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Cause and Effect of Eating Junk Food

Wherever we go into the supermarket or convenience store, it seems easy to find those mouth-watering food which may not be considered as healthy food. We so called this kind of food as “junk food.” There are lots of reasons for why people getting more and more unhealthy, such as sitting all day long, seldom drinking water or without doing the exercise regularly, and one of them is because of eating too much junk food. We all know that it...
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Competition in the Fast Food Industry

Threat of Entrance The growing demand for fast food over the past years has caused quite an attraction for possible new entries into the industry. However, competing with the already well known and profitable businesses such as McDonalds and KFC would require an enormous initial sum of money, or possibly an already branded foreign multinational corporation could obtain a strong position in the industry as the brand image, product differentiation and attractive outlets have already been established. Threat of Substitute...
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Fast Food Business

Introduction In the fast food business people need to know two things one is how to start a business and two is how to satisfy a customer’s. How to start a business When someone is buying a plot of land maby buying smaller plot would help that person starting off because buying a smaller plot uses less money and using less money if their business does not succeed in the end. But before buying a plot make sure that the...
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Fast Food Creates an Unhealthy Lifestyle

It’s really no hidden fact that fast food isn’t healthy for you but it has repercussions consuming it regularly. Most people, indeed, have really no idea what’s in their food, which makes it so harmful, or what the implications really are. Regardless of the fact which fast food could save money and time, due to the products and manufacturing in which it is made, it is not worth destroying your healthy lifestyle. Fast food is not the meal that we...
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Fast Food is Killing Everyone

In, The trouble with Fries, an article written by Malcolm Gladwell, talks about how fast food is killing us. Reading through this article, Malcolm tries to show the audience through facts on how simple, delicious items like french fries are unhealthy and the health risks you can have on eating fast food. He also explains alternative ways how fast food chains can reduce these health risk and provide healthier options on their menu. Malcolm states that an average person in...
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Should Schools Serve Fast Food for Lunch

Fast food refers to food that is being cooked easily and quickly then packed and sold in the markets or restaurants. Nowadays, the most common type of food that is increased among human being is fast food .However it tastes good and will be eaten in few minutes but its effects on GIT system remain for long time and may cause diseases that related to GIT system. With increasing fast food among humans obesity and heart diseases are most common...
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Fast Food Industry in America: Analysis of Fast Food Nation

Many decades ago the world was provided with a curse, the curse penetrated our universe invaded our nation, robbed our banks, altered our cultures and poisoned our minds; Being the world’s busiest and most successful nation, Americans need to be kept fed and with a busy schedule, the food needs to always be available, cheap, tasteful, and filling and the eternal curse manages to accomplish the task quite successfully. revealed in a book by eric schlosser’s ¨ Fast Food Nation¨...
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The American Struggle with Fast Food: Essay on Fast Food Nation

Critical Analysis Schlosser, Eric. Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. HarperCollins, 2002, 288 pages We all love fast food. It is a guilty pleasure. Almost forty percent of Americans consume fast food on any given day. Most of them know that junk food is bad for them, and in that same way, some of them do not care. Eric Schlosser in the book Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal exposes the inconvenient...
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