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The Effects Of Minerals On The Growth Of Plants

RATIONALE In this investigation I am going to be investigating how minerals affect the growth of plants and perceive the essential minerals that the vegetation requires to develop efficiently. The motive why I am going to research how minerals influence the plant increase is to...
3 Pages 1413 Words

The Classification Of Plant Seedling

Abstract Plant seedling classification is crucial for biodiversity conservation. Based on analysis of CNN, we propose a system to classify plant seedlings with minimum classification error. By machine learning algorithm, convolutional neural network have been applied to different datasets. We used training set and test...
5 Pages 2496 Words

Ecology Of Medicinal Plant

When a child in the developed world feels sick, usually her/his parents take the child to visit a doctor. The doctor then prescribes a medicine of some sort, and the family leaves the hospital with a soon to be healthy child. The advanced medicines such...
2 Pages 1088 Words

Plant-Based Food: Is It Truly Worth The Hype?

Plant-based food. Definitely unheard of amongst foodies, the growing demand for it has taken the food industry by storm. According to the Plant Based Foods Association, plant-based food saw a retail growth of 11% in 2019, compared to other retail foods who had a minor...
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Importance Of Plant Breeding In Agriculture OF Pakistan

Pant breeding Plant breeding in a simple language is genetic improvement of plants for the best economic productivity. It could also be defined in terms of art and science of changing and improving the hereditary of plants. History Plant breeding was practiced first when people...
3 Pages 1334 Words

Effect Of Potassium On Plant Growth

There have also been similar experiments that have been conducted in the past. For example, Reinders (1942) and Commoner and coworkers (1943) have collected data showing that potassium ions promoted water uptake by potato slices, thus also increasing their growth rate. They mainly focused on...
2 Pages 845 Words

Inoculation Of Plant-Growth Promoting Bacteria

Plants are affected by various factors including abiotic and biotic stresses in nature. Due to the recent climate changes, crop production has seriously dropped. One of the many abiotic factors that contributes to this issue is osmotic shock or osmotic stress in plants, which results...
2 Pages 782 Words

Plant Health Detection

ABSTRACT Agriculture is a key source of livelihood. Indian agriculture consist of many crops and according to survey nearly 80% of population is depended on agriculture. Most of Indian farmers are doing manual cultivation. Farmers are not aware about what kind of crops might grow...
3 Pages 1534 Words

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