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The Evolution Of Biotechnology

Biotechnology; an area that has evolved drastically over time involves the use of biological systems to create a variety of products. This has enabled the ability to precisely manipulate genomes as seen in applications of artificial insemination, gene cloning, recombinant DNA technology to develop transgenic species etc. However, despite serving as a tool to increase the quality of life and overcome previous barriers in agriculture and medicine, the rapid evolution of biotechnology can give rise to a variety of negative...
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Climate Change, Sahel Savanna, Gum Arabic And Biotechnology

Climate change has assumed global concern such that several aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations are relevant to climate change. Some of the climate change related aspects of the SDGs are SDG 7 (Affordable and clean energy), SDG 13 (Climate action), SDG 14 (Life below water) and SDG 15 (Life on land). Within the context of these four aspects of the SDGs, Climate Action, Life below Water and Life on Land are within the scope...
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Biotechnology To The Rescue Of Climate Change And Resulting Food Shortage In India

Climate change and food shortage, resulting due to it, has been one of the major problems being faced by the World in recent times. Over the past century, human activities have released Carbon dioxide and Greenhouse gases to the atmosphere thereby altering it. Greenhouse gases, that is present as a blanket around the Earth, warms up the atmosphere by trapping energy entering it. This phenomenon is called the Greenhouse Effect and it is natural and necessary to support life on...
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Biotechnology: Its Importance To Crop Production And Development

USING BIOTECHNOLOGY IN CROP DEVELOPMENT Farmers have been practising a crude form of biotechnology for centuries by cross-breeding plants to introduce and maintain desirable characteristics. More recently, plant technologists have bombarded plant cells or small plants with radiation that damages DNA, causing random changes that so result in ‘better’ plants. However, the newest, truly biotechnological techniques involve genetic engineering and produce the genetically modified (GM) plants and crops that are so often in the news. So, how are plants genetically...
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Risks And Benefits Of Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural technique has been discovered and has been around since the beginning of human civilization. The techniques developed over time, and humans endlessly put effort in making better agricultural products. In over a decade, agricultural biotechnology has grown rapidly. Agricultural biotechnology improves plants, animals and micro-organisms with the collection of scientific techniques developed by scientists. These techniques involve around the understanding of DNA. Researchers precisely identify genes that may provide beneficial characteristics, which enhances breeders’ ability to make improvements in...
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Application Of Microorganism In The Field Of Biotechnology

INTRODUCTION Microorganisms have been used for preparing food products like bread, yogurt, coward, alcohol-dependent drinkable, cheese, etc, for a very long time. The first genetically modified plant was produced in 1983, using an antibiotic drug-resistant tobacco plant. In 1994, the transgenic Flavor Saver tomato was released. The modification allowed the tomato to delay ageing after picking. In the early 1990s, recombine choosiness was approved for use in several countries, replacing rennet in cheese-making.Biotechnology can be defined as the use of...
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The Advantages Of Biotechnology

Biotechnology can be defined as the exploitation of living systems and biological processes to develop tools for technological use. Applications may be used in areas such as industry (e.g. food, energy), medicine, environmental sciences, and computational design. The term ‘biotechnology’ was introduced in 1919 by a Hungarian scientist, Karl Ereky, to refer in general to processes where raw materials were converted into useful products, such as on industrial farms. Most biotechnological developments in early times were based on products available...
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Yeast In Biotechnology

Yeast is one of the eukaryote cane be defined as unicellular fungi.Yeast is commonly used in biotechnology with successful applications due to its highly advantages features such as proper posttranslational modification, fast growth, simple genetic manipulation, high biomass concentration and safe pathogen-free production[1, 2].They involve production of several fermentation output such as alcohol, fermented milk and condiments, detailed in figure 1[3]. Yeast expression system can be classified into two parts: Non-methylotropic and methylotropic yeast. While methylotropic yeast involve methanol-utilizing pathway,...
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The Role Of Biotechnology In Agriculture

A viable strategy to feed the planet and its people must also encourage the biodiversity preservation. One of the best ways to stimulate biodiversity is to reserve natural habitats. By sustaining or even increasing harvests on standing land, expansion of agriculture into natural areas can be minimized with help of biotechnology crops. Agriculture has been the pillar of food and nutrient supply not only for human but also for animals directly and indirectly. At this time agriculture is suffering from...
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The Fundamentals Of Molecular Biotechnology

