Is Global Warming Good Or Bad For The Plant Earth?

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A catastrophic environmental imbalance is a matter that needs the attention of the world. The rise in average temperature of the earth’s climate system is what we call Global Warming. One of the major factors is increase in level of Carbon dioxide. Emission of these gases cause green house effect. When solar rays enter earth and hits earth’s surface they bounced back to the space. Due to increase in levels of green house gases, these rays get trapped in earth’s environment causing the planet earth to heat, which is referred to as Green House Effect, which eventually results into Global Warming. Many people argue about the positives and negatives of Global Warming that is very debatable. Further, in this easy we will investigate two opposite sides of Global Warming.

It is from two thousand years of published human histories we know that warm periods were good for human being. Dark Ages and Ice Age have proved to be devastating human society and that brought plagues of disease. We can try to gather up some conclusion by comparing the positives to negatives of Global Warming.

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We will discuss advantages in this paragraph. First advantage is that it may hold Ice Age. Ice age is the period in which there is major temperature drop. Life experiences extreme difficulty. History says that there have been five ice ages with regular warmer intervals. We experience the gradual increase in climate now is one of the outcomes of Global Warming. This can be a possible reason, which may hold the next occurring Ice age. Second advantage is milder climates in extreme cold regions. Antarctic and Arctic are in extreme cold climatic regions. Regions like this have no traces of plant growth, as conditions does not allow them to flourish. Antarctic continent consists of permanent ice and snow leaving less than 1% available for plants. Even in the most inhospitable ice-free habitats, such as inland mountains and nunataks, life can still flourish. Warmer climate may result these conditions to turn and chances of vegetation growth may raise. Third advantage will be Agricultural production elevation. Seasons are varying in time compared to regular duration. Winter scale seems to be down in some regions of earth. These changes are causing vegetation of those regions to increase as they get more suitable habitat of their need. Forth advantage is Injuries and illness deceleration. Illness due to the cold has recorded since years. Extreme cold has cause even deaths. Frostbite, cold, flue, bones and joints weakness are some causes of cold climate. Get warmer climate may be a relief from this injuries and illness. Fifth advantage is Northwest Passage accessibility improvement. Sea routes may shutdown due to ice sheets formed around some parts of artic regions. Sea route to the north of Arctic Circle in Northern Canada called Northwest Passage is an efficient way to travel between Europe and Asia. Ships has access to this route during warmer days only. Global Warming may become a reason for this kind of routes to open up for longer time.

Now we shall discuss disadvantages in this paragraph. First disadvantage may be Ice Melt. Polar Regions will experience Ice melt, which will increase sea level. Due to increase in sea level, places that are on the lower level will be flooded. Flood spreading deceases diminish life. Second disadvantage is it affects plant nourishment. Just as any other life form plants require a certain temperature and rainfall to grow well. Global Warming has resulted into unpredicted rainfall and weather conditions affecting plants growth and even lead to their extinction. Climate change affects the variables that determine how much plants can grow. A 7% decline in the average duration of winter season will actually promote plant growth, according to the study from analysis of satellite data and weather projections. At the same time due to extreme temperatures rise their will be a decrease in water availability and changes to soil conditions will result into difficulty for plants to be healthy. Global Warming may stunt plant growth. Declining plant growth would destroy forests and dramatically change the habitats that are necessary for many species to survive. In eastern Uganda, farmers like Alex face growing challenges from climate change, including crop loss, soil erosion, and increased pests and plant diseases. All together, disadvantages like loss of species habitat, extinction of polar bears, increase in air pollution, environmental destruction and poor life quality are the major harmful causes of Global Warming.

From above points discussed, in my opinion Global Warming should be consider a negative sign for life on earth. Increasing amount of carbon emission must be lower down as much as possible. Mainly Human being should consider living smartly with simplicity causing our planet earth to flourish and not the opposite to that. On our planet Earth, we cannot afford any more species to extinct as we all are interconnect in this vast ecosystem. Environment has to be maintained well. For life to grow at its best, we must keep the environment clean and green. Global Warming may show some positive side to it but in general, it is an indication of imbalance created in nature.

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