative organisms. Its importance may be realized by the fact that humans will survive without food and water for a couple of days, however, without the air, it is not possible to survive. For that, any creature on the planet can not live 30 seconds without breathing. Adults breathe around 17,000 to 23,000 times a day at 12 to 16 breaths per minute (, 2019). So, air clarity has a relation with everything, Starting from the first day of the new baby to global warming. Moving to the next point, air pollution can be defined as the presence of liquid, gaseous, or solid in the air in quantities that result in many vital damages. Air pollution is one of the most salient environmental issues. Air pollution has existed continuously for many eras since people lit a fire to eat or to infer their way. For that, there is an urgent need to develop plans to reduce it as much as possible. Air pollution has a significant effect on the atmosphere, and it can be reduced by three main methods.

II. Effects of Air pollution

In terms of the effects of air pollution, people face many influences which lead to many diseases without awareness and these influences can be divided into short- and long-term effects. First and foremost, short-term results, which are interim. Such as respiratory diseases. They also result in constant itching of the nose, eyes, and sore throat, which may cause difficulty in breathing. Another one is that it causes a headache and dizziness by its bad smell which is made by smoke or car emissions. As long as there are short-term effects there are long-term effects. When we say long-term, we mean it can last for years or an entire lifetime. They also can result in death’s person. Air pollution is the main cause of many diseases including lung cancer, and heart attack, and these diseases can lead to death if the situation develops. Air pollution can even cause long-run harm to people’s arms, brains, skin, and different organs. The health effects of pollution are serious, one-third of deaths from stroke, carcinoma, and heart condition are because of pollution (, 2018). Some people, such as children and the elderly, are strongly affected because their immune systems are weaker than young people and therefore, they are more likely to face those symptoms. Similarly, Air pollution has a noticeable effect on the environment like animals, plants even sand. Haze, such as smog, could be a visible sort of pollution that obscures the view. Furthermore, air pollution will directly pollute the surface of bodies of soil. this may kill crops or cut back their yield. This could kill young trees and different plants. Many of the chemicals emitted by automobile and factory emissions gather in the open air and then come down to the ground in the form of acid rain which destroys the soil, agricultural environment, and natural water quality. Likewise, when we speak about air pollution one thing that would come to our mind is global warming. Global warming is an environmental issue that has a direct relation with air pollution It is the result of the high proportion of fumes and chemicals polluting the atmosphere and most of these fumes are caused by oil and coal, which leads to a huge rise in temperature, which may lead to the death of some organisms, including humans.

III. Methods to Reduce Air Pollution

An urgent solution to reduce air pollution is needed due to the previous effects. Therefore, some ways here are recommended. Firstly, clean energies, these types of energies have important implications for both human and the natural environment; it does not lead to long-term or near-term health damage, because it is inspired by clean nature and does not need to be burned to produce energy like fossil fuels. Also, it does not produce any emissions that affect the basic composition of the land or even the atmosphere of the earth, since if there is a huge amount of emissions that will lead to global warming, so we can say that air pollution and global warming are to sides of the same coin so no one can separate them. Polluted air has decreased in varying and noticeable proportions in several sectors since renewable energy started working (as cited in Eurostat, 2019). Another method to reduce air pollution is to stop desertification. Any Kind of plant such as a huge tree or even a small flower helps the environment’s air to last clean. Because all of these plants inhale CO2, which is one of the most main reasons for air pollution and producing Oxygen that makes the air go back to its original composition. Moreover, desertification causes huge atmospheric dust. To make the idea clearer, a few months ago California had wildfires, the air has become heavily polluted in part of the state, in terms of that, the government called the most sensitive residents to stay home and not leave until they were told to (France24, 2018). Besides, one idea is as important as the previous ideas which are how well people know air pollution. The above ideas are worthless if humans do not know the importance of the air pollution problem and therefore people’s awareness is also one of the most important reasons to mitigate this problem. And that could happen by various methods, one is to publish the idea of air pollution and its effects on magazines and social media to catch their followers, which are mostly young teenagers. Another is to make advertisements in streets that also show the air pollution issues, to bring the attention of the because they do not use social applications. The last one is to add an extra minute to classes in schools to explain how air pollution is affecting us without feeling that and how can we reduce it by simple methods.