The basic concepts of the fundamental units of life, encompassing DNA replication, transcription and gene regulation are studied in molecular biotechnology. Other vital biological phenomena such as transformation, conjugation transduction, recombination and horizontal gene transfer are also discussed here. Simply, molecular biology responsible for transmission is the understanding of mechanism and expression of genetic information that ultimately governs cell structure and function. Emergence of Molecular biotechnology The timeline of biotechnology is classified into three stages: Ancient biotechnology Classical biotechnology Modem...
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How Biotechnology Affects The Earths Biodiversity

Biotechnology is defined as “the exploitation of living systems and biological processes to develop tools for technological use”. It may be applied in areas such as industry, medicine, environmental sciences as well as computer design. The field of biotechnology is very broad because there is such a wealth of biological phenomena which we could harness for human benefit. However, although these biological advances have positive and reliable uses in today’s society, it also poses various ethical and social concerns affecting...
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The Influence Of Globalisation on Agricultural Biotechnology

In a bid to aid globalisation, the Australian Government established liberal trade policy agreements with low wage economies. However, according to a manufacturing report released in 2018 by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, it suggests liberal trade policies are hampering the growth of Australia’s manufacturing industry instead of fueling economic growth. Australia’s manufacturing industry contributes 6% to the Australian GDP, however the utilisation of manufacturing has declined considerably over recent years. The Australian manufacturing industry exports $96.1 billion...
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Significance And Applications Of Physical Chemistry In Biotechnology

Physical chemistry is the investigation of plainly visible and particulate wonders in compound frameworks as far as the standards, practices, and ideas of material science for instance; movement, vitality, power, time, thermodynamics, quantum science, measurable mechanics, expository elements and chemical equilibrium. Or Physical chemistry; the part of science managing the relations between the physical properties of substances and their chemical creation and changes. Biotechnology; is an innovation that includes the utilization of living life forms. It is primarily utilized in...
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The Solutions Of Agricultural Biotechnology

It is without a doubt that biotechnology has deep roots within agriculture that go back 1000s of years. The carrots we eat today weren’t always orange nor were they nearly as soft as we know them to be, the characteristics we recognize today were the result of selective breeding. Agricultural biotechnology put simply is the use of living organisms and biological processes as tools to solve problems in agriculture. Selective breeding is just one of these tools and in the...
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The Importance Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology

The purpose of my essay is to address the importance of deepening our understanding within genetic engineering and application of biotechnology, in particular the application of CRISPR and how it can be used to treat genetic disease. This is done through the conjunction of a secondary review article about the ethical and social issues regarding genetic engineering and a primary research article detailing an example within the secondary article in more depth. A secondary article provides us with a wide...
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Food Biotechnology: Functional Foods

Introduction Functional foods are known to possess an additional characteristic by adding new ingredients or increasing the existing ingredients. This term may apply to those traits which are purposely incorporated into existing edible plants, such as purple or gold potatoes having enriched anthocyanin or carotenoid contents, respectively. They are designed to contain physiological benefits which reduce the danger of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional functions, and will be similar in appearance to the actual existing plants. The Food and Drug...
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How Can Microbial Biotechnology Contribute To Achieving The UN Sustainable Development Goals?

The UN Sustainable Development goals are goals set out to improve upon problems that are an issue on a global scale. There are 17 of these goals which set out to rectify their respective problems.1 For example, these goals include improving good health and well-being, obtaining affordable and clean energy, prevention of further climate change and improving conditions for both life on land and below water.2 The demand for fossil fuels is becoming greater and greater every year but the...
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How The Developments In Medicine Has Advanced Biological Understanding

From ancient biotechnology to modern, biotechnology has evolved profoundly and has gained exceptional importance and significance during recent years, which is just unprecedented. From vaccinations to mapping human DNA to agricultural impacts, medical biotechnology is creating major advancements and helping countless individuals. The intricacy of biotechnology is augmented due to enhancements and the developments of new technologies, as these are based on the technological advancements with a more improved comprehending the conventions of fundamental science. Biotechnology is technology based on...
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Biotechnology In Dystopian Literature

Biotechnologically transformed bodies have been and continues to proliferate in dystopian literature. Situated in the spectrum of fear and excitement, Divergent and Oryx and Crake expose the inextricable connection between biopower and biotechnology. The negotiation between ethics and technological advancement leads to a complicated situation where the historical definition of ‘human’ is at stake. Both novels portray the age of biological control that can be interpreted as an imagined future where humanity is capable of overcoming the limitations of ‘body’...
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Biotechnology And Animals

Since the beginning of civilisation, it is known that humans have been fascinated by other species and beasts. This is known as ancient cave and rock paintings idolise animal species and the awareness that our ancestors had in the ability animals had in aiding human survival. What a lot has happened in the past 300,000 years. What makes Humans now think they are superior? Animals have always had a specific purpose for thousands of years. Farm dogs have been bred...
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The Application Of Plant Biotechnology

