The Effects Of Cannabis Plant

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Marijuana plant is found everywhere in Bhutan. Though, Bhutan being religious country trading of this drug in southern belt is still going with full swing. This plant was not a drug in olden days but it was also considered as an herbal medicine, likely starting in Asia around 500 BC. Cannabis in Bhutan is illegal but grows pontifically in country and has a multiple traditional uses, such as feeding pigs, producing textiles as per UNODC: south Asia regional profile. Growing this plant in Bhutan is punishable with three to five years imprisonment. Though, government are trying to burn down the cannabis plant, it still grows with full speed and people need not have to cultivate it but it naturally grows close to one’s house. Bhutan government did not considered drug trafficking as a serious problem and also during 1970s cannabis plant was not considered as a drug by government. First case of cannabis related was in 1989 where man was arrested for smoking. According to Dr. Rinchen Chopel, acting as a Bhutan’s joint director of healthcare stated that government priority was to start burning the cannabis plant and to offer counseling for young people to discourage them from smoking it. In 2014, the Bhutan narcotics control arranged a mass eradication campaign with student, official and police personnel involved. Students and young children are often included in these eradication programmers’, to encourage them not to consume cannabis in future as per the Maurice Veldman. As of now cannabis had become most trading product in southern belt though it is an illegal thing. Nevertheless, Bhutanese people especially youth are still consuming it which might spoil their life. Legalizing of this cannabis plant in Bhutan is more of disadvantage thing because it might let to addiction, mental illness and violence among people, especially youth.

The reason behind not legalizing the trade of cannabis plant in Bhutan is because of addiction. Using of cannabis plant will lead to development of problem use, known as a cannabis use disorder, which takes the form of addiction in severe cases as per the NIDA. Risk of marijuana addiction cannot be solved until it is not clearly burn down from our place. According to the national institute on drug abuse (NIDA), marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in United States. If it is legalized to trade in southern belt it would give some advantages to people but more of a disadvantage though. The southern belt is trading the cannabis plant in the current scenario though it is an illegal thing. Cannabis plant addiction is diagnosed as having negative impact on human life and it is same as developing psychological dependence on marijuana in the same way of other addiction. Addiction to marijuana consumption will lead to legal complication, falling to attain schools and institution if it is students and having problem at work. According to KC winter, people who begin using marijuana before age 18 are four to seven times more likely than adults to develop a marijuana use disorder. Likewise trading of this drug should not be legalized in Bhutan because if it is legalize, southern belt people will surely produce a huge amount without knowing its bad effects and will make the youth more addicted towards this plant which would make their life so mess.

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More than 4 million American are reported to have a dependence on marijuana and it is most commonly abused substance. So legalizing the marijuana plant at southern belt of Bhutan is placing human health at risk. Addiction causes many problems where it weakens the people’s health drastically. In country known for it is development philosophy of gross national happiness, which places the well-being of people above gross domestic product, the substance use pandemic has become a glaring issue as per the Sonam Wangmo, a journalist of Bhutan. Cannabis plant that is also a drug is a growing concern in Bhutan where many college students and school student are being addicted to it. In year 2017 because of cannabis plant around 600 youth were arrested as they abused that drug. Around 10% of them are youth age group of 13 to 17 where Bhutan has currently highest proportion of adolescent using drug as per the WHO, Southeast Asia region. If person is addicted to cannabis plant there are certain symptoms like felling irritated, cravings, be restless, mood swings and sleep problems which will eventually make your health weak. And addiction can also lead to a dangerous disease like cancer, heart disease and so on.

Mental illness is another reason that discourages the trade of cannabis plant in southern belt of Bhutan. Not only in southern belt but also it should not be legalize in whole Bhutan because effect of cannabis is so strong that it could cause to hallucinations, changes in mood, amnesia, depersonalization and lot more. Constant marijuana consumers are more likely to associate with risk of anxiety, depression and suicide. People that use marijuana are accounted for high level of depression compare to those who do not use it. Moreover the researchers had proved that marijuana consumption has determined effect on the brain, body and mind. When someone is more into marijuana consumption, they may experience the temporary hallucination; illusion of image and place may seem real even if it is not as per pyramids health care, 2017 June 5.Therefore legalizing the trade of cannabis plant in southern belt of Bhutan will drag adolescent into risk of anxiety, depression and even suicide. Cannabis consumption is known to cause immediate residual and long term changes in brain activity that can affect appetite and food intake, sleep pattern, executive function and emotional behavior as per the Yuette Brazier, march 1, 2016.Therefore a 2014 review of the existing research concluded that using cannabis placed an individual at moderate risk of developing depression and anxiety as per Peter Gates.