IV. Conclusion

To summarise, air pollution plays an enormous role in the environment, it exists since the ancient eras since people there were using materials that affect the quality of the air. As a result of these acts, there are many effects on every organism living on this earth, People’s health is most prone to pollution diseases which can lead to death if the situation developed followed by the effects on the environment that can kill the crops the soil, and the water. Also, air pollution affects directly the atmosphere which directly results in global warming since they are dependent on each other. Luckily, there are some ways to reduce those effects. First is to use neat energy which does not affect the natural environment. And stop cutting down the trees since they are very helpful to produce fresh air and make it stays in its original composition. Finally, raising people’s awareness is also an important method and its importance is not more than others. We should do our best to reduce air pollution to make our life clean and healthy.

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How to Solve Air Pollution? Essay

To start this topic, it is well-known that air pollution is an environmental health hazard. NIEHS (2021) stated that air pollution is a mix of hazardous substances from both human-made and natural sources.The air pollution issue is awash with people’s daily life and threatens human’s health standards as well. Air pollution exposure may result in some chronic diseases and cancer. In 2013, the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization (WHO) classified air pollution as a...
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How to Reduce Air Pollution in Urban Areas? Essay

What kind of world will our children live in? This question has never been more worrying. And for good reason, the air we breathe has never been more polluted. A certain awareness is being born and we must act quickly. The aim of this report will be to present viable solutions for air purification in urban areas. Emphasis will be placed on 2 distinct solutions which will aim to become part of urban development. At the end of this study,...
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Analysis of The Approach to Better Air Quality and Reduction of Air Pollution in The US

SA long journey starts with a single step. What started four years ago as a journey to prosperity has achieved its mark? How did it go that fast? It appears to me like it was just yesterday when the high school journey was starting. You’ve had to wake up at six in the morning. You are now upperclassmen willing and ready to embrace the future and the challenges that come with it. The new stage of adulthood comes with even...
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Air Pollution is One of the Major Killers and a Threat

Air pollution is one of the major killers and a threat that affects everything around the world. According to nearly 7 million people die each year from air pollution. We live and breathe in polluted air which puts our health and life in a very high risk. It is comparable to other diseases that cause many deaths like HIV or malaria. If we care about the environment, why haven’t we done anything yet? Do we still have time to...
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Environmental Pollution: Causes, Humans' Impact

The impact that humans have on the environment includes changes to biophysical environments and ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources caused directly or indirectly by humans, including global warming, environmental degradation (such as ocean acidification, mass extinction and biodiversity loss, ecological crises, and ecological collapse. Humans use up more resources and the amount and nature can’t replenish those resources fast enough to supply our needs. People, plants, and animals living under the ozone hole are harmed by the solar radiation now...
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Causes of Air Pollution Essay

1. Introduction Pollution is when a harmful substance is introduced to the environment causing damage to living beings. Pollution can be found in many aspects of life such as marine, air, and soil pollution; with air pollution posing a great health risk to humans (Kampa and Castanas, 2007). Air pollution has numerous causes and effects. According to Kampa and Castanas (2007), the main natural sources of air pollution are volcanoes and fire in general and the unnatural source is Industrial...
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Air Pollution Problem in Los Angeles

There is a major air pollution problem in California, especially in major cities such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Bakersfield. Los Angeles has the worst smog by far, affecting millions with over 600,000 of them being children. The smog is so awful that it is destroying the ozone layer, which is the only thing that saves us from the sun’s rays and the radiation. The planet will start to die off, if we do not solve this issue. Los...
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Los Angeles Air Pollution Dilemma and Mitigation Programs

Los Angeles, California air pollution dilemma stems from the 1940’s, specifically on October 14, 1947, when the first air pollution control program was established, the Los Angeles County Air Pollution District (AQMD, 2019). Beginning in the early 1940’s, numerous gas attacks descended on Los Angeles, California streets. Several gas companies shut down due to the detrimental effects of the smog evading people’s eyes and irritating their throats. In the 1970’s, the catalytic converter was required for all vehicles to reduce...
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Air Pollution as a Key Issue in Mexico Caused by Urbanization

Mexico City is located in the center of Central America. It is geographically located in the Valley of Mexico. It has an altitude of 2,240 meters. The city covers an area of around 1,485 sq. km. Its coordinates are 19°25′57.85″N 99°07′59.71″W. Mexico is located in the tropical zone. The high altitude determines the climate of Mexico City. It experiences hot summers and mild winters with an annual average temperature of 18°C. It has small seasonal changes and January is the...
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Essay on Tourism and the Environment

