Animal Cruelty In Science, Zoos And Sport

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Table of contents

  1. Animal testing
  2. Animals in the zoo
  3. Animals sport

Preconceived concepts of how animal cruelty has for long loomed over the minds of our unfortunately ignorant society. Citizens like to think that the police are handling it, cracking down on the abusive owners and poor breeding conditions but, the issue stretches much further than these simple acts of backyard brutality. In contrast, sports events attended by thousands all around the world, the pharmaceutical giants stocking our medicine cabinets and the makeup companies gracing our bathroom counters being the offenders we should really be worrying about.

115 million animals are killed in lab experiments in ways more brutal than we would like to imagine. 100,000 to 200,000 animals are being tortured with formulas injected into their eyes and under their skin. 5 dogs are killed every week living their lives being raced and trained to the point of starvation with their ribs peeking through their furry coat and muscles overworked until they are no longer able to stand. We are allowing this to happen to millions of our furry friends all over the world or even encouraging it by continuing to turn a blind eye to the horrendous treatment all because of our own self-interest and vanity. Since when are we to say that perfect skin and pink lips are more valuable than the lives of animals?

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Animal testing

When you go to your local pharmacy and get some medicine, have you ever thought what animals have really gone through to get it on the shelves? It is something that is taken for granted and an unnecessary action that must be stopped. Animals and humans are similar in many ways like showing emotions, but the one difference is the unfair treatment they’re receiving. 92% of experiments on animals result in being unsuccessful due to the drug being too dangerous or not working. Society has come to the belief that animals being tested is the norm and there is no way around it but really statistics show that it is quite the opposite. In 1989, Anita Roddick the founder of The Body Shop began her protest to end animal testing in the cosmetic industry and has now become the owner of one of the most successful businesses with over 3,000 locations all around the world. Anita Roddick has explained that 80% of countries have no laws around animal testing even though testing has proven to be ‘more effective, reliable and faster, proving that animal cruelty is an unnecessary evil.’

Animals in the zoo

Animals in the wild live their lives roaming around freely with no care in the world but in the harsh reality of zoos and breeding systems animals lose all freedoms. This must be stopped. Animals are taken from their natural habitat and forced into cages pushed up against gates or other animals with no space to move or lie down. Zoos for animals are like the equivalent to prisons for people. The animal’s lifespan is halved compared to them in the wild just like their enclosure being 18,000 times smaller than the space they would have in the wild. The statistics are embarrassing, and it is all because of society’s vain way of living. Animals do not deserve the harsh treatment they are receiving, and we must stand together and use our voices for the animals who cannot. This horrendous activity must be stopped now before it gets worse.

Animals sport

The ongoing issue of animal cruelty must come to a stop and sporting such as greyhound racing is encouraging entertainment and business out of the suffering of animals. The excuse to animals in sport would be that animals love competition just like humans and enjoy pleasing their owners but the real question is how would you know that? Animals in sport are given no choice but to work long hours racing, performing, fighting or hunting for what? Their enjoyment? No, it's for selfish humans to make animals work for them due to us being lazy and cheap. Have you ever wondered who thought this was okay in the first place? I know I have because anyone in their right state of mind should see that forcing animals with no voice to be mistreated and abused shouldn’t be allowed. This is, on the contrary, animals working is encouraged and acknowledged all around the world. Statistics such as 3.3 million Australian adults have gambled on at least one-horse race in the past year astonishes me, if this isn’t society encouraging animal cruelty, I don’t know what is. The statistics that are being hidden away like 10,000 Greyhounds ‘vanishing’ every year or greyhounds being kept in small cages for up to 23 hours with limited food and interaction.

Imagine your favourite animal. Being boiled alive to taste its best, having makeup products squeezed into its eyes or being raced until it dies. This is happening all over the world and it needs to be stopped. Why is animal cruelty still happening? Is it because the animal’s wellbeing is less important than humans? Is it because animals have no voice? Is it because it’s become some horrible pattern? Or is it because it is just too late? All these answers are wrong. Animal sporting, animals in zoos, animal testing has gone too far and is time for society to make a difference to something that has gone on for too long. A change must be made now before it really is too late.

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