Moreover they found that there is significant association among marijuana consumption, onset of depression and anxiety disorder. There are population of about 800000 people in Bhutan and ranked in the top third of countries by suicide rate globally as per the WHO, world health organization. And about 10 percent of those ages between 13 and 17 are using marijuana which leads to addiction and addiction leads to mental illness and then depression which force them to do suicide. There is a reason why Bhutanese should not legalized the trading of marijuana since it would also kill a person if consumed more. A 70 years old man died of heart attack because of consuming around 70 mg of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis’s. Friend had suggested him that it could help him sleep and also it ease pain for osteoarthritis as per the Kashmir Gander. She also stated that worldwide cannabis is a popular drug among the teenagers and mental illness is also more among youth.32 years old man is also dead because of the cannabis. He smoked a marijuana for as hour and after that he felt helplessness and wanted to suicide by falling from building which indicates that marijuana can cause to mental health which makes that particular person so depressed and wanted to die without thinking anything. Legalizing this drug would not be recommended in southern belt since in southern belt the marijuana plant is already trading without getting any approval from government and youth are all very much interested in it. So legalizing the trade of this drug means welcoming the death.

Another reason could be because of domestic violence especially among youth. Consistent use of marijuana during adolescence was most predictive of inmate partner violence and consistent marijuana use was related to an increased risk of intimate partner violence perpetration (2012). A 2012 paper in the journal examining a federal survey of more than 9000 adolescent found that marijuana use was associated with a doubling of domestic violence in the USA .A 2017 paper in the journal social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, examining drivers of violence among 6000 British and Chinese men, found that drug use was linked to a fivefold in violence, and the drug used was nearly always cannabis (2019). According to recent research, persistent use of cannabis may cause violent behavior as result of change in brain function due to smoking weed over many years. Moreover, the one who are involved in committing crime or violence are one who are open in using,in Bhutan statistics show marijuana consumption as the most widely used drug with about 46 percent leading to domestic violence, it include theft, harassment and vehicular offences. Therefore, legalizing trade of marijuana plant in southern belt of Bhutan will increase domestic violence cases because of availability of marijuana plant being in broader. Because of this drug the future of the youth will be spoiled if the trading is legalized especially in boarder side like Samdrup Jongkhar.

Due to marijuana there is also a risk of aggressive outburst among them which may also cause in killing each other. Currently the Bhutan is facing drugs, gang fights and many violence acts among youth who are abusing marijuana plant. Psychologist today says that using of marijuana constantly makes the persons behavior so violent, since there is changes in brain function as they use weed for a many years. The crimes are increasing rapidly in Bhutan because of the drug abuse. As per the RBP (royal Bhutan police), in 2013 they have recorded 2925 cases where 1243 was in 1986.until 2008 the cases had remained stable with average of 1672 crimes per year. But then there was a sudden rise in reported case in beginning of 2009 reaching the high record of crime about 3500 cases in 2010. The cases of crimes which is cause by violence is more in winter because all the students get holiday in winter where they go searching for cannabis plant and then consume it and then start creating violence among each parties or gang. Trading of cannabis plant should not be legalized since in future it would lead to increase in crime cases and once the trade is legalized it will become hard for the government to control the violence act in country especially in southern belt of Bhutan since the main boarder for trading this drug is in southern belt.

So lastly to conclude, marijuana plant was a medicine in olden days but later on it turned out to be a dangerous drug where most of the people started to trade it illigally.This plant grows everywhere where people need not have to plant it. It had gave so many problems in society though it was not legalized, so legalizing this plant would be very risky in this small country especially in southern belt since the boundary is there in southern itself. Firstly legalizing of this plant would make youth more addictive towards it where it weakens their health and make them fail to attain schools, colleges and offices if that person is working. Addiction also makes the person do many criminal works and eventually get caught by police .secondly the cannabis plant cause to mental illness where person will be mentally instable, where they will be so much addicted in to marijuana plant and will do something terrible like trying to kill themselves, harm others without any reasons and also they will suffer from depression and hallucinations. Thirdly the consumption of this drug will make the person very aggressive where they will create many problems in society.

The domestic violence comes from the person who is very much addicted to drug. Bhutan had limited cases of drug abuse during olden days but as the day passes by, the cases of this marijuana consumption went on increasing though production of this plant is not legalized. The legalizing of this drug in Bhutan especially in southern belt is not a good idea since everyone knows that for the better future of our country youth need to be takencare.Since cases of the marijuana assumption is more among youth , it should not be legalized the trading of marijuana plant. Though Legalizing of this drug would make huge profit or though it would help the government in development and economics of the country moreover this will spoil or destroy the future of the youth .There will be many youth consuming this drug and doing domestic violence which is also not good for the society. The country will not be a safe place to live in since everyone could be so much into this marijuana drug and then they will start harming each other. There are several reasons where trading of marijuana plant should not be legalized in southern belt of Bhutan.

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