Introduction Gene silencing is the regulation of gene expression in a cell to prevent the expression of a certain gene. Gene silencing can occur during either transcription or translation and is often used in research. Methods used to silence genes are being increasingly used to produce therapeutics to combat cancer and other diseases, such as infectious diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. Gene silencing is nearly similar to gene knockout, in gene silencing the expression of the gene was suppresed, whereas in...
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The Significance Of Biotechnology MABs

Introduction Human health is one of the greatest growing global concerns. Biotechnology has played a dynamic role in successfully improving human health challenges through implementation of promising technologies (Afzal et al., 2016). Medical biotechnology has come into public light since the existence of genetics. Including the discovery of DNA by Watson and Crick in 1953, to recombinant DNA techniques by Cohen and Boyer in 1973, via splicing of DNA strands from Escherichia coli (E. coli) into DNA of another. Thereby,...
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Biotechnology Regulatory, Safety And Ethics

ABSTRACT Biotechnology consists of various techniques that helps in improving and providing better life to human beings. Biotechnology has provided several biomedical tools and techniques, to diagnose and cure diseases. Even biotechnology set a new parameters in industrial, agricultural, and biomedical fields. With the help of biotechnology several new enzymes, antibodies and vaccines are founded, which have promised less expensive products and cost effective treatments for many hazardous diseases by replacing highly expensive treatments and drugs. Along with it biotechnology...
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Dependency Of Mankind On Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a continuously evolving science that is affecting mankind’s day to day life. The extraordinary revolution in biotechnology has created new possibilities for curing diseases and manipulating our genetic heritage (Shahin Akhondzadeh, 2014). This essay aims to discuss the dependence of biotechnology and the ethical and social issues raised from it. Malaria, a parasite infection of red blood cells that still kills 2000 people per a day ( Nicholas J White, 2014). Aided by technological advances scientist are investigating...
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Agrobacterium And It’s Role In Biotechnology

INTRODUCTION Agrobacterium is a gram negative soil bacterial of the family Rhizobiaceae. It is know for its disease causing in dicot plant like crown gall tumor and bearded root. There are many species of agrobacterium known but some so them are studied for feature that are manipulated to be used in biotechnology. They are basically used in transfer of genetic information in plant. There are various species for example A tumefaciens , A.rhizogen, A.vitis. The virulent strain of agrobacterium carry...
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The Benefits Of Agricultural Biotechnology

To begin, agricultural biotechnology is the utilization of newly developed scientific techniques that have the ability to improve plants and livestock, which are not possible solely by regular breeding. After thoroughly studying the concept of DNA, scientists have invented solutions to escalate the use of agricultural productiveness. These solutions are implemented in many different ways, such as: genetic engineering, vaccines, molecular diagnostics and many more. Although agricultural biotechnology has been used for a long time, there are still those who...
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Is Biotechnology Important For Society?

Biotechnology is unavoidable in today’s society. From household products to medical procedures, biotechnology is ubiquitous. Defined as “something that harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and to help improve lives”, ( There are three primary fields where biotechnology is used: medical, agricultural and industrial. Development in each of these fields is progressing at an exponential rate, with hundreds of new applications created each year. With progress in this area moving so rapidly, it is important to take time...
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Application & Success Of Biotechnology In Pakistan

Introduction Biotechnology is commonly characterized as use of living frameworks based on innovations to create business procedures and aimed to enhance the quality of human life. By using this “technology” the business or biological procedures can be improved, modified, for developing an effective pharmaceuticals, bioenergy, disease-resistant and high-yield crops as well as animals, and microbes for remediation in an efficient, cost-effective and ethically responsible the course of the most recent couple of decades, a few basic revelations in life...
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Ethical Perception Of Modern Biotechnology

Abstract Modern biotechnology is recognised as one of a good potential application in agriculture sector and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is one of this application which is widely used in Malaysia in order to reinforce its agricultural sector as it rapidly increases in crops production. GMO can be defined as any organism which its genetic material has been modified using genetic engineering techniques. Basically, GMO research activities in Malaysia are more focused more on food, feed and processing purposes. Even...
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Sustainable Growth Ebabled by Biotechnology

ABSTRACT Current technology joins phenotypes to genetic markers to permit marker-assisted selection. Biomarkers are utilized to foresee phenotypic properties and are important tools for both crucial and applied research. Such biomarkers can help with developing fast, targeted, and minimal cost diagnostic tests that will encourage crop breeding projects and quality control. Recent years have witnessed an expansion in research reports on the essential part of miRNAs in plant stress response. This term paper explores the developing function of miRNAs as...
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