Marijuana Legalization or Illegalization: This is Problem

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Decisions taken on drugs in international fora such as the United Commission Nations on Drugs (CND) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) must be recognized as a worldwide reference. Because it is only by reinforcing and recognizing the decisions of these institutions that we can hope to see a better world of drugs in the future. Yet, countries one after another easier to make or break their laws on marijuana Control of the material quality, economy, and reduce wrongdoing are the more important reason which the government would like to legalization marijuana. However, increase the risk of addiction and human health are major reasons that people disagree with legalization.

First, the quality control of the drugs used is very important that enhances consumer safety. Marijuana product testing is becoming a standard in the legal marijuana marketplaces. It means shoppers are better informed about the marijuana they custom. Consumers can get enough information about the type of drugs and how marijuana is produced, how much they should use, and more. In addition, consumers can awareness about the power and dose of an edible product, especially if they are a novice consumer. Since the effects of consuming some of the chemicals used in marijuana, especially in the immune system, are significant, they can be minimized by legalizing and controlling the quality of the product. This is specifically vital for edible drugs that can contain widely varying doses of cannabis. For example, there are some fake drugs like Synthetic Marijuana on the bazaar that are chemicals and scattered on shredded, dried plant material so people can be smoked. Terrence believes” In fact, they are not safe and may affect the brain much more powerfully than marijuana; their actual effects can be unpredictable and, in some cases, more dangerous or even life-threatening.” Synthetic Marijuana is mostly sold in states where marijuana is illegal. In conclusion, marijuana legalization can help the government to control and inspection of drug material and prevent the distribution of fraudulent or inferior materials in society.

Second, marijuana legalization can help economy. More than 10 percent of Canadians and Americans consume marijuana. In fact, North America has the highest marijuana consumption rate in the world. This has also caused any change in marijuana production and consumption laws to have a direct economic impact on its legal and illegal trade. Marijuana ban costs billions of dollars annually. According to a 2013 report by the American Civil Liberties Union, hundreds of thousands of people are arrested and jailed for marijuana each year. The benefit of legalization is that it allows the government to apply it to new schemes (including providing rehabilitation services to drug users) by obtaining income tax from marijuana providers. In 2010, the Cato Institute released a paper showing that legalizing marijuana could generate $ 17.4 billion in net government profits annually, half of which came from lowering drug spending, and the other half it will be from tax. For example, TED Bank said in its latest report on the economic impact of legalizing marijuana in Canada, it says 8 billion dollars has been added to the Canadian economy. They believe the industry will be more profitable in the near future. Shubnell says 'While the marijuana industry's economic effect may not be tangibly felt for a while, its acceptance has reaped emotional benefits for some.' As a result, legalizing marijuana can help the economy by reducing police officers and the costs of arresting and keeping drug dealers in jail. It also increases government revenue by obtaining taxes and customs duties.

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Third, one of the good result of marijuana legalization is reducing crime in society. The legality of recreational use of marijuana appears to lead to fewer arrests in connection with marijuana and court cases. Whether looking at arrests or court cases for storage or distribution, marijuana crimes appear to have diminished. In addition, the legality of recreational use of marijuana appears to lead to fewer arrests in connection with marijuana and court cases. Whether looking at arrests or court cases for storage or distribution, marijuana crimes appear to have diminished. Some recent researches show that legalization reduces crime and violence because, with the legalization of the sale of marijuana, the dangerous trafficking mafia is much less. Drug mafias always have clashed with each other and kill each other easily. For many smugglers, the lives of retailers and consumers are irrelevant. They are always thinking about their own interests and more profits. There is a lot of news about the clashes between the police and the smugglers at the borders, which killed both sides. With the legalization of marijuana and the creation of import and export channels, these crimes can be significantly reduced and managed. Maier believes” Violence can occur within the drug market and victims include sellers and users (i.e., fights between dealers, disputes when buyers do not pay, retaliation when buyers are dissatisfied with the quality of the purchase, robbery of dealer or user who has drugs or cash).” For example, El Chapo was for many years the leader of the Mexican Sinaloa criminal organization, which was blamed for killing thousands during wars between the country's smuggling gangs. As a result, by legalizing marijuana sales, the black market can be eliminated, preventing drug traffickers and warring between them and minimizing drug crimes.

Furthermore, increase the risk of addiction is a major problems that some people are not agree with legalization of marijuana. These people believe that if marijuana is legalized, more people will use it and make it more accessible to the public. People can easily procure and consume marijuana anytime they want and easily become addicted to it. In fact, the proponents of marijuana legalization are worried that if the government legalizes marijuana, people would no longer pay attention to the harmful aspects of its use, and with the assumption that if it were harmful, the government would make it illegal, so they will not care about the negative aspects such as addiction and they use it. The answer to those who disagree is that addiction is a mental problem. Drug addiction has nothing to do with legalization or illegalization. Based on historical, medical, and social realities (see numerous studies on the effects of marijuana consumption), the belief is that there are some people who always interested in drugs. But that desire will not go away with war and retribution. Adam believes “One of my main goals has been to provide the knowledge that will enable us to treat drug addiction as a disease of the brain and to provide the tools that will allow you to be more effective in treating it, but also in preventing it.” In conclusion, marijuana legalization doesn’t increase risk of addiction because addiction is a mental problem and related to people’s characters. Illegalization can only delay or even make the process of addiction more difficult, but not prevent it.

In Addition, opponents of the legalization of marijuana believe that it is harmful to the health of the body. They believe that marijuana consumption can cause serious psychological and physical harm to humans. According to them, with the legalization of marijuana, the level of young people's access to the drug will be increased, and the proportion of illness and mental health problems in society will be increased too. Thus, the health of the community will be facing serious risks. In response to this group, it can be said, that it is true that any drugs can cause disease in humans, but marijuana is one of the least harmful drugs. For example, studies have found that almost every fifteen or twenty people who use cannabis, has one addict, which is far lower than alcohol and cigarettes. According to the above paragraph, people's tendency to use drugs is rooted in their personality and psychological problems, not related to their access to drugs, and since the marijuana is the least risky (even some belief the benefits of marijuana it can be usefully controlled for specific patients such as sleep disorders, anorexia, and very frightening mental illnesses and Parkinson's), marijuana can control or eliminate the tendency of this group of people to use more dangerous drugs such as heroin, crack, etc. Friese believes” Some teens considered marijuana safer than other drugs, including alcohol. One male youth explained: 'Marijuana isn't too, too harmful. They say it's a gateway drug, but I don't believe it's a gateway drug if you have the right mindset. I would not do any other drugs.” In sum, marijuana is less dangerous than other drugs and is even useful for some physical and mental illnesses. Marijuana legalization can help people who have a strong desire to use drugs to avoid more dangerous drugs. In addition, research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has shown that legalizing marijuana reduces deaths from opioid use, such as fentanyl, by at least 20 percent.

In conclusion, marijuana legalization can assure the quality of consumer drugs in the market, boosting economic growth and reducing crime. Marijuana legalization also reduced the risk of a dangerous drug and control addiction in the community. It should be noted, using drugs is always harmful. One of the problems for the government has been the fight against drugs. Since the fight against drugs has never worked, it is the best way to raise the awareness of teenagers and young people. Instead of spending a lot of money, the government can reduce the cost of drugging with appropriate training in society.


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