Why Should we Stop Food Waste? Essay

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What did you eat for breakfast? Scrambled eggs? Cereal? Oatmeal? All that sounds appetizing. But did you know that many people all around the world people are faced with hunger every day? Right now, as you are reading this, a person dies of starvation every six seconds. It’s not only the adults who face starvation, most of these deaths are young kids. With that in mind, approximately nine million die of hunger worldwide. That is more than the death toll for malaria, AIDs, and tuberculosis combined in 2012. Therefore, we should stop wasting our food. Some of the reasons that we should put an end to food wastage is that it’s depleting our natural resources very quickly, a lot of money is being lost worldwide, and it causes a negative impact in our environment.

When people throw away their leftovers, they don’t really consider how much labor and resources are used to make that food. Fortunately, there are some humans who think about the resources that went on to make that food. Around 25 percent of all the freshwater is being used to produce food that is being thrown away. Plus, another 300 million barrels of oil are also been used to make all the food that is being wasted. In addition, since more hungry people are being introduced in the world, that means that more and more food must be produced to feed everyone around the world. Guess what, with new people that are being born in the world, there are also those picky people that want the food in a certain way, and if it’s not their way, then they are going to just throw it away, like if it was nothing. When people throw away food, they are throwing away the “resources” that were used to make it away, and also money, which brings me to my next point.

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Money is used all around our daily lives, including food. People don’t realize how much money was put in to produce the food that they have in their house. The National Resources Defense Council estimates that each year, the average American family of four throws away about $1,500 worth of food. Of all the food that is being produces all around the world, one-third of the food is never consumed. Therefore, Globally, people waste about one trillion dollars of food each year, with a total economic impact of about three trillion dollars each year if considering the environmental and social costs of things like deforestation, soil erosion, the increase in greenhouse gases, water scarcity, the exposure to chemicals, and reduced profits for farmers. Whenever a person wants to buy something healthy like organic fruits, the prices are going to drive up which causes a reduction of number of people who can afford the healthy food that they need. When people don’t have consistent access to healthy food, their productivity go down, causing their healthcare costs to increase, and in some cases, they could be unable to work due to the chronic diseases they have because they couldn’t afford the necessary healthy food. This means that there are going to be fewer productive people in the workplace, which puts a damper on the economy.

The next reason to why we should stop wasting our food is that all the negative effects it’s causing to our environment (including mother earth). When people throw away their food, they think that it will be disposed of properly, and it will not be seen again. Well, what they don’t know is that most of it goes to a landfill. In America, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA for short, 20 percent of what goes into municipal landfills is food. These landfills then end up causing harmful gasses to enter the atmosphere with the breakdown of the garbage and food, gases such as methane and carbon dioxide are released. These gases are what cause global warming and the reason why there is a hole in the ozone layer.

In conclusion, you should not waste food. There are many people around the world who are literally dying just to get a piece of food in their hands. Some of us take food for granted. According to Chris Hanley, food is a gift from God. It is also a basic human need and valid moral position to strive for enough food for ourselves and our families. Although we throw away food carelessly, we should think of food as something grateful.

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