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Pros and Cons of Zoos Essay

Every big city has a zoo where all the wild animals are kept in naturally simulated environment. People flock to the place to see the beasts and the heroes of the forest wilderness. It is a wonderful experience for the kids and adult alike nevertheless there are drawbacks too. Therefore, let’s find out the pros and cons of the Zoo. Advantages of a zoo Amazing benefits for the animals: Wild animals injured or abandoned in the forest are brought to...
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Why Animals Should Not Be Kept in Zoos Essay

Introduction You could already have visited a zoo or a safari park at one point of your life or maybe even more than once. Many people argue about animals being kept in zoos. Some people think zoos are a good thing and some people don’t. The zoo was created for many reasons, like research making, conservation, and educational purposes. You might see zoos like some sort of an artificial environment for the animals, but in my opinion, it is horrible...
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The Benefits of Zoos for Animals

Zoos are meant for the rehabilitation of animals, but is it possible that it actually hurts those beautiful, strong living beings? Ultimately, it depends on the specific case in question. For cases like Willie the gorilla in ‘The Zoos Go Wild’, and the macaws in ‘Our Beautiful Macaws and Why They Need Enrichment’ the zoo specifically made an environment that would only help the animals. Zoos have helped so many animals thrive and get back on their feet, helping them...
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Why Zoos Should not Exist: Argumentative Essay

I think that zoos are currently good places to visit and that they do protect animals and a visit to a zoo or an aquarium is an opportunity to see the beautiful and diverse wildlife our world has to offer. Zoos and aquariums around the world offer an incredible up close and personal view of nature. Zoos are wonderful places to be around and to see. The majority of zoos are good zoos but some bad zoos don’t look after...
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Why Zoos Are Important: Argumentative Essay

Do you like to go to the zoo? Would you take comfort in knowing that animals are safe and protected? Because that is what a modern zoo does. They provide protection, safety, rescue, breeding, and rehabilitation programs for all animals. They are not just another tourist attraction. A zoo offers a personal experience with some of the rarest species in the world. Most people would never have the opportunity to see these animals otherwise. Education about wildlife and habitat conservation...
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Why Zoos Are Good: Argumentative Essay

The popular, successful movie Madagascar, which presents the adventurous journey of the zoo animals who are tired of being in a rut and accidentally arrive at a tropical island, brings people not only entertainment, and joy because of its funny plot but also the consciousness of the relationship between zoos and animals. In fact, “the first evidence of wild animals being put on public exhibition dates to 2,500 B.C.E. in Ancient Egypt” (Taylor, 2014), and animals were regarded as the...
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Why Should Zoos not Be Banned: Argumentative Essay

Who loves to go to the zoo I know I love to if you don’t then you don’t love animals. Well, some people hate animals in zoos because they think it’s wrong, but I know that it’s not wrong because Zoos can also be an economic resource for a community. they protect endangered species and Zoos do many activities for the animals, so they keep their animal instincts. Zoos protect endangered species. Zoos are amazing because 1 they protect endangered...
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Do Zoos Help or Harm Animals: Discursive Essay

In the zoo, people can observe a variety of animals from all over the world. From aquatic animals to terrestrial animals, those vivid creatures are displayed in front of human beings. The origin of zoos can be dated back to ancient Egypt. Animals represented the power and wealth of an empire. The Romans usually captured animals, such as lions, elephants, and bears to battle criminals. According to Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences (2014), “Collections of animals during ancient times could...
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Do Zoos Do More Harm Than Good: Argumentative Essay

Would you like it if you were locked up in a cage and to be laughed at by humans? Well, this is exactly what animals in zoos suffer from every day. Approximately 800,000 animals are taken to zoos which makes them deprived of their natural habitat and can make them develop a condition known as zoochosis, a mental illness that is characterized by repetitive behaviors such as swaying, pacing, or self-mutilation, and for what, just so us humans can get...
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Should Animals Be Kept in Zoos: Essay