In modern era, tourism becomes a trend for individuals. Tourism is the act of visiting new places with religious and historical importance for recreation. Travelling helps people to interact with others, and gives the chance to expand knowledge and build strong overseas relations. Recently, there have been large number of persons who love visiting. Foreign investment is mostly done by tourisms. Travelling is not only for joy and rest but also to develop an industry. According to Hunsicker and Kraft...
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Environmebt Issues of USA: Deforestation and Air Pollution

The United States of America is considered one of the most developed and industrialized countries in the world. The country is located in North America, with Washington D.C as its a capital. Despite being one of the most highly developed and industrialized countries, the USA faces serious environmental issues. For example, Air pollution and climate change are two of the most alarming environmental issues the country is facing [1]. So different parts of the country face different risks based on...
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Dry Deposition of Air Pollutants in Agra on the Surface of the Taj Mahal

Agra is a historic city in the northern part of India, which is famous among international and local tourists alike for the Taj Mahal. The city supports an enormous population which consists of a high proportion of low socioeconomic status (SES) households which still use biomass as a fuel for domestic purposes. Added to the fact, the municipality of Agra does not have an efficient strategy towards disposing of municipal solid wastes (MSW) which are eventually burned off in open...
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Analysis of The Bronx Air Pollutants Problem and The Responsibility of The Government

When I got on the BX 12 Select Bus Service, I overheard the driver on Fordham Road state, “I do not know what I am breathing, but I do know that it is toxic.” I agreed with the bus driver’s statement. The Fordham Road community is near the South Bronx, which has the highest rate of air pollution. Currently, air pollution has only worsened due to the current roadwork. This is environmental injustice and action needs to occur because everyone...
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Evaluation of The Health Impact of Air Pollution in America and China

The respiratory system is a series of organs responsible for taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide (, 2016). Out of all the organs, the main organs used are the lungs. The lungs are the breathing center, regulating the air that goes in and out. Though the respiratory system controls breathing, sometimes what gets breathed in is out of one’s voluntary control. Air pollution is one of those things humans cannot control. Air pollution is defined as air that contains...
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Analysis of The Effects of Air Pollution

In the last three decades Pollution has become a big issue for the world and requires increased attention from all stakeholders. There are several types of pollution and there is need for sensitization in order to try to avoid or minimize the effects of such pollution. Any form of pollution to the natural environment is a health concern, and causes insecurity because it disrupts the natural system by disturbing the balances in nature. The results of air pollution today are...
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Air Pollution in Big Cities Essay

The essay presents the environmental injustice of the man-made air pollution in one of the world’s most air polluted city in the Delhi. The scale of injustice in the populous South-Asian cities are massively different than some of the know environmental injustice, the Flint Water crisis, the disaster of 100,000 people in the city of Flint. In contrary, 600,000 people die annually in Delhi due to air pollution related health hazard. Air pollution kills more people annually in the world...
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Cases of Air Pollution in Malaysia

Air is one of the most important elements to all living things. However, in this 21st century, air pollution has become a growing threat to all life on Earth. Air pollution can be described as the contamination of the atmosphere by various pollutants that are harmful to all life, reduce visibility and produce odors that are undesirable. Some of the pollutants are released by natural sources, for example: the smoke emitted or eruption of volcanoes, hot springs and many more....
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Cause and Effect Air Pollution Essay

Robert Orben once said, “There’s so much pollution in the air now that if it weren’t for our lungs there’d be no place to put it all.” Air pollution comes from many places. The smokestack in a factory, car exhaust, gas from paint, and producing plastic are only a few of the many ways air pollution can be caused. There is no doubt that we need air to breathe. Our lives depend on it. Having said that, society takes advantage...
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Trees Against World Pollution

In most cities across the world pollution is a serious problem. And with more and more people living in cities, more and more cars will be used, more factories, and more power plants. This all equals MORE pollution, but there is one tool that is often overlooked, and that is trees. Pollution is caused by burning too many fossil fuels, deforestation (from agriculture) and industrial activity. This fills the atmosphere and oceans with carbon, and too much CO2’s can deplete...
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Assessment of The Ecological Problem Arising from Air Pollutants

