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Analysis of The Effects of Air Pollution

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In the last three decades Pollution has become a big issue for the world and requires increased attention from all stakeholders. There are several types of pollution and there is need for sensitization in order to try to avoid or minimize the effects of such pollution. Any form of pollution to the natural environment is a health concern, and causes insecurity because it disrupts the natural system by disturbing the balances in nature. The results of air pollution today are increased human health issues, damage to the environment and low quality of life to both animals and plants. Of great concern is emissions caused by traffic and industries. The negative effects resulting from these emissions are undeniable and there is need to get a lasting solution to the problem. Uses of eco friendly modes of transport such as bicycles or public electric trains are some of the solutions in solving emissions caused by transport systems .

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There are other gases such as green house gases that have also been of great concern in the recent past. When released to the air, they are both harmful to human beings and plant life. These gases have been proven to be a cause of global warming which has resulted in increased droughts. In turn, these droughts have been a major cause of fires that increase air pollution. However, this poses a problem to the society at large because though using eco friendly transport means is a solution, it is not practical that everybody can use it. The vehicles in our transport system play a huge role in contributing to our economies in addition to the economic benefits we get from the industries that may be causing pollution. In addition, the investments that can be incurred in ‘going green’ by all industries and transport systems that cause pollution will be enormous.

Additionally, we cannot ignore the immense contribution of the originators of green house gas originators; the oil industry and the agricultural industry. The main forms of pollution to the environment from green house gases are carbon dioxide emissions, methane emissions and other fluorinated gases. When released to the atmosphere, these gases contribute to the ‘thickening of earth’s blanket’ which is responsible for increased pollution. It is important to note that, these are industries we cannot do without because they are sources of food as well as employment. It is not logical to stop food producing industries in the name of stopping pollution or prohibiting the use of motor vehicles to stop pollution. The solution lies in arriving at a compromise which is a balance that is healthy both to the economy and the environment. It is possible to have industries get subsidies to be able to phase out the old polluting machinery and instead have ‘green’ machinery that is eco friendly. Consequently, better food processing methods can be enhanced in order to reduce the emissions. However, this should not result in harmful food substances on our tables and therefore care should be taken to ensure the gases do not move from the environment to the food itself.

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