People have kept animals captive for thousands of years dating back to ancient Egypt as far back as 2500BC. In the 18th century menageries (a private collection of animals) grew in popularity as it was a sign of wealth and helped them to gain popularity with their peers, but the welfare standards were poor as they did not understand the exotic animals’ requirements for them to survive and be happy. Modern-day zoos have improved drastically with their main roles being...
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Should Zoos Exist? Essay

Zoos are a popular attraction amongst children and adults. It has been suggested that animals have been kept in captivity for thousands of years, with the first zoo being established in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. However there is split opinion on having zoos within local communities. Some of the positives are it’s a place of education, conservation, rescue and breeding programmes. The negatives are animals may suffer physically and mentally, the environment doesn’t meet their natural habitat....
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Why Zoos Should be Banned? Essay

Introduction Most of you here have been to zoos before, whether as a fun family trip or with your school as an educational experience, but have you ever considered how the animals you stare at for a minute or so before moving on are treated? Have you ever thought about how constrained they are, stuck in an enclosure with space a hundred times smaller than they would have in the wild? In fact, how would you feel if you were...
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Why Zoos are Important? Essay

A zoo is a place where animals live in captivity and are put on display for people to view. The word “zoo” is short for “zoological park.” Zoos contain wide varieties of animals that are native to all parts of the Earth. Though people have kept wild animals for thousands of years, those collections have not always resembled modern zoos. The first zoos were created as private collections by the wealthy to show their power. These private collections were called...
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Why Animals Should not be Kept in Zoos? Essay

Do you want animals to die out quicker? If not, I positively believe that animals should not be kept in zoos because animals suffer in captivity and many zoos fail to provide even a minimum standard care lastly healthy animals are killed. Firstly, Animals suffer in captivity because Captivity is living hell for animals, who are meant to be free. Enclosures in many zoos and safari parks are on average 100 times smaller than the minimum home range for animals...
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Animal Cruelty in Zoos Essay

For the question that “Are our zoos cruel to wild animals” I am agree with this statement up to some extent. Zoo is the place where animals are kept within enclosures be displayed to the visitors for the awareness about wild animals. Zoo is like the second home of the animals. Zoos are considered a great teaching center about the animals and their behavior. We cannot imagine our society and environment if we destroy the animals that are our ecosystem....
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Why are Zoos Bad for Animals? Essay

Are animals being saved from extinction by living in zoos or homes? Well, not exactly many incidents show that zoos and homes cause animals to have health and adaptation problems. Additionally, having animals in captivity not only makes it harder for the animals to survive and adapt to the wild but also causes animals to make bad habits. Having animals as pets may also disturb the ecosystem it lives in and ultimately cause more animals to go extinct. Saving wild...
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Zoos are Bad for the Animals, They’re Only For Us

Are zoos really created for what people think they do; conserve, research and education? Zoos have been around for a very long time since the 18th century, and I assume that you have either visited the zoo, heard of one, or seen one, at least once in your life. Personally, I strongly believe that the principal goal of conservating animals has changed into entertainment for humans, giving absolutely no respect for animals, therefore, we should not have zoos anymore. First...
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Discussion on Whether Animals Should Be Kept in Zoos

Due to many tragedies happening in zoos, wildlife sanctuaries number of questions arises about the safety of animals and humans and whether zoo is the place for animals ( to live. Many tragedies like Drunk women sneaks into zoo, bitten by tiger, Omaha’s Henry Dorrly Zoo and killing of the gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo, Tourist gets his jacket ripped off by a panda inside Chinese Zoo. These situations raised a question whether the zoo officials are providing, doing enough...
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How do Zoos Help Endangered Animals? Essay

The world’s best zoos offer face-to-face encounters with some of the most fascinating and rare creatures on the planet—an experience that few people would ever be able to pursue in the wild. Unlike the cramped cages that housed wild animals in sideshow spectacles of the past, the modern zoo has elevated habitat emulation to an art, carefully recreating natural environments and offering inhabitants challenging activities to reduce boredom and stress. The evolution of zoos has also included programs dedicated to...
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Are Zoos Ethical? Essay

A zoo is a place where captive animals are put on display for humans to see. While early zoos (shortened from zoological parks) concentrated on displaying as many unusual creatures as possible—often in small, cramped conditions—the focus of most modern zoos is conservation and education. While zoo advocates and conservationists argue that zoos save endangered species and educate the public, many animal rights activists believe the cost of confining animals outweighs the benefits, and that the violation of the rights...
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Zoos are Prisons for Animals

‘We would consider it cruel to confine a dog permanently in a kennel. Yet we visit zoos where hundreds of wild animals are kept permanently in the equivalent of a kennel.’ Virginia McKenna. The existence of zoos goes back many years, but people are beginning to express concern for the welfare of the animals within the zoo. This is due to the unfortunate lack of effective protection and enforcement that ensure their well-being. The idea of zoos was meant for...
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Virtual Reality Zoos - a Good Decision fo Future

While the preservation of wildlife and breeding are the foundation of today’s zoos, the function and consequent shape of them has altered over the centuries, yet, in a progressively unpredictable world of ours, what could, or rather should a future zoo look like. Roughly 99% of animal and plant species, which measures to over five billion are estimated to be extinct. Scientists project that nearly half of the presently existing plant and animal species are on track to become extinct...
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The Painful Experiences of Animals in The Zoos

Imagine a wild animal, for example an elephant. It has all the freedom in the world. Suddenly, the elephant is trapped and taken away from its family. It is put in a small crate, unable to move, starving, and alone for what seems like years. When the elephant is finally let out, all it can see are cage bars and children looking at the elephant as if it were wallpaper. There are over 2,000 zoos, just in America. The animals...
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Animal Cruelty In Science, Zoos And Sport

Preconceived concepts of how animal cruelty has for long loomed over the minds of our unfortunately ignorant society. Citizens like to think that the police are handling it, cracking down on the abusive owners and poor breeding conditions but, the issue stretches much further than these simple acts of backyard brutality. In contrast, sports events attended by thousands all around the world, the pharmaceutical giants stocking our medicine cabinets and the makeup companies gracing our bathroom counters being the offenders...
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The Competitive Environmental Forces of The San Antonio Zoo

The competitive environmental forces for San Antonio Zoo are largely from the local leisure industry. Notable competitors include Fiesta Texas, SeaWorld, and Doseum. However, the firm is in a relatively less competitive environment due to the nature of its operations. In this regard, the unique features of the zoo give it an upper hand in the sense that the experience package offered is not comparable to any other. Additionally, the notable animals such as the Asian Elephants are such a...
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Singapore Zoo - One of The First Zoological Institutions in Asia Achieving Safety Certifications

Out of more than 1000 zoological institutions in the world, Singapore Zoo is one of the first few zoological institutions in Southeast Asia to be received the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. ISO 14001 is the highest international accreditation for commitment to and adoption of a system of best practices in environmental management; it sets out how you can go about putting in place an effective Environmental Management System. While as, the OHSAS 18001 is the highest international certification...
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Why People Captivate Wild Animals for Their Own Purposes

I remember when I was 10 years old, I have fun memory of going to zoo with my family during the school holiday. The magnificent species in the zoo had surprise my view about the world. The birds, Orangutans, even the elephants and camel are all my impressions about zoo. Zoo is an interesting place. Since 2,500 B.C.E in Ancient Egypt (, wild animal has been captive by king and conquerors used as status symbol. Nowadays, zoo become a place...
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The Significance of The Houston Zoo in Promoting Awareness

The Houston Zoo is both a conservation and rehabilitation place for animals and education source for kids and adults alike. They provide easy to understand information about the animals that reside at the zoo. This is mainly done through the means of plaques, boards, and electronics devices that are stationed near the animal exhibits. Along with signs, the Houston Zoo has an educational center and programs. These help promote and educate the guests who visit or want to learn more...
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