Clean air is the foremost requirement to sustain healthy lives of humankind and those supporting ecosystems which in return affect the human being. The air is composed of 99.9% of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and inert gases. Humans are dependent to air. We breathe about 35 lbs. of air per day as compared with the consumption of 3 to 5 lbs. of water and 1 ½ lbs. of dry food. One of the problems we are facing today is air...
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Cause and Solution of Air Pollution Essay

The air pollution solution I will be talking about today is the Paris Agreement. As Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the director of WHO said: “The Paris Agreement is potentially the strongest health agreement of this century”. The goal of the Paris Agreement is to make our “response to climate change stronger”. They will do this by “keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even...
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Understanding The Problem of Air Pollutants and Its Impact on Temperature

In urban communities, air pollution is an important health concern and it can threaten the lives of everyone. For this reason, the airs temperature is an indicator of a boundary layer (Miller et al. 2013). When understanding what temperature inversion is, you will see it’s a reversal of the normal temperature in the troposphere. This is when the layer of cool air is overlaid by warmer air in a normal state (Hughes, R. N., Hughes, D., & Smith, I. P.,...
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Pollution - a Global Issue that Needs to Be Addressed with Urgency by The Citizens of The World

WHO air quality model affirms that 90% of the total populace live in places where air quality levels surpass WHO’s Ambient Air quality guidelines. This news is definitely not a surprise to many of us as it has become rather common to look up the sky and see smoke or haze blocking the sun. Before we dive into the topic of pollution in details, let’s take a look at the word pollution. What do we mean we say pollution? Pollution...
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Effects of Pollution on Historical Monuments Essay

Air pollution is a key factor in the degradation of surfaces of historical buildings and monuments. The impact of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere on materials is enormous and often irreversible. Corrosion caused by chemicals and soiling caused by particles can lead to economic losses but, more importantly, to the destruction of our cultural heritage, an important component of our individual and collective identity. A recent study led by the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) and the...
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The Problem of Air Pollution in China

Nitrogen containing compounds could be the “missing link” in the formation of haze particles that have plagued China. It is yet another typical morning, your alarm clock goes off and you slowly get up, ready for your morning routine. All of a sudden, your nose detects a strong, acrid burning smell, as if your neighbour is starting up his charcoal grill. You march up to the window and fling the curtains open, ready to lecture your pesky neighbour. Instead of...
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Emerging Environmental Issues in The Big Cities of Pakistan

Air pollution occurs when harmful substances are introduced into Earth’s atmosphere. Air pollution refers to the contamination of the air, regardless of indoors or outdoors. A physical, biological, or chemical alteration to the air in the atmosphere can be termed as pollution. Pakistan is the most polluted country in the world by particulate matter concentration. Air pollution is an emerging environmental issue in the big cities of Pakistan. Dust and smoke particles in Pakistan are generally twice the world average...
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Factors Influencing The Climate Change in California

Air pollution is a dangerous amount of particles and gases released into the atmosphere. You can classify this into two categories, primary and secondary pollutants. Primary pollutants are any pollutants emitted directly from their source into the atmosphere. These can be from natural occurring places like volcanoes and forest fires, to man-made sources like coal plants, natural gas plants and general transportation. Secondary pollutants are ones that are not emitted directly from their source to become harmful but rather, develop...
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The Solution to The Issue of Air Pollutants

In the day of development, the problem of air pollution is much concerned to a point where a wide discussion has been aroused. With the waste-gas exhaust, the pollution is getting worst and the environment people lived in is getting terrible, which is harmful to any living things on the earth. Thus, the government must need to do some things to reduce the air pollution. One efficient method is the government should increase the cost of fuel could help reduce...
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Health Effects of Air Pollution

In this essay, I expected to examine toxicology of real air poisons, source of emission, and their effect on human health. Air pollution is a major problem of new humanized world, which has a genuine toxicological effect on human wellbeing and the earth. It has various distinctive outflow sources, however engine vehicles and mechanical procedures contribute the significant piece of air contamination. As indicated by the World Health Organization, six major air contaminations incorporate molecule contamination, ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide,...
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The Urgent Problem of Pollution in Modern World

For decades our environment has been deteriorating due to all of the pollution around us. There are many different types of pollution. It affects us as humans, our living organisms, and our planet itself. Pollution is the cause of climate change and the reason many animal species have gone extinct because their habitats are being ruined by pollution. The pollution in our air is the main aspect of climate change, due to the fossil fuels causing our atmosphere to increase...
2 Pages 943 Words
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