Fast Food Business

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In the fast food business people need to know two things one is how to start a business and two is how to satisfy a customer's. How to start a business When someone is buying a plot of land maby buying smaller plot would help that person starting off because buying a smaller plot uses less money and using less money if their business does not succeed in the end. But before buying a plot make sure that the restaurant is the way that it should look maybe hiring a professional drawer and maybe the restaurant will be futuristic. Then look for workers who want to do their job because the restaurant will need great employees to have a great success before working at a fast food business people will need some skills like talking to customers going to work with a smile and does this person have the right determination to work at the restaurant. How places work is they buy low and sell high so they make a profit which means making money. Then comes advertisement this helps get your business out to the world when choosing what the restaurant is going to sell baby sell healthier foods because people need to be healthier in this year. People can always start small because that is what mcdonalds did they started as a small burger stand and turned himself into a franchise. Then the restaurant owner needs to know the competition they have for mcdonalds it would be all other burger stands. Business owners need to keep up with supply and demand so the more demand for a product that is the more the place should buy that product. Equip the kitchen with all of the things the cooks will need to make food for the restaurant. The biggest reason for restaurant failure is lack of planning most business owners don't even sell their first meal before wasting all of their money on aesthetics. When making process for the menu go to the competitors prices to compare prices. How to satisfy customers Adding all types of food to your menu so that if someone comes into the restaurant and wants fish and this restaurant doesn't serve fish then you lose a customer. When make food for the customers have food like salad or healthy options or a health smoothie so that the restaurant owner can get mutpulies of people at the restaurant but also have the food taste great. The owner will get to understand their customers better so after a couple years of business maybe the most popular food item on the menu is the cheese burger then make more items like the cheese burger. Collect data on how your restaurant is running maybe add a survey on the bottom of your reset and add like how was your service was then the owner knows what to change. Maybe make a website so people can order online instead of going to the place. Fast food chains target people who have no energy to cook and has low prices for the customer

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In the end now people know more about if they were wanting to start a restaurant.people know how to start up their own business and then how to keep customers coming back to the restaurant we need this to happen to keep small business around and not have them take over by other businesses.

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