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Why Zoos Should not Exist: Argumentative Essay

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I think that zoos are currently good places to visit and that they do protect animals and a visit to a zoo or an aquarium is an opportunity to see the beautiful and diverse wildlife our world has to offer. Zoos and aquariums around the world offer an incredible up close and personal view of nature. Zoos are wonderful places to be around and to see. The majority of zoos are good zoos but some bad zoos don't look after the animals properly. The reason and purpose of zoos are to look after animals and protect their species. Another purpose of zoos is to educate people about animals. To talk about every animal, make people aware of the endangered animals and why they are endangered, and then tell them how they can make a difference. Once the majority of the world is educated about animals and they know what they can do to protect them I believe all zoos will be great and much more enjoyable places.

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I do think that zoos do promote the health and life of animals in a very good way. The main reason zoos were made was to protect and help animals of all sorts. Zoos have saved millions upon millions of animals and have brought back species that were nearly extinct back to life. Without zoos, we would see so many fewer animals around and many more species of animals extinct. Zoos protect, care for, fewer and raise all the animals in the world. If they are born in the zoo they raise them properly, if they are brought in from somewhere else they care for the animals and if the animals are injured the zoos protect and care for the animals until they can do it independently. If zoos didn’t bring in animals that were injured they would die all alone out in the wild and this would eventually lead to many more species becoming endangered or even worst extinct. Zoos protect and raise the animals by bringing the animal in from a young age which protects them because when they are young they are small and weak and this makes it easy for predators to hunt and kill them. So the zoos bring them in for safety. After the zoos bring in the animals they keep them safe by keeping the weak animals away from all the other animals. Whilst the animals grow up the zoo keepers raise the animals by feeding and caring for the animals. They make sure that the animals have enough food and that they are always warm and safe. They also get to teach them the basics that the animal will need to know. Like if they bring in a bird they will teach it how to fly. After the animals have been raised and cared for properly they are released back into the wild where they are safe and can now live their life independently.

Even though there is a big positive impact on them that to zoos there are also no negative impacts on the animals whilst in the zoos. Some of these negative impacts are some of the enclosures are unnatural environments for the animals, the conditions in the zoo might not be very healthy, enclosures are tightly packed together leaving little space for the animals, the animals may not breed well, stress for all the animals because all of the visitors, could change the of the animal and some animals will not be able to return into the wild. With the enclosures being constructed by machinery they are unnatural for the animals. A big part of an animal growing up is learning for themselves how to protect and live by themselves in all kinds of conditions. But when they are in a zoo their enclosures have been handmade and they are different from what the animal should be experiencing. Say a bird from the jungle they have to learn how to fly as soon as they are born. They need to be agile to fly around the on and to find food but when they are in zoos birds are often in small cages. When they are in small cages more often are not they are also with other birds making it even more behavior. There is no room for the birds to fly or move which Is horrible because birds need to know how to fly if they want to survive. Often zoos can be found in an unhealthy state. There is litter every wear and lots of debris. This leaves dirt and germs every wear around the zoo. from around zoos where the animals die helplessly because of the diseases. With everyone in the zoo litter and just making a mess and no one caring this is very bad for the animals because they are helpless against this. Once they get infected by the disease they have to wait for a vet to trees they are sick otherwise the animal will have a slow painful death because of the poor condition that the zoo is in and it is humans' fault for the death. With zoos having all different kinds of animals and shelters set up, this leaves very little room for everything else. Zoos need an enclosure for all the different types of animals. With so many enclosures needed with little space, it means that all the enclosures have to be small limiting the space for the animals. An example of these small enclosures is when the zoo doesn't have an actual aquarium set up the marine animals have to be in enclosures the size of pools. This leaves the tiniest amount of room left possible. They have no room to swim around. Imagine waking up and seeing a few dolphins in your pool one morning, and you see how little room they have, well that’s what then like for some dolphins around the world. With all the animals crammed in together and not getting the correct medical care cramped, this leads to insufficient breeding of the species. When animals have babies many things can go wrong like diseases and infections. This is going to kill the mother or the baby which is horrible but it can also spread and can many more animals. Another common thing with birth going and not any deadly diseases Is going and not life-threatening but are still bad. Many animals have disabilities and there is realizes they can do about it. This realizes their appearance and their ability to help humans without correct medical help humans will live miserable, slow, and painful life. Another problem with breeding inside zoos is that the animals may not breed enough babies to keep the species at a healthy number. The animals might feel scared about being in captivity and then they will not have babies. This leads to endangered and in some cases extinct species. With zoos being popular, for visitors and enclosures, the animals don’t get a break, and diseases are stared at. The diseases are caused by the groups of visitors being noisy and messy which makes the animals feel stressed and anxious. With the animals feeling this way they lash out and not be able to control themselves. With all the visitors and the animals being in captivity, it will change their behavior threatening effects. In the wild where they should be growing up, they have to learn how to fend for themselves and to find their, food. This makes very important life skills for the animal. But when they are in captivity they are given food and shelter. This is bad because the animals don’t learn how to live independently. With food and shelter provided for them, the animals start relying on humans to survive. They don’t learn how to feed or protect themselves, which makes it impossible for them if they are released back into the wild. Also when many animals are, in captivity, many of them do not get released back into the wild where they should be. The animals places kept in captivity and live poor lives away from their real